Top games we love from 2021 ||

 GTA: Chinatown Wars

I like GTA Chinatown, and I am happy to see that it is constantly being updated. I have played this game several times on PSP and iPod touch. Now I am playing games on my new iPad, but I have some problems.


Grand Theft Auto

This is a great game, as usual. The controls are simple, but the storyline is complicated, and the gameplay is great. Obviously, the graphics are top-notch, but it makes up for it with storyline and gameplay. I like to read idiots who give it 1 star.


Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne Mobile is the mobile port of Rockstar games. It is an iconic and action-rich series that redefines the genre of third-person shooters. Everything you like is still here, including accessibility options.


Bully: Anniversary Edition

I bought this game and played it in February or March 2019. I really like this game! But I ran into problems in the music class and couldn't find the correct circle during my class.



The best game ever on the planet. About 6 years ago, I played MCPE on a friend's tablet for a few minutes, and I've been hooked ever since. Then I have been watching Java and Cornerstone YT videos until I downloaded PE in April this year.



I like this game and have played it for a long time. Although I want to give it 5 stars, I can't! I am frustrated that the developer decided to remove the only difference between the mobile app and the PC version.


Cluedo: The Official Edition

The root of the game lies in its originality and excellent graphics, but it is a bit simple and not worth the money. Also, the amount I have paid for in-app purchases is stupid, so I shouldn't get all the characters instead of just six.



I like this game and have been using this application, but the level-up system is a bit problematic for me. Many times when I complete multiple challenges at once and the first one causes the counter to restart from 10, the others are not added.




The games presented are excellent, the graphics and gameplay are well done, and improvements made since the first launch have resolved technical glitches.


The Game of Life

This is a great application. There are changes, but most of them are neutral or positive changes. The change in career funding is interesting and has created a greater difference between the highest and lowest paid jobs.



This has become one of my favorite iPad games. If you like Sim City Builder, this is a must-have. Graphics are console quality and the touch control is spot on.


ROME: Total War

I like Total War games on PC, so I think I will give it a try. I like it. It's amazing. You can play many factions, you can build fortresses and watchtowers to overlook the earth, and you can also carry out raids and sieges. The game overall is amazing.


Plague Inc

Plague Inc Senario Creator

This game is really well done. I grew up playing the Flash game Pandemic 2, and when I heard my boyfriend talk about this game not long ago, I was irritated. It really allows you to think about and develop strategies for each disease and difficulty. I like it very much.


Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

I have been playing regular games for a long time, and I can’t come to the end due to energy limitations. I don't think it is necessary to spend so much money on unlimited. This game has many gems and unlimited energy, leading to faster progress.


Rebel Inc

The game is very well polished and the design is simple and powerful. But the insurgents are too powerful. When I stop the insurgents from escaping and let another unit destroy them, they push my blocking unit.


Leo's Fortune

This is a perfect example of what I hope mobile games can achieve. This is basically a horizontal scrolling platform game with some interesting puzzle strategies and unique mechanics. The graphics and music are great, and the story is attractive enough.



I like Badland very much, in my opinion, it is almost the best video game. When they added the incredible level editor feature, I was very excited, it was a dream come true for me.


Doodle Games

These games are amazing. My husband and I will often play these games together! They are easy to understand, but they do make you work hard for the satisfaction of the new elements. I have recommended these games to a few friends.


Truck Simulation 19

This game is impressive in many ways, including a huge map spanning the entire United States, as well as real trucks and an immersive driving + management experience. My main improvement suggestion is to better test and improve tilt-based control on the device.


Construction Simulator 2014

His graphics are great! These vehicles look very real. But I think there should be some new controls, such as cruise control and horn. In addition, add a bridge to another part of North Ridge.


TruckSimulation 16

I have been playing your game for a while, I have racing cars, acid trailers, and the best driver! I think you should add a multiplayer game with a fleet (truck fleet), and you should also add the United States to the game.


Take Off - The Flight Simulator

Great game, but when you reach level 30, you have reached the plateau. I have been flying planes on the world map, but we are at a deadlock. All my jets are flying for 10-20 hours.


Real Drift Car Racing

This game is really the best drift game, it has all the good graphics physics you need in the game and is very interesting. Unlike other games, you can get upgrades, of course, you can buy in the game at any time and get a lot of gold coins.


Driving Zone 2 - Street Racing 

I have been playing this game for about 4 months and I think it is very good. The model of the car is really good. More types of transportation vehicles can be added. The physics is a bit strange.



You will find various equipment and extreme maps. Collect rewards on the map to unlock new cars, adjustments, and maps. On the map, you are waiting for mud pits, river crossings, traps, various items, tasks, etc.


Earn to Die 2

This game is a bomb. I like its last car. It’s great. This game is great. No one has ever made such a game. It’s incredible. My question is who doesn’t want to play it.


RFS - Real Flight Simulator

This game is great, it is much better than flying infinitely to 3D objects to great moving graphics. But I even purchased an annual professional subscription, and I have been playing this game for a year.


Pocket Rally

Playing this game for a few months, it seems that when you start to be good at it, it will throw a curve at you. The car is not operating normally. Therefore, you are not only racing against the track but also racing against time and yourself.


Rush Rally 3

I really like the quality of the game at 1080p 60fps, but my iPhone 7 Plus does get hot, I mean the back of my iPhone gets very hot because this is a console-level game brought to a smartphone.


Street Kart Racing Game Sim

This game is worth every penny and some. The gameplay is excellent, and in a week or so, my driving style is very different from the first situation. You really learned how to play this game.


Athletics 2

This game is great and fun to play, but I suggest you all join the 200-meter run. And also added an 800-meter relay and a 1600-meter relay. That will make it more interesting, and I am willing to pay for it.



Choose from 6 lively characters, put them on stylish sports gear and start working out! You will discover whether gorillas can do squats and whether cats can ski like professionals. In the gym and fresh air, there are 20 different sports to choose from. 



Thinkrolls is an excellent strategy app for children and adults! Some of these puzzles really made me think, Thinkrolls are very cute, and I was surprised to find that there are three more.


DNA Play

some cannot be picked up. This action is confused with the upward swipe on Xs plus and exits the game. This makes my son very frustrated because the character obviously wants to eat the food at his feet, but you can't give it to them.


Papa's To Go!

I have been playing Dad’s games on my computer for years and now on my mobile phone. They are great time travelers, really fun, and the characters are cute. But one thing is very confusing. I discovered that my sister can create her own character in the Taco Mia app on the iPad. 


Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

The game is great. I have never played the original version. I have no nostalgia or love for this series. However, this is an interesting remake, I can switch to the original graphics and sound instantly, which is great.


Ben 10: Up to Speed

The game is great, but after you do everything it gets boring. I have finished the game and now I find that I rarely play it. I think you should unlock the infinite running mode after finishing the game to let people continue playing because the short levels provided are very short.


Ultimate Custom Night

I like this game and the whole series. I am very happy that this game can be transferred to mobile phones, but the edges may still be rough. I am playing the challenge of Creepy Reptiles 2 when the withered Bonnie scared me.


Teeny Titans

This is one of my favorite mobile games and I have been playing it. I’m currently working hard to get everyone to level 20. Anyway, I think you should add more people, more stories, more places, and more tasks.


Human: Fall Flat

I like this game very much, I like it after playing for an hour. There are only a few questions. One it crashed a lot, but I mean I am not sure if you can solve this problem, but I believe it is possible and highly recommend it.

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