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Monster Hunter

I love this game. I spent at least 200 hours on 3ds and nearly 50 hours on this version, and only now started to release game content. This game is huge and there are many things to do. Especially when it comes to mobile games, you will never find something fair and long-term like this on the AppStore. The price is high, but don't forget that there is a free demo to play, and the game itself never has to be online. My only problem is that we don’t have the 1.2 or 1.3 updates from Japan, they add much more content than we have now, and considering that this is already at least 20 hours of games, this shows how many games can be. If we get these updates, I would be happy to increase the rating to 5 stars. I haven't tried it online, but if PvP doesn't work properly, I might lower my rating because I often build my monsters for this purpose alone. I want to say more, but it’s hard to say anything else that hasn’t been said in other reviews.

   Not part of the comment, just a hint to solve one of the problems people seem to encounter when saving-you have to save the game from the Caravan stand or the bed in the character's bedroom. This is a slight inconvenience, yes, but I think it is the price of 3DS games above all. You can also load and save automatically, and the game will load conveniently every time you enter the new loading area or access the stand. These two saving styles are independent, so you can still incubate eggs like on 3DS.

I am a big fan of this game. I like the 3DS version, but I find it a bit difficult to carry around. So I am very happy to see that the iOS version is finally localized. To be honest, I didn't expect it to happen at all. The game itself is amazing, it looks much better than the 3DS version. But I found something that I thought might be wrong. When using the microphone on my phone, I cannot hear the music in the game at all. It is completely cut off. But the sound effects are still effective. The use of the microphone includes discordant calls and screen recording when the microphone is turned on. I can understand the screen recording problem, but I can't understand the discord call. I'm not entirely sure if this is intentional or a mistake. But once the problem is resolved (or clearly stated that this is intentional), I will definitely give it a 5 out of 5 points. A gorgeous game I like on 3DS, it looks better and it feels just as good on iOS. You made me Capcom again. I am very touched. I want to see more 3DS ports like this, not just from Capcom.



I like monopolies and apps because it eliminates the hassle of keeping up with the board of directors and having someone act as a bank. However, it is too common for players to disconnect or freeze in the game, which eventually ruined the entire game and caused me to waste 2 hours of time. In addition, it is difficult to distinguish when a player does not pay attention at all, forgets to scroll, or forgets to end their round, so having a chat function or at least one button that the player can use to notify other players will be very useful when the game comes to a standstill. I really hope that the creators of the monopoly app can consider these suggestions because I have recommended the app to many people and know that they have experienced the same setbacks as me. Also, if they are a way to pause the game (which I know can actually be difficult due to connection issues), that would be great. In addition, the game will disconnect when someone receives a call or even if a low battery signal appears on the player's mobile phone. Sometimes the bot will answer and play for the disconnected user, but sometimes the game will be messed up. Anyway, I like the game’s customizability and excellent layout. I like this game and I will definitely continue to play it, but given that the Monopoly brand has been so highly valued throughout history, I will deeply appreciate some improvements.


Shadow fighter

The game is generally good, but one of my complaints is that when you reach a certain level, someone will approach and challenge you. First of all, the enemy is too difficult. It’s usually impossible. If you’re lucky, you’re crazy. This is one of them. "If you get hit 3-4 times or more, you die, but you have to hit me at least 40 times, and you still lose 1/5 healthy, if you stop "impossible." There is an option, you can go to the store to buy yourself a new weapon or armor to help you, but every time I don’t have the money to do anything, so I don’t see the point. If you upgrade your equipment often, you may win, but if you are someone who saves money to upgrade your weapons to the next level without repeating the survival mode more than 10 times, then you are out of luck. Every time you try to walk away after losing, May will stop you from saying no and give you a reason. When the sixth act happened to me, she said that I can’t let anyone doubt my identity, which made me feel like I messed up the whole storyline and made me feel guilty, even though I have tried all the gems I have to Retry the battle. And you also need to realize that you can no longer fight these guys. There is no chance; if you lose, you will never get an exclusive weapon, and you won't try again after you walk away. I think how you design the encounter mechanism is very unfair. This is another excellent mobile game from Nekki. They interrupted my socks with Vector a few years ago, so I am very happy to try Shadow Fight. I was immediately fascinated by the visual style. But I quickly found myself frustrated with the controls. The virtual joystick takes some time to adapt, and so does the timing of the action. It's not like Street Fighter, where you can hit a series of quick punches or kicks with quick buttons. Here, once an action movement is initiated, its animation sequence will be slower, more deliberate, and cannot be interrupted; if you swing your blade too early.


Street Fighter

A new fighter has entered the ring!

Control 31 world warriors and compete with players from all over the world. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition completes the winning game mode by providing higher resolution graphics, three new characters (Rose, Juri, and Elena) to provide widescreen support for newer iOS devices, and numerous updates and improvements. Long-term Street Fighter fans can immediately jump into action and become familiar with the controls. For more casual players, "Street Fighter IV" has many settings and tutorials to help you on your way to victory.

• Play as 31 street fighter characters

• Higher resolution graphics and widescreen support

• Intuitive virtual keyboard control allows players to perform a complete combination of actions, including unique attacks, special actions, concentrated attacks, super combos, and super combos

• Use MFi controllers such as Gamevice to take your game to the next level (MFi controllers do not work in the menu, they are fully functional in multiplayer and single-player games.)

• Face facing with players from all over the world via Wifi

• Single player "arcade" and multiplayer game modes.

• Click the "SP" button to release the super action.

• Four difficulty levels.

This is an amazing fighting game. To be honest, it may be the best game I have ever played on a mobile device. I see that you haven’t updated it since about 6 months ago, but I hope you haven’t given up on this game. Hope you guys continue to add new amazing updates to the game! I like these graphics because they bring an arcade feel to this mobile game, but I believe that if you can make the background more like 3D, it will be better to make the background look more vivid like people cheering and moving in the background The same, can you add more maps and hide characters, you have to do some weird things in it to unlock it, and the command is somewhat difficult to do this because if you move the joystick in one way, it might hit those In addition to one of the little yellow arrows you don't want to hit, this game has more potential and is fun to play! The best five dollars I've wasted on mobile fighting games. The best fighting game on mobile devices, although the touch control is unstable, it is really fun. The touch screen has hardly benefit

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