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Lifetime Premium VPN PRO

I started using and testing this VPN (for my clients) when it first came out and was impressed with the update. Although there are still some things I would like to see implemented from the point of view of IT administration, I understand that employees are working hard with security as a priority because the internet is less secure, and implementing end-user results is the way to go. End users are frustrated to think their results are not, but do not understand that constant updates regarding security are more important than what end users want to see in the GUI. Thanks to Unlimited VPN and keep up the great work! I recommend these glasses on many popular products that are more expensive and spend that money on ads like NordVPN and IPVanish.


Company of hero

Company of heroes 

Chameleon Run

This game is very straightforward but definitely not easy to play. I think that’s what makes it great. The idea is simple, the execution is not much! It moves so fast between colors that it is really hard to jump and switch all the time. I feel bad playing this and I say good things. It's not boring at all. I also like that there is no life. You do not run out and have to wait to get more or buy more. You just play and play until you reach the next level. Simple! Also, the music and sound effects do not feel numb and annoying. This is something I really enjoy.


Five Nights at Freddy

I spent five nights at Freddy for a long time and to this day I get into it. I still turn on the phone occasionally and start a new game on this issue. I played it before it was updated and even without the camera upgrades and sound effects and everything I still enjoy the game. In terms of the main programs to get on the five nights of Freddie's game are there. There is one problem I do not like about this game and this is an ongoing complaint from what I did. This is the most foolish claim if it is a lawsuit, but I am probably one of the few people who have to buy a gift on the table. There is nothing wrong with a gift on the table, but I do not like how I can not remove it from the table without uninstalling the program. There is nothing wrong with this glue, I like them, but sometimes it is boring, just having it there, I feel like I just have an old office or have the option of choosing the glue I want on the table. If the opportunity is small, the developer is looking at this small claim, do not go the wrong way, as I say arrogance is not good, because I am not, I never say angry, I just ask if there is an option to take Some cloths came off the table as well. Everything else is working.


I think in particular this app is one of the best music creators available in the App Store. The user interface is very simple and unique, it is also easy to use. You really do not need instructions on how to use this app because of its simplicity and the sound that comes with this app is amazing. I recommend this program for the type of people who just want to have fun doing different styles of rhythms. The app also has a sharing function where you can share the beats you make with the entire community of people on the app. Although you can only shoot a few mixes at a time, I think enough time for someone to enjoy the incredible beats you just made. In conclusion, I recommend this program for casual music creators who are looking for a simple yet wonderful way to make a sound. If you are looking for a sophisticated music production program, I say look elsewhere, but for those who just want to enjoy it, I highly recommend this program.


Ravensword: Shadowlands 

This is the second time I have played this game and bought it. As far as I'm concerned it was best on the mobile platform before it was out and now. I like watching more games like that !! The graphics are also great on my iPad 12.9 ”2018 device. Please add controller/game panel support. One particular thing I do not pay attention to is when someone camera looks at my shield or character's head in the lower-left corner of the screen disturbing my landscape, please fix it. I do not like to show anything to people. I'm really excited to watch this match again. Keep up the great work.



Initially, I bought a NeuralCam to use on the XS Max as I did not know if I wanted to get 11 supported. For the XS Max (and probably all other iPhones before 11 years) this app is amazing! The ability to take night / dark photos without any upgrades is amazing. However, I'm really wondering how this app inspires the official iPhone night mode. Well, I upgraded to 11 Pro Max and the result is very close. The iPhone night mode is great, but NeuralCam has its own. The big difference I can see is that the nervous system takes a little longer to focus and process images than the iPhone's night mode. The result is very much the same except I can not tell if the result of Neuralcam is just a dark smile or if they add this warm tone to the picture. However, it is a good buy if you are not going to upgrade to 11 years old but want to take pictures at night. But I can say that even the iPhone 11 is not worth buying because it allows you to shoot at night with a wide-angle lens and the iPhone night mode will not allow you to do it.


Geekbench 5

Geekbench offers an extensive set of models designed to measure CPU and GPU Compute. Geekbench is designed to make benchmarks easy to operate and understand. Geekbenchtakes estimates out of producing reliable and robust benchmark results.



