All kingdom rush games reivew is it worth playing?


Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense

Join the action of the best Tower Defense game ever created!

Use your strategy to defend your kingdom and crush the forces of evil with massive towers and spells at your disposal! Command the strongest heroes and lead the biggest army in Linirea to victory in this unique TD game that will keep you hooked for hours!

Fight through forests, mountains, and wastelands, customize your defense strategy with different tower testing and specializations! Rain fire on your enemies, gather reinforcements, command your troops, summon elven warriors and face mythical beasts to save the kingdom from the dark forces!


- PLAN YOUR STRATEGY! Choose from many different tower styles.

- MAXIMIZES THE STRENGTH OF YOUR ARMY with 18 towers' unique abilities.


- 12 STRONG HEROES to help lead your troops to victory!

- Command your ARMY into action and watch them engage in hand-to-hand cartoon combat!

The game is good as a precedent, towers and hostilities have a good design and concept. Also, the game is fluid, there are no bugs, but there are some bugs that need to be changed.

   -Some levels require more laps/upgrade doesn't fit the lap (egold levels after finishing the campaign should be a bit, SMALL! easier or more laps)

   -All old levels offer 50 stars for them even if the maximum amount of stars you can get in the campaign is 36 (note that you can still play)

   -Some upgrades don't seem to be worth the amount of gold they're worth (like ranger and mage upgrades)

   -There must be a way to unlock some heroes, not all but at least 3 of the premium ones, maybe after each level you get something that you can place on a premium hero of your choice and unlock after 30 of them. hero (regular levels are 1 of them, old levels are 2)

   -Endless mode is very difficult at the beginning, maybe turn it down a bit

   -Just a small piece, but can I request a sandbox mode where you can test strategies and towers, keep your health, have infinite gold and spawn on the enemies of your choice?

   - Encyclopedia of enemies doesn't show weaknesses or strengths there


Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD

Let me start by saying that I've been a fan of the kingdom rush since day one. They are by far the best mobile games on the market. Revenge had a lot of potentials but was wasted. Let's start with the pros. First, the game looks great. Visually very attractive and very detailed. Secondly, are there SOME good towers in this game, and are they really playing up your nostalgia? For example, the Dark Knights or Harassments were some of the coolest, yet most annoying enemies you could counter, and having them in your arsenal is beyond epic. The third is that it has some cool level design. But in my opinion, this game looked like a HUGE cash grab. Just playing with people's nostalgia to buy. First, let's talk about the towers you have to pay for. This is completely unacceptable. They have one for sale for around $7!!!! Second, terribly boring enemies. They had many chances to place the cool enemies but they were unsuccessful. The third is the lack of content. There were very few levels to play and no post-campaign levels when they first came out. And then they release the scariest DLC with 3 new levels. Too bad. The enemies are just annoying and really break the game's mechanics. Finally, it is wasted potential. They had many cool towers and heroes to spawn. Overall, this is a great game, but it doesn't match the Kingdom Rush Standard.

I've been playing Kingdom Rush and its sequels since the first one came out years ago. Unlike other apps on my phone, I didn't delete them and I keep playing when I'm bored. I was already counting the days for it to come out when I heard that Ironhidewas making a fourth game where I could play as the bad guys. I haven't played much, but from what I've played I can tell you that KingdomRush has everything you expect from a tower defense game and even more. While the variety of towers is great and sad, I can't play all 16 towers for free (5 of the premium), I can see why it should be. Personally, I avoid using premiums and items when first clearing levels, but I bought them and I have to admit, they're really fun to mess with. If you like old games or are new to the series, I highly recommend paying $5 for this game, they give you more than $5 for this game. Plus, the mini-campaigns will add even more content, so it'll be something to look forward to next.


Kingdom Rush Origins TD

Kingdom Rush is a great game where you can spend hours. Praise these great developers for not choosing the greedy "pay to win" route, unlike many developers. You can see how much talent and care these guys put into their masterpiece series. Towers, enemies and heroes are thoughtfully balanced, as one is not stronger than the other and there are no "successful strategies" to win in this game. There is no difficulty increase in this game, you can make it as easy or as challenging as you want with multiple difficulty modes. Final note: I'm telling you, these developers are role models within the mobile market community and therefore deserve a lot of support. I would love to see this series evolve over many years. 

This game has a great place in my heart for how many years I've been playing it, I was playing the original on my computer in 2nd grade on a great website and now I'm in high school, I'm going to play this game for years to come because of how great this game is, fast-paced action as enemies overwhelm you on the hardest difficulty, the amazing feeling when nothing is trying to stop you from passing, overall the best tower defense game I have ever played and better than balloon tower defense games, there are countless upgrades for your towers and units and now there are some great single unit heroes that are really cool to control, overall the best game I've ever played and I hope they make another one.

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