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Escaping from reality, you have committed a crime, but can you survive? The Escapists is a unique prison escape sandbox game where you can experience the life behind the prison and barbed wire. You are living a life of crime, but now you are caught. With thrilling and immersive gameplay, you need to create an escape route in the world of other prisoners and routines.

From answering the phone to turning off the lights, you were knocked down. This game does not have a jailbreak card, it needs to be cracked. Are you ready for the challenge or are you just sitting in your cell? You need all your wisdom and skills to breakthrough. No walls will stop you, you need to run away!

Under the careful monitoring of prison guards, you need to get used to prison life, use strategies, and dare to slide useful items under their noses. Turn seemingly innocent objects into useful tools, such as shovels for cunning escape plans or convenient weapons for survival in battle.

Escape requires cunning, strategy, correct equipment, and at least two steps ahead of the guard. Bribes and fights in the prison team. If your cellmates like you enough, please recruit them and create your own gang. You might even take over the prison! The guards will stop any escape attempts, so you must avoid suspicious behavior by participating in roll call, working in prison, and hiding stolen and smuggled items.

The Escapists is a thrilling sandbox strategy prison simulator that challenges you to escape in many different ways. Want to break free, but get hit, must run away! How you survive and how to do this is up to you, but when you leave the cell, the strict schedule is designed to keep you consistent. You should do one of many tasks during the day, exercise and showering are mandatory.

Escape from reality is a difficult game, just like a prison.

Can you dig a tunnel under the prison wall? Or even steal a guard uniform to infiltrate your kidnappers? Addictive and stressful, escaping your first prison is a real challenge. In order to commit some internal crimes, there are dozens of items that need to be found, stolen, and smuggled. Some are contraband, you can sell or trade to get more useful equipment. Create ingenious temporary weapons and tools. The bar of soap in the sock is useful in battle.

Materials purchased or "borrowed" from prisoners are used to make tools and other items, such as electrical wires, a bottle of bleach, a piece of wood, a piece of chocolate, a plastic comb, and so on. If you are smart enough, you will find a way to escape. There are dozens of items that can be found and used to leave the cell, including pickaxes, wire cutters, and strops.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes jailbreak games, I think it is the best on the market. However, some glitches did ruin the experience. If there is a hole under your table and you are next to the table, it will show that the hole is not covered and you can be sent to a separate place. So all mining operations are basically impossible. The other is that during the Santa sweatshop, after about 5-7 days of progress (the number of days in real life), I entered an infinite save-reload cycle that I couldn't get rid of. About 10 minutes after loading the game, I found that the fence was cut off, I was sent to a separate place, or I had to load a save. There is no way to solve this problem. I had to give up the entire protection and moved to the next prison in frustration. However, some glitches are great, such as the glitch where you can pickpocket the guard without knocking it down and keep the key forever. But these glitches rarely cause great pressure on players, because they can disrupt hours of hard work. But the overall beautiful game, I absolutely like the simple art style and unique mechanism.

I like the escapist, I was arguing whether to get it on the PC, but then it came out and I knew I had to get it! For only $4, I can see the entire contents of the game and can better try the DLC on the PC version (hope you add it as an in-app purchase later!). Great, my brother and I are playing. In addition, we also encountered some startup errors, which is expected. I encountered some text problems described in item X on the public phone. In addition, sometimes the front desk sounds will loop for no reason. My brother's game won't let him escape other prisoners who tried to defeat him while loading and saving. He just froze in place, the black box around the screen gradually disappeared, and the prisoners had time to rush to kill him. He would die every time he tried to load and was forced to leave his belongings alone. But these errors are small, and I know you can fix them. During the food in the jungle prison, I would sit at the table and the guards’ heat would continue to soar because they kept saying that I needed to go where I should go (where I should go). Then I will be shot and lose all the escape creatures I need. There is still a while when I reload to the saved state so that I can hide my things because I know I will be called. When the game reloaded, it put me at 100% heat, I was hit and lost everything. No matter how many times I reload the game, it keeps my calories at 100%. Once again, all the items on my body are very important and cannot escape. I have encountered some negligible problems before, but the game crashed me 100% in a completely random and ridiculous way, causing me to delete the application. I don't really remember that I encountered these problems when I first downloaded this app a few years ago.

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