Where's My Water

Help Swampy by directing water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazingly realistic mechanics. Through the soil, direct fresh water, dirty water, poisonous water, steam, and exudate through increasingly challenging scenarios! Every drop is important.

• Original stories and characters-play 4 unique stories, namely Swampy, Allie, Cranky, and ​​Mystery Duck. This is more than 500 amazing puzzles!

• Innovative mechanism-observe various forms of water and use your creativity to solve puzzles-very exciting!

• Collectibles, challenges, and reward levels-collect special items uniquely designed for each character, complete cool challenges to unlock reward levels! Every level of "Three Ducks" has the ultimate bragging right!

• Sync-Share your hard-earned progress on multiple iOS 5 devices!

The story of the swamp

The alligator swamp lives in the sewers underground in the city. He is a bit different from other crocodiles-he is curious, friendly, and likes to take a long bath after a hard day's work. But there is a problem with the water pipe. Swampy needs your help to fetch water for his shower room!

Allie's story

Allie is the most creative crocodile in the sewer. Her weird spirit and artistic talent made her a star. Now Crocodile has made a unique steam-powered musical instrument and can’t wait to hear her play it! Help Allie get the motivation she needs and enjoy her interpretation of classic Disney tunes.

Grumpy story

Cranky, a real crocodile, has a big appetite, eating everything from tires to old fish bones. But he refused to eat his vegetables! Use dirty purple water to remove the algae from Cranky's plate so that he can eat his "food".

Mystery duck

In this special chapter, catch this strange teleportation mystery duck and remind it-timing is everything! Find all kinds of surprises, including the biggest duck ever, MegaDuck, and cute little ducks!

Some stories may require a small additional cost, but try the free level today!

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Bloons TD 6

This game is my personal favorite game, at least any other mobile game I have downloaded, but having said that, the fact that this game runs and works well on mobile devices is amazing, yes, I know This is one of the most recent updates. For most users involved in the update, this is a bit problematic, but in the final analysis, it may just be the developer’s error, maybe they forgot to push the update correctly, I’m sure if it hasn’t been fixed yet they’re doing their best Working hard to fix it, so I just want to say that ninja Keewee personally just keep doing what you are doing well, I may be the only one who speaks here, but personally, you bring legal fun to my mobile gaming experience, As long as these games are made and released, I will continue to be a supporter. I personally think that the price point of $5 is completely normal because your game quality is very high, in-app purchases without any ads or even so bad, and The community welcomes this fact very much, whether they are afraid of being rude about the fact that they might be banned, or just they realize that they have spent actual money on this game and they want to have a good experience, so I just want to say Come out, and then you Keewee employees will continue to be you, you are doing a good job, don’t let others say otherwise. Although there are many challenges, this game makes me happy in many ways, such as taking blasting to a whole new level while maintaining the original gameplay. But there are some problems. 1. When you enter a higher level (for example, about level 40 or higher), the game starts to crash. 2. Old monkeys like bloonchipper, engineer, Gatling gun do not need to be removed (I understand bloon chipper, but others do not need to be removed. 2.5, if you re-add them, you should do some fifth-level things, such as Gart Lin Gun’s Forgotten Ray or Engineer, Monkey Printing Money. 3. You should be able to use the excess XP to upgrade (for example, there should be levels 1-5, most likely there is a special upgrade like being able to pop a shot or like a super monkey Quick shot) If you don’t understand, upgrades like Ground Zero or Spiked Mines upgrade them to make them less costly, more effective, and become everyone’s chance to use unspent XP. Finally, 4, can get The more knowledge points, the higher your level. The rewards make it possible to upgrade the knowledge domain, so you can get things like XP or monkey money more easily. So Ninja Kiwi, if you see it, I hope you can Do this and make the game more stakes for balloon veterans.



This game is just something special. It changed me. It taught me not to worry about all the dangers in this world, but to appreciate its beauty. This game definitely has its beauty. The dark shadows really make the lights stand out. The color is very beautiful. Especially green grass and light brown wood and soil. I sometimes cry because the scenery is so lively. Those small caves on the surface are very suitable for building on it. There are many other things that can make the house look very warm, such as dishes sold to you by traveling merchants, chandeliers, candle holders, tiki torches, you can think of. The scenery is usually rough, which is neat because although the world is a bit small, all these hills and ravines pose some challenges, so it is not easy to travel fast and long distances. I can easily get lost in this game because there are so many things to do. This game is full of hours of fun. I would definitely recommend it to those who like to play a bit challenging games, but keep it fun and humorous in the process. Price tag worth $5. I am sad to hear that the game will not receive any bigger updates anytime soon, but it will happen in every game, and I think we have to accept this.



