Age Of History 2 The Game Worth buying?


Age of History II

    The epoch of Second History traverses the entire history of mankind from one age to one, beginning with the age of civilization and moving into the distant future.

The second historical era is one of the main strategies that are simple to learn and difficult to master.

Your goal is to use subtle military and diplomatic strategies to unite the world or conquer it.

Will the world bleed or bow down to you? The choice is yours.

Historical methods

The age of the second history goes through the entire history of mankind through the ages, beginning with the era of civilization and leading to a long future.

Big historical campaign

Act as many civilizations, from the largest empires to the smallest tribes, and lead your people to prosperity in a campaign that spans thousands of years from the dawn of civilization to the future of mankind.

    Let me start by saying that I like this game or at least I like the idea of ​​it. A great strategy game for mobile is a dream come true for me and I think a lot of the mechanics work well.

My problems with this game are dementia and crashes. More or less every game I started was ruined by some game-breaking bug that ruined everything for me. There was an error that the game would crash and when I loaded the new civilization I had recently entered was still conquered but the territory was considered occupied instead of inserted. There are places where it crashes and when I reload it seems good until I realize that it no longer allows me to save and there are places where it crashes and when I reload it the screen starts to go crazy when I click What. I'm so sick of my games being constantly ruined by these bugs that I decided I would never play the game again until these issues were resolved. I hope the game developers see this review and look at the problem because it completely ruined the game for me. I also recommend this game to my friend, The game has garnered a lot of attention among the interactive Paradox community for being a mid-copy of Europa Universalis IV, and at first, I never thought much of it, but like mobile games, I say it worked well. The game runs on a turn (civilization) model but works with the time and general theme of Europa Universalis IV. The game manages to strike a good balance between the two and probably the best we will go to EU4 by phone.

However, I did have a bit of a stain with the game. First, the game follows the ultimate goal of leading civilization, rather than the globalization of the four European Union, which leads most of the gameplay to a map rather than a real experience. On top of that, the game is prone to crashes now and then, often for no apparent reason.

   However, please do not allow this to happen! As already mentioned, for a good price you will get the closest we can ever get at Europa Universalis IV on mobile.


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