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Football Manager 2022 and Limbo Game Reivew


Football Manager 2022 Mobile

No matter when and where, get football glory in the fastest way. In our most international edition to date, leave your mark in more countries/regions than ever before.

FM22 Mobile is compact and does not affect the details, providing an instant management solution for managers eager to reach the top of the game.

Now, when you start your career, you can load more countries/regions, making you more world-class players and future stars at your fingertips. Who will be the first name on your transfer candidate list?

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• More than 60 leagues from 25 leading football countries in the world are in your pocket. Take charge in your club and quickly get to the top of the game.

• New scouting tools allow you to sign the next generation of prodigies and global superstars in an unprecedented way, and easily integrate a team that can provide trophies.

• Take inspiration from the world's leading game styles and use one of many tactical templates to become famous in one fell swoop.

• Enjoy the grand occasion of Matchday, occupy a place in the top-down digital air-raid shelter, follow the action and watch your vision become reality.

FM22 Mobile is far ahead in the mobile game football league, and this year's headlines have taken it to a new level.

New products of this season

Expand your horizons

As you begin your journey to the top, unleash new potential and load up to five of the world's largest football nations. The addition of the new league opened the door to events on the African continent for the first time. Have you tested your skills abroad with our most global products?

Scouting overhaul

Support your recruitment with the comprehensively improved scouting module, now offering the opportunity to create custom missions for the first time. Benefit from enhanced search options, better reconnaissance intelligence, and improvements in the way information is presented to you as you approach your primary target.

Modified transfer negotiation

After extensive behind-the-scenes rewriting of the transfer target system, dominate our most realistic and competitive transfer market. Using the new option to decide transactions based on your terms, making some of your bids non-negotiable, and the ability to respond to multiple offers from players at the same time allows you to guide your recruitment in an unprecedented way.

Your season storyline

With the addition of new media narratives, the key moments of each season become more important. Whether you have a good start to the season or are struggling with an injury crisis, journalists will formulate stronger themes in their stories and questions based on the current situation of your club. Can you control the media circus?

New face

For the first time in the history of the series, AI headshots have been added to newly-generated players to bring personality to your prodigy and academy products.

Add further

A series of further improvements and improvements help make it the smoothest and most immersive version of FM Mobile to date. You will also notice wider media comments and responses, a redesigned game setup process, a new homepage dashboard, an improved player search function, and more.



Playdead's LIMBO

I give these four stars because this game obviously put a lot of effort and love. Art is good, although it is a bit subtle and bloody.

However, if you don’t like the idea that the physics and possibilities of this game are never clear, so you end up just jumping from one puzzle to another without knowing what you should do, then please stay away from this game. No hints, and then keep introducing new ways of interacting with the world. So, instead of actually solving a puzzle logically, you end up just trying to figure out what the game wants your solution to be. There is only one solution to each puzzle. Even logically speaking, if you are the protagonist in real life, you can come up with multiple solutions. If the game does not respond so hard to illegal personifications, that may not be a problem. So the frustrating thing is that it is not through you thinking about the problem, but ultimately guessing what the game expects of you. I agree with many other reviewers: this is an excellent game. As you travel across Limbo, you can use your imagination to figure out what to do. There are many obstacles blocking your way. There are alternative ways to bypass them, as long as you can find them. This part is very interesting.

In addition, as others have mentioned, control is sometimes slow. Your fingers on the touch screen cannot provide active control of the joystick, and there are many operations that can benefit from it. I want the gameplay to be more forgiving, because the moisture content of my fingers will change over time, and I believe this will affect the recognition of subtle inputs. Few games can successfully evoke so many primitive emotions and imaginations like Playdead's LIMBO. The way developers can navigate the darkness and pain and turn them into something so beautiful is truly amazing. The careful collocation of visual effects and audio is also excellent. This further proves the attention to detail when making this masterpiece. The game mechanics are almost perfect, with only minor issues when dealing with time-sensitive obstacles. However, I actually played the game many times and it didn't even attract people's attention at this time. Every penny is worth it. LIMBO is an amazing twisting puzzle game. You play the role of a boy in the woods and don't know why you are there. So far, I have played the entire game 2 times because I like it very much. This game is even a beer with creepy elements. For example, in a certain part of the game, you are entangled by a spider and you must run away. Then it chases you! It makes you think about what will happen next every second and want to play more. I definitely recommend this, especially for those who like horror or puzzle games.

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