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Pythonista is a complete Python scripting environment that can be run directly on your iPad or iPhone. It includes support for Python 3.6 and 2.7, so you can use all the language improvements in Python 3, while still having 2.7 available for backward compatibility.

In the true Python fashion, batteries are included-from popular third-party modules (such as requests, NumPymatplotlib, etc.) to modules tailored for iOS. You can write scripts that access sensor and location data, photo galleries, contacts, reminders, clipboards, etc.

You can also use Pythonista to build interactive multi-touch experiences, custom user interfaces, animations, and 2D games.

In addition to learning and practicing Python, you can also use Pythonista to automate parts of iOS through application extensions, such as calling scripts directly from standard shared tables in almost any application.

Pythonista has built-in keyboard shortcuts, but as you can see, a line of common special characters is also provided on the screen. Unfortunately, Pythonista does not yet provide mouse/trackpad support on the iPad, but you hope it will be updated as soon as possible, as this will make the cursor movement in the code more precise. In fact, there are other small shortcuts—such as tapping the screen with two fingers to select entire lines of code—that are easier than relying on Apple's clumsy choices.

When you enter a piece of code and want to test it, you only need to press the "Play" button at the top of the screen to enter the console where the code is run. Switching between the editor and the console requires a finger. One thing to note here: the console will not automatically reset. So, if you test a piece of code, find an error, and replace it, when you run the new code, its output will appear below the previous output. If you want to restart in a brand new way, you need to press the clear button before exiting the console.

The console can also handle 2D graphics, which is very useful when you write basic games or UI elements. The UI editor obviously allows you to create and adjust UI elements without writing any code, but I haven't dealt with that much. I started using this app on my iPad when I was a kid when I was 12 years old. The app is great and has custom modules that allow you to control the device and create custom apps, etc. It has UI modules, full access to documentation, and all normal Python modules. Even better, it works completely offline. This app allows me to program anytime, anywhere and makes me a skilled programmer with a degree in computer science. As far as mobile IDE is concerned, it is definitely the best. In addition, there is a community that has created incredible programs to enhance the IDE, such as GitHub support, and even a full-featured bash terminal with pip so that you can install your own custom modules. It is indeed the best programming app on iOS, I think it is necessary to be a gem for this application. I often program on the side for fun and automation. I use Pythonista to automate tasks on my phone, create prototypes for my Windows and Linux computers, and build some fun and stupid games. I use Python at work to greatly speed up our workflow by a few hours, which saved my life and even allowed me to raise my salary. Pythonista is not only an indispensable tool for prototyping these programs, but it also gives me the opportunity to improve my skills during the journey. There are some restrictions that I hope do not exist, but this is because of Apple, not the developers. Developers have gone beyond implementing additional libraries and integrating Pythonista with iOS. If you are looking for an excellent iOS Python application or want to learn Python anytime, anywhere.

I am a full-time developer and I don't know what I would do without Pythonista. On the one hand, I go to the local hospital for allergy shots twice a week. I have to sit there for 30 minutes after shooting. With Pythonista, I bring my iPad and can continue to develop the Python application I am creating.

Sitting at the computer is very tired. I can sit on the sofa with my puppy, but in the big bang of life, continue to work.

Go out on a good day, sit at a table on the terrace, and continue programming.

One by one request. I know that many people prefer Git. I hate Git now because Microsoft bought it. I use open-source fossils. It would be great to have the ability to clone a repository using Fossil. I know more people use Git. However, if you add this feature, more people will realize how great Fossil is and may start to use and support OpenSource Fossil. 

This is from someone who has always used MacBook Pro as the main source for programming and has previously used PyCharmand Sublime Text 3 as text editors. I didn't have much hope for IDEs for mobile devices (iPad and iPhone), but I obviously changed my mind. This is the best $10 I have ever spent in my life. This is an amazing tool with so many excellent features, and a very good user interface, suitable for professional users, even those who are just getting started or enthusiasts. I will recommend this app to anyone I know and I will let them start programming on Pythonist. The lovely thing about this is that you can use it almost anytime, anywhere. Now that the iPhone is in almost every pocket, I think people should take advantage of it and get this app. I am the creator of Pythonista.

As a beginner Python programmer, the application is the holy grail of Python coding on the go. Very easy to use, no lag or slow saving. However, I encountered a small problem. Whenever I move the encoded document to the iCloud section on the iPad, it doesn’t seem to sync with my iPhone. This may be my mistake, but I can’t find any help online, so thank you very much for the developer’s response.

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