Some more good simulator games on iOS and android

Goat Simulator 

today I have a really cool game and it so funny I know most people love the funny game and now I will recommend you to play goat simulator Games because it was really special and so funny. in the games have something strange or beautiful and the graphic is very good very special for me. this Games kind of popular game and it so may downloader. in all the Games are similar but all the size app is different and it requires ios 8.0 or later it works all android iPhone iPad and iPod touch. the age of all the Games is over 9 years. I really really love these games and I just think Goat Simulator Game is the best game for me because it so so funny and I really love the graphic of the Games especially so many things in the Game. so many people did ask me some information about the game and the question is so simple to answer. I will answer those questions for everybody here to understand and I will explain all the questions .and one more thing that I want to tell you is the size is a little bit bigger.

the question that some people asked me is

-what about the prize for each game?

-Why did you decide to buy it?

-do you feel bad about your decision?

so now before I can answer the question I have some experience of this Goat simulator Games to share with all of you. I bought this Goat simulator Games with my own money the first day I just buy one game of Goat simulator just to try and the result is I was so laughing out loud I feel so happy. I share these games with my friend too but he looks like not interest and the next day I meet him again he said I love it because it was so funny. I just said I knew it will happen to you. I also share this game with my family too. and the second day I decided to buy all of the game Goat simulators because It was awesome. so now I answer the question the prize of all this game cost App Bundle $17.9 or if purchased separately: $30.95 I think it good prize and I think it not expensive for everybody. I decided to buy it because of youtube I just search the name of these games on youtube and I saw many people uploaded video videos about this game they play it so fun. I actually feel bad for the first time I bought it cause I thought it not a good game but it's not like what I was thinking. I really special not for only me it really special for everybody.

finally, I just recommend everybody here to buy this game and play but don’t forget to share it with your friend or your family. hope you play it and hope you are happy while you in the Games.

Getting over it

I downloaded this game a few years ago and played it once for about 6 hours. I was really disappointed in this match but since I hit it I thought I was done with it. It has been on my home screen for about a year and I never looked at it until one day when I decided to review it. This is amazing and worrisome, as part of the game I despised came back to haunt me. But over time, I kept hitting it and falling, then climbing up and hitting it again. Three successful climbs went up to 15, then 25, and I soon began to wonder if I had it in me for gold potential. Over time, I continue to win and my potential shines. When it was completely golden, I decided to move on, and I'm glad I did 6 hours of gameplay to win 30 times, then 20, 10 until I reached the 4-minute record To play the game. I know it's not as good as the world record, but I'm proud of my accomplishments. If you leave the game thinking it is too hard, tries again because it fits. but I also recommend this game to my brother, The first thing that came to my mind was graphics. It's great for iOS games. But there are only too many mistakes.

There are a lot of problems that plague the computer generation and they are getting worse on ISO. Control is not optimal, but for the most part, it is just too sensitive. (And no, humility is not effective.) I usually find myself jumping off a mountain like my own hammer. Putting yourself carefully on things is so difficult that many parts of the game are almost inaccessible. That on top of the camera jump makes the game even harder than it needs to be. (And it's very difficult.) There is a line between an angry game and a poorly made game, and getting it is straightforward. There are a lot of good things here, but they are really rough. I would refuse to buy it if you are a regular gamer. If you really want competition, if you want to disappoint, you want to roll your eyes then go ahead. but for my friend, he said This game is really boring and difficult. Take me to the game for 22 hours (according to the last splash screen) to finish in about 6 months. I know a lot about myself and that is why I am writing this review. Most games are entertaining/addictive/fun or whatever. This game is something that combines a level of frustration that is hard to explain. Overcoming stress and starting to get angry is the beginning of mastering the game. The last key for me is to learn to enjoy the journey, especially for beginners. When you know you can climb a mountain, you will no longer be afraid of yourself. This game has helped me to see these things and I understand that this is just a microcosm of life. I highly recommend this game if you are willing to energize through difficult times. Do not bother if you are impatient and have low levels of pain.

Human: Fall Flat

Humans: Falling Flats is the creator of happy and bright physics in floating dreams that can be played alone or with up to four players. Free new levels make the community lively rewarded. Each dream level provides a new environment to explore, from monuments, castles, and Aztec adventures to snow-capped mountains, natural landscapes, and industrial locations. Many paths pass through each level, and perfectly matched puzzles ensure that exploration and dexterity are rewarded.

player name Mr. Swimmer master, This game is really cool, but why not in the in-app purchase now should be because you should be able to like the downloadable characters and you know that it's really cool that you can develop you make sure you can create Another person: crashes flat like an app but you can "can not play it but you can download other people said I mean and others can download your map so that means it could be a game Good, but please make me angry because I can notget and I want when I want to steam, you will know where it used to be on Google Maps is on Google Chrome anyway you have to create another app that looks like a drop-down type and you have to do the custom mapping again, but you can download it, but you can put a button that says download map and you can create other maps like you can map like a theme Like a volcano or a rainbow theme or you can put a map with cold rain so if you look at this review please say the whole thing. 

so for me, I love this game and just played for about an hour and loved it. There are some problems. One it crashes a bit but I mean I'm not sure you can fix it but I believe it is possible and highly recommended. The two options need to have additional character customization options, such as on the console and the computer you can draw on it, or add an eye from the face type or advanced customization type, and the last three may be another level or now Know that someone is asking for a lot, but I want to like and be under the water you need to find and equip a scuba hat or scuba suit and maybe a skinny spider in New York. For the new "Spider-Man Away From Home" movie, where you step forward and can add bosses, you get a new battle mode for bosses only and not in the game all the time, but beyond the game. Wow, that amount of time it has been on iOS. I just recommend all of you to play this game and hope you enjoy it.

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