I have never played the last game of Final Fantasy, but I am always curious due to the overwhelming praise that so many people have for old items. I was introduced to VI as a good starting point. I'm glad I did. Is this program error-free? No. The gamepad is a tedious touch to use, and in my opinion, the newly designed coral on many characters does not look as impressive as the original Super Nintendo version I saw. However, once you get used to the movement, it is a wonderful experience. The fighting is fun, the music is great and it's fascinating that a game from this era could have such memorable characters and compelling stories when so many modern games fail in this department so wonderfully. Even if you do not purchase this software, please favor and purchase or download a version of it. This game is definitely worth noting.


ProCamera  by moment

ProCamera is a leading professional camera and video app on iOS that appeals to creative and creative enthusiasts. For more than 10 years, ProCamera has been helping its users get the most out of their iPhone camera. So far, I have tested about 50+ different camera apps on two mobile operating systems and so far ... no one is as good as this one. This is my new gold standard. After many years of experience with the program, I have no problem with it. This is one of the best costs in the Appstore in a decade of my iOS journey.



This has become a game if not my favorite on the iPad. If you go into the builders of this simulated city, this is a must. The graphics are console quality and the touch controls are taken care of. It is rare when computer games come to iOS and you are not obstructed by touch controls. If anything, I feel like they enhance the game. The gameplay is fun and worth replaying here.

   I have read a lot about crashes and loss of stored game data, but I have not encountered this problem. I'm playing on a new 12.9 iPad Pro with an A12x chip, so this might have something to do with it. Also, recent updates are focused on these issues.

   The only problem I see is battery charging. If I play for more than 30 minutes, I will plug in my iPad, but it is expected to be a very graphic game. I'm surprised they were able to pull this off (though I should not see what Feral Interactive did with Tomb Raider on Mac). Great job bringing great games to Mom and I. Can't wait to see what happens next.


iVIP Black

Luxurious discovery. VIP treatment. Lifestyle management. The world's first premium lifestyle app.

Black VIP 'The Millionaire's App' offers members a complete VIP treatment at all partner locations worldwide.

Members receive VIP treatment - additional special experiences such as upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packages, interest rates, privileges, and other privileges - across IVILT's world-class partners and services.

They include summaries of exclusive hotel and restaurant needs, theatrical personal trainers, private jets, personal styles ... and more.

Partners were manually selected. Each is specially selected by us. Membership provides members with an exciting and unique global luxury search engine.

These programs are not a booking portal, not a gateway to thousands of hotels - they are a collection of the best brands, places, and services in the world with individually negotiated privileges for each member.

Our partners and privileges are constantly being updated, enhanced, and improved, ensuring that your membership remains fresh and exciting. Additionally, you can introduce the partner you want to see included.


TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome

I'm just starting to use this app and it seems to have a number of key features that I'm looking to integrate with many of the other apps I use - mostly electronic and piano keyboards to give me notes through voice acting / Discover harmony. Also, looking for software to buy rather than free software because the ads in the free software get annoying (and seem to get worse, for example, make you watch the ad for 5 seconds before It allows you to disable it). And this one has a channel detector to get started. I have two ideas: 1) Call me crazy, but if I just give you a record to sing, I would love it if the piano keyboard sounded like a piano. You can make it sound like a bunch of different instruments with different types of echoes, but the piano is not theirs. 2) Want a mute button on the Internet, such as when in the e-page, you can see the box (or screen) release time, but without clicking. I can accomplish this by lowering the volume on the side of my phone, but it takes a lot of push to do so it can not be done quickly. Otherwise, I like this app.


Bright Memory Mobile

I think this game is good in some ways, not much (which can be improved). Let me start with the fact that this feels like a console game on the phone, which in my opinion is a compliment! Good on that. This second graphic is okay, some other way I can see some of the parts you are opening (I want to tell you that I'm working hard on this but ..) There are some parts that are not detailed but I want to talk for the phone it's very good. Third, we are all thinking about it, but it's a listen, it's a big ball of brains I can not follow it! You see, I think it has potential, but I do not know what happened, I mean I can do it. And talking about how long you see me coming to an end and I have one thought in my head. "This is a video" I feel like I'm confused about paying, so I want to say it's good, do not get me wrong, but there is not enough content with the mobile version, if you release something like this, please submit content More. .Now this is my idea, but being told I think this can help it (categorize things like how to line up, then add more players later in development, then add more stories to those who Pay for it, get what they paid for) So I suggest it will be 4 stars, even 5 stars, but the lack of content is what I am stuck with.

Company of heroes

TV mirror + for Chromecast

Neural cam

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