Minecraft is one of my favorite games to play! I like to see all the different updates added. Recently, I haven't played for at least 2 months, which is really bad (kids who stay in school) but when I return to my Minecraft world, there are many new things waiting for me to explore! If you are willing to accept the challenge, I think survival is an interesting mode. Then there are people like me. I started with creativity, built everything I wanted (sometimes I was lucky and found a village), and stocked everything. I mean everything. From food to building blocks to animals to weapons, if there is no suitable weapon, I would never want to be caught by a monster in my survival! Trading with villagers is really fun. When I play Minecraft, I listen to the sounds on Airpods. I like the sounds made by villagers! I recently made a new world called "Covid is killing my brain cells", where I used everything in the inventory. I have my own small zoo and prison, which contain monsters. Okay, I didn't use everything. I didn't use endermen because (1) they frightened me, and (2) they could teleport out of their cell and murder me mercilessly while I was asleep. I also have an aquarium with all the marine animals. Who wants to add a dolphin is my best new friend! So what I want to say is that I like Minecraft very much and would recommend it to everyone.


Grand Theft Auto

I like this game, it's fun, but there are some glitches. The first is in a robbery mission. Sometimes when you get close to something, CJ will get stuck by something and you can't move. This will wake up the people inside, and then you will get a 3-star wanted level. The other is that the wrecking ball does not exist, it is just a floating metal ball. Whenever I try to put a car in a garage, it will say that even if my garage is completely empty, you cannot store more cars in that garage, and if I try to push the car in, it will delete it. Another glitch I encountered was that when I died in a gang war, it would give me the territory, or just remove it, I'm pretty sure this shouldn't happen. The last glitch sometimes happens during a date, when you do what she asked you to do instead of telling you to take her home, it won’t do that. When you take her home, you can’t let her get out of the car. , So you are trapped by her in the end, and I have to start the game again. Also, please set an option to disable tilt control, because I have to try to keep the iPad completely flat, otherwise the car will pull in the other direction, which is annoying.



This game is amazing for a T-rated game made by a company known for famous franchises such as Max Payne and GTA. The game feels like a GTA game, but it’s a youth version. R* was really arrogant when making this mobile version of Bully, but there were a lot of bugs, such as the game crash in the mission "The Rumble", after fighting Peanut and his children, when he knocked Jimmy The confrontation with Johnny collapsed. In the ground and police performances, I always make sure to perform Cloud Saves just in case this happens, but this is indeed a problem with Rockstar mobile games. I am glad they have Cloud Saves but these bugs. Need to be repaired as soon as possible. I gave this 5 stars, although it might be 4, the game is beautiful, with great gameplay and a great story about a young bully named Jimmy Hopkins trying to adapt to a The school of Burworth College, the school is full of bullies, athletes, rich kids, greasy heads, and other troubles. 


Max Payne

This is one of the few mobile ports of Rockstar games, where the controls have not been slaughtered to hell? The controls here are very suitable for mobile platforms. The two-bar method simulates the feel of the original control scheme, and the customizable HUD and customizable button position/size are a welcome adjustment. The game runs very smoothly, but my only criticism is the weapon selection system. If you want to choose a different weapon in a category, such as a saw-off shotgun or classic double Beretta, you have to enter the weapon selection menu and click on the top weapon of the category, then continue to enter and exit the menu until you get you The weapon you want. This is much more troublesome compared to the instant weapon selection of the console version. If you can fix this problem so that you can click on the weapon you want instead of the current system, this will be a very welcome fix.

This version of Max Payne runs and plays very well, but I do have a big problem. If you use a controller to play this game, you will not get the original Max Payne controller layout. If the original controls are patched, the game will be perfect. There is no way to squat down, but I believe people will be satisfied.

         Strangely, when I click the d-pad and A buttons on my Steelseries Nimbus, the game also has problems. For most games, I don’t have any problems, but for some reason, it’s difficult for this game to accept those simple inputs. This caused a lot of deaths, just because the game didn’t recognize that I pressed the button

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