Old Mas's Journey 

 Great story, great puzzles, and great aesthetics. The game's attractive graphics only add to this amazing game. A sad story of loss and regret in a way that is not only realistic but strangely comfortable and compassionate. The puzzles seem to focus mostly on presenting aspects of the game such as hot air balloons and falling from waterfalls. I wish there was a second game that didn't just tell a whole new story, but just show you how the game works. The game also felt a little short. If there was a second game, making it longer and sticking to everything previously listed would make this review five stars.

Tank Hero

I've played Archer Hero before, it's a bit similar, but the gear development took so long that I got tired of waiting. When I evolved a purple item, I thought it would quickly turn to gold and help me complete the chapter I was in, but instead, it evolved into a purple plus one, enough to close the chapter. It barely boosted a stat that wasn't that important so I removed it. It's been about 6 months since I played Archer Hero, and when I saw this game, I immediately thought of Archer Hero. I was enjoying it but it was something different and something new for me said let's download and try it. Soon the whole tank feels better and the scenery is creative in my opinion. It's almost like an old-school airplane arcade game, but with 3D and better upgrades lol. I love it and have been playing it for quite some time.

You are Hope

You are Hope's gameplay and online world are separate from OHOL's, with a strong emphasis on the need to peacefully cooperate with other players for survival and evolution. Your job is to build a civilization from scratch over countless generations with other players. The most important thing you do in this game is to name your kids (who are also gamers). "You are Hope" are the words of a mother when naming her baby "Hope".Born as another player's baby, or as a young woman if no suitable mother can be found. One minute of real time equals one in-game year, with a maximum age of 60. One person's life is limited, but what you did during your lifetime will be left to your children and grandchildren when you are gone.

IntroMate- Intromaker for YT

You've been looking for the "perfect" video intro app, and you're getting close to this one. Very fast and easy to create custom intros. The biggest missing feature is that there is no way (as far as I can find) to export projects between devices or save them to iCloud. I created some projects on my iPad, viewed them on my iPhone, and was disappointed that they weren't saved/synced via iCloud. This app requires at least an iCloud data backup if the files are not fully supported. Yes, you can export the final video of your project (up to 4K 60fps!). However, the project file itself cannot be exported for editing on another device.

Preschool EduKitty-Kids Games

Preschool EduKitty is a really great kids' app that promotes early learning of the important academic elements to prepare your child for kindergarten in a very fun way. EduKitty's vibrant colors, 3D graphics, and confirmation sound keep kids entertained. They are motivated to complete an activity where they watch a 3D kitten slide down a red slide and star trails continue, receiving a stamp every five activities. Parents can tailor the app to their child's educational needs. Activities include matching objects, finding similarities and differences, identifying the largest and smallest shapes, identifying shapes, introducing the alphabet, and other early learning activities to help your child help build a strong knowledge base.

Thumper: Pocket Edition

 I've had my eye on Thumper for a while, but since my computer is a Macbook, I couldn't play it. When I heard that the iOS version was coming out, I was excited, but I was a little skeptical that I could transfer it, but it arrived safely! I downloaded it a few days after its release and saw significant improvements based on user feedback. I have to say these developers are great. As for the game itself, we just finished the last level. A truly challenging and unique rhythm game, but with a little practice, good headphones, and a lot of patience, it can be very rewarding.

Endless Alphaputt

 This app has the potential to be so good, and I'd be willing to pay a little more for just a few updates. First, the letter sounds aren't entirely accurate. For example, the letter F sounds like "Fah" instead of just F. Secondly, I love how the Spanish Alphabet app fixes the way letters are set to look like this. There are no settings adjustments in this app. Third, it could really be possible to adapt this to your child's age, and it could be very educational rather than just a fun app to let your daughter play once in a while. It's definitely not a positive educational tool, but I think it's a somewhat enjoyable educational enforcer.


 Alphaputt is a typographic version of the classic mini golf course. Up to 4 players can play on the same device. There are 30 beautifully designed levels, one for each letter of the alphabet - from the A in the airport to the Z in the Zen garden. Each one has its own soundscape and its own theme, bringing its own unique gameplay challenges. intuitive shooting system and minimal controls ensure that your character is the true protagonist of the scene. Players can move around them to find the best angle, set direction, and tune performance. players can create personalized courses by entering the words they want to play or working on randomly generated ones. 

Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game

 I've been a Kingdom Rush fan since day one. Those are the best mobile games. Revenge had so many possibilities but in vain. Let's start with the pros. First, the game looks great. Visually appealing and highly detailed. Secondly, the game has some good towers that really play into your nostalgia, for example, Dark his knights, and harassers were one of the coolest enemies and was also the toughest enemy to face. Third is the cool level design. But in my opinion, the game seemed like a big money heist. You can buy it just by playing with people's nostalgia.

Sky Gambler - Storm Raiders 2

 This is a great, great game. Great graphics and aircraft selection. However, there are a few things I would like to highlight. First, there is the issue of campaigns. To be honest, I was disappointed with the campaign. If you like it, that's fine, but hear me out. You can't call it a campaign just because it's the same character. They were like independent, independent missions. I wish there was a more elaborate story with 10+ missions. The fight is next. Firing the gun through the crosshairs automatically locks it, so just point the nose of the plane in a general direction. I wish it was like War Wings where you have to actually point and aim while firing.


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