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BADLAND is an award-winning atmospheric side-scrolling action-adventure platform game set in a gorgeous forest full of various residents, trees, and flowers. Although this forest looks like a beautiful fairy tale, there are some very wrong places in it. The player controls one of the forest dwellers to understand what is happening and discovers an astonishing number of traps and obstacles along the way.

BADLAND takes side-scrolling to a new level with its innovative physics-based gameplay and stunning atmospheric graphics and audio.

BADLAND also has a highly original local multiplayer game mode that can support up to four players on the same device. The name of the game is Survival of the Fittest and there are no rules. It's perfectly possible to push your competitors to the rotating circular saw in order to survive. Or, if this is too rough for you, you can also collaborate with your friends to play a modified single-player campaign with up to four players.

All in all, this game is very interesting. I like that its style is the same as Clash of the Royals, but at the same time, it is a completely different game. I had a lot of fun until I hit the frozen arena at noon. So far, I have been using a lot of cards that I have used from the beginning, or at least those that I have used for a while and have played many games against them. Around this time, I realized that one thing that almost ruined my game, you will be punished for repeatedly using the cards you like. The entire car trophy system is good for gems, but after a certain point, it is almost impossible to use them to win trophies. Basically, if you use enough cards, it will reach the "high trophy" status, which will reduce the number of trophies you can get to win the battle. It gets worse when you do this with multiple cards and play against someone who has a lot of low-party trophies. Why am I being punished for using a card I like? In the end, if all my cards ended in this way, it might reach the point where I couldn't get any trophies at all. If you are listening, please remove this system. If I like certain cards and want to use them more than others, I shouldn’t be punished for it. The game started awesome and fun. Without a pocketbook full of Franklin, you will quickly learn that you will never reach elite status. Once you get to a higher ranking, you will start to play the same person over and over again. I have played it 4 times in a row. If they are better than you, it is a 4-game losing streak, and your trophy count will soon be a mess. Most importantly, let's say that by God's grace, you have stood up, and then you have these bad stage performances, and honestly, these performances are more frustrating than pleasant. You can play well, and suddenly you have an earthquake, and your open random blockbuster bounces to your tower. I bought a season pass for $4.99. It has 50 floors, which is sad. I have played other games with 150+. If you are an active player, you will pass 50 levels in a week, if not faster. Simple coding that allows the deck to cope is also good. Many times I want to play someone else's lineup, but if you have a bad memory like me, going back and forth is a tedious task. I will give more stars, but this game needs some changes.

I don't like that every time a new clone is introduced, it will eventually be weakened to the point where it cannot be used. If you look at the decks of all the top players in the leaderboard, they all have basically the same decks, including the same old basic bombs and support. Thanks to the developers for weakening our favorite clone to the ground. Trying new decks or having more types of decks to win the game feels meaningless because in the end the same old basic bomb and support are what you need to win the game now all. This makes the game a bit boring. For example, the crook only appeared about a month ago. This is a very interesting clone to use, but they weakened it to the ground and added a time limit to it, actually making it the worst clone because its defenses are now bad. Sadly, I know it will be severely weakened, and I don’t even bother to upgrade the clone and stick to the same decks that every top player in the leaderboard has used over the years. It's sad to see that you can't use a different innovation platform BC all other clones have been weakened to the top players on the ground. For starters, I have a lot of time to enter this game, I have about 3200 trophies, almost every clone has been unlocked. Please note that I spent $0.00 on this game, so there is no real problem with winning. In addition, I tried a lot of clone combinations. There are so many unique clones, but why use them when bombs, tornadoes, and/or tribes are the only clones worth using?

The problem is that the mana cost of most clones in the game is 4. If you want to use a different clone, you can't rely on surefire dmg, it becomes RNG. But for bombs, it is almost always guaranteed. Yes, there are some deadly combinations that can be used frequently, but their mana is too heavy, you can only use them once or twice in a game, risking the damage through to achieve the combination.

I want to play to the highest level of the league, but I can't use other clones to continue winning because I will run out of mana soon. Not to mention that you need arrows and tornadoes to defend all the tribes.

It is difficult to get a trophy. I don’t know why I was punished for being good at a particular clone. This is counterintuitive and frankly very frustrating.

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