Minecraft review 2021 (Outdated)


So let’s talk about Minecraft. As we all know this is one of the most popular and one of the oldest game that is still going strong thanks to its excellent community. This game has seen multiple console generation multiple platforms and now this game is even available in VR. So today we are going to talk about Minecraft a game that started 10 year ago and is as simple as placing blocks breaking blocks and building stuff but later got evolved into something really big that people of all age group love and can play together. The base game of Minecraft remains the same which was 10 years ago but it got evolved with new features added to it evolving it into a beast which is now. Though still Minecraft is evolving very fast with new things getting added to the base games and introduction to new technologies like ray tracing giving a complete new vibe to the game.So first let’s see what is Minecraft? Minecraft is a simple open word 3D survival game with sandbox elements to it. In this game you can break or create almost anything without any restrictions. You can make awesome structures in creative mode or fight against zombies dragons and lots of other mob in survival mod. In survival mode you have to gather resources make items take care of your hunger bar fight mobs and try to kill the ender dragon which some people thing is the end of Minecraft. Though if you want you can continue playing this game without getting to any true end. This game only ends when you want it to end for you. Minecraft is available on Xbox PlayStation Wii Nintendo consoles android iOS and so on you name it and that device got some version of Minecraft running on it. The version we are taking about for review sake on this review is iOS release of Minecraft that cost $6.99 on USA AppStore. Mobile ports of Minecraft I have to say are well designed and though as controls and crafting elements of game is nicely done and is easy to learn and play.Most of the game revolves around giving you a complete never ending open world that has no limits to it . The only limit in this game is your imagination. You can build anything destroy anything and also consider this game ended for you when you want. Minecraft provides a true sandbox experience to its players. That’s why it has very strong community of modders and creators who create tons of community made content everyday for this game. A little though of a simple game of placing and breaking blocks has given rise to a behameth. Overall I will rate this game 10/10 for everything it provides and it’s of no surprise this game always stays number one in top rated iOS games on AppStore and playstore. This is one of the must play games of 20th century and it’s fair to be at this place.

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