Playdead's LIMBO

 After branching out to other platforms with the 2010 Xbox Live Arcade version, Limbo is finally available on mobile devices. For those who haven't yet experienced this immersive puzzle platformer, it's a great time to dive in. Limbo is dark and mysterious, thanks in part to a silhouette art style that renders most of the world in black and white. From tricky jumps to taking out enemies and finding ways to avoid traps, there is very little guidance as players simply have to start running and face the challenges at hand. So this is a very horror game.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile

 Take control of your own football club this season with Football Manager 2020 Mobile - your shortcut to football greatness. Easily build your dream roster, win titles, and feel the momentum as you fight for the top of your game anytime, anywhere. Fight for domestic glory in over 60 leagues from 21 of football's best countries, or choose to venture abroad? Your story begins when you choose your club. Pick a winning team or a sleeping giant in need of a new direction. It's your decision. Arm yourself with of the world's greatest players and explore his database of the world's greatest players to assemble a group of talented winners.

NBA 2k19

 Very good game, but needs some tweaking. For example, the controls should be able to adapt to the player's comfort. B. Ability to move the shoot and pass buttons to the best positions for the player. Play the game for about 10-15 minutes, then wait another hour or so before playing again, so you may have more energy. It would have been nice to have one. Finally, I'd like to see things like calling picks added to the game. 2k did a great job in this competition on NBA Live, but they have some issues. I hope you are listening to me. The game crashes when the load is about 1/4th, can't regenerate stamina, and sometimes his stamina bar is too small to barely play the game.


 Minecraft's randomly generated world consists of large blocky cubes made of dirt, stone, sand, and dozens of other materials. The blocks are colorful, unique, and memorable thanks to their simple yet attractive textures. What makes them great is how they enable creativity. The pristine original world is gradually reorganized and polished to what you want. It could be a seaside house, a sky bridge, or any other creation you can think of. This is a power rarely seen in games, and the freedom it offers is daunting at first. Survival mode requires you to hack and manually collect each block in an open world. 

iScanner-PDF Scanner App

 I was very happy with just that. I am a travel therapist, so I do not work where I am paid. I will scan and mail all documents. It is amazing. Also, her husband has his own business and I write a book. When he receives a bill or receipt, he simply scans it and emails it from his phone, clearly as if he were using a scanner in his home office. Whatever he spends it on, he never disappoints. Smaller items like driver's licenses sometimes require the use of the manual function, but it still works amazingly well! With my cell phone pics, it didn't look sharp and constantly asked me to rescan.

FAX from iPhone - Send Fax App

 Fax machines are considered obsolete technology, but they are still used in some offices. A fax machine is a combination printer, scanner, and analog modem. Just imagine the whole process of sending and receiving faxes to understand that these devices are just wasting time, money, paper, and electricity. The fax App is a great alternative to traditional fax machines. This technology uses Internet Protocol (IP) to send and receive faxes over the Internet. Instead of using fax machines that require telephone networks and landlines to send faxes, online fax uses IP for transmission. With the Fax app, you can complete your task in just 5 minutes. It has many useful features and benefits worth noting. See below for more information.

Toca Pet Doctor

 This is a great game But there aren't that many animals. I always play Toca Boca when I'm bored. I  also play Toca Boca. It's boring, so animals are barely visible on the home screen, and all the hurt animals can curl up in their beds and complain, and you don't know what's hurting them. animals to help. Then you have a list of injuries to choose from that will heal or below are all the essentials your veterinarian uses to examine your animal. After using all the tools, a full-screen clipboard will appear telling you what the animal is suffering from and can heal it.

Toca Kitchen 2

 Great game, but I need some improvements. You may be wondering why I said that. Having said that anyway, I'm assuming you also need a pot to make eggs, soup, etc. I have a recipe book for you to make recipes for others or make your own recipes to share with the world. !I was wondering, but I'm tired of playing the game and I need to improve because I wish I had eggs, so I would really appreciate it if you could do that. I like recipes that use eggs, and I make cupcakes, cakes, ice cream, etc. that I would like to be able to do like other reviews. I also want a freezer that can use a blender to make popsicles. It doesn't sound like fun, so add it to your game.

Toca Hair Salon 3

 I played this game every day. Absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone. Unfortunately, a bug on my phone stopped the fun. I have it on my iPad and there are two errors. The drawbacks are: Wavy eyebrows (this doesn't happen on my iPad and is not normally given previous experience) Mouth too long and confusing (smile so big it's almost scary, lips stick together but the excess is hanging down) disorientation. Face shape (should be oval, but due to bugs it has random sharp bumps) Purple spots (this is the most extreme, purple spots appear randomly and do nothing in-game. It's like a glitch in a TV show) I've done a lot to fix this.

Toca Life Hospital

Experience the excitement of a busy medical center in Toca Life: Hospital! Welcome newborns into the world, treat sick patients and even say goodbye to loved ones. Toca Life: A hospital is a place where you can live your way through the joys and pains of life. Underground, turn on the siren of an ambulance in the garage or crack the code of a mysterious machine to open the door to a secret laboratory! Check-in at the entrance level reception and sit in the waiting room or at the café. Have a light meal. The treatment floor has equipment for diagnosing patients, laboratories for testing samples, and an operating room.


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