Some of the best arcade style horror games in iOS


Ultimate Custom Night

Welcome to the ultimate FNaF mashup, where you will once again be trapped in the office against the killer animatronics! In Freddy's game, 50 optional animatronic characters are spanning seven five nights, and the customization options are almost endless. Feel free to match any type of character you like, set the difficulty to 0-20, and act directly! On your desk, you need to manage two side doors, two vents, and two air hoses, all of which lead directly to your office.

If you want to complete the extreme challenge this time, you have to master other tools, such as heating, air conditioning, global music box, generator, and other tools. It seems that all this is not enough, you also need to set up laser traps in the vents, collect Faz coins, buy items from the prize counter, and as always pay close attention to the Pirate Bay curtains, not one, but two.

 Maybe a glitch? But I still like it

So let me tell you. I like this game and the whole series. I am very happy that this game can be transferred to mobile phones, but the edges may still be rough. When I was playing the creepy Reptile 2 challenge, the withered Bonnie frightened me. This is not a problem now. I know this game is difficult, and I'm not very good at it, but I almost took off my mask when I put down the monitor and heard the static that indicated that he was in front of me. He should have no reason to kill me like that, even if he is 20 years old. I took off my mask that night, he hadn't killed me before. This may be a one-time event, or something that may happen again, but even so, this game is still great! Of course, it has other design flaws, but I have finished it, and it is still fun to play. I strongly recommend you to buy this game, because you can use all 50 characters in a variety of combinations, and it will take a while for you to get bored! (I don't even think it is possible) Even if you don't know any lore, it is not important to the game, and it will still bring you a lot of fun.

 Great port, but control is not the best

Personally, I like this game and definitely think it is worth the $3 price tag. It comes with all the content of the original PC version, including cheats that you can buy. (In my opinion, it is not worth it). Obviously, this game has a lot of controls. I think it's great that most things can be controlled by the buttons in the upper right corner, but some controls are poorly done on mobile devices and need some kind of repair. First of all, the flashlight button is not the best. It is a small icon between the mask and the camera. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to click, sometimes the golden Freddy is really hard because you have to click the mask/camera very quickly and the button is not the best Yes, so sometimes it takes a long time to put on the mask/camera, which causes me to die on him. Another thing is the nightmare marionette. To avoid her, you have to stay away from the house she bought, drag it away or click where she is not, which sounds easy, but the effect is not good. In addition to these small issues that may be fixed in time, it is still a great port and a lot of game fun.

One Night at Flumptys 2

 "Welcome everyone to Flumpty Bumpty's. If the light is off, then you are safe. If the light is on, they will come to you and tear you off a brand new face."

Flumpty Bumpty and his group of great friends invite you (be kidnapped) again to play games in a special place! All you need to do is avoid them before 6 in the morning, and they will become your new best friends. If you can reach you before 6 in the morning... it's best not to think about it.

This exciting new place is full of different sets of rules that you need to learn quickly, and the only tools you have available include a light switch computer with old batteries and a few vents.

At first, I was a little worried that this game would be terrible, but I played it and I really liked it. 10/10 is totally worth 2 dollars

I recommend this game to anyone who has played FNaF or fnaf. I do have some suggestions, for example, please add a full screen and add a small completion icon in the corner, these are just some of my ideas, so please add some of them as soon as possible.

This is a great port that can play well and capture the PC version of the experience.

Many people have raised this question, but overnight, the credit screen was replayed over and over again. You can flash the game and reload it. After logging in again, the game will also unlock the hard boil mode.

The jump panic was great, and it actually made me flinch. The night is fair for players, but it is still very challenging. It gives you enough power to complete it, but too little makes people feel uncomfortable. The best part of the game is that you have to learn the mechanics without any real hints. Although this is directly inspired by FNaF 1, there are many twists and turns in the game that will scare you.

One criticism of gameplay is that the buttons you have to click are too small. This is not a big problem, because the game can be beaten with it, but I think I will raise this question.

This game is a perfect adaptation of the beloved FNaF fan game. I like the Fanverse project and I am excited about Jonochrome’sONAF.


One Night at Flumptys

I really like the main features of Flumpty, the cube-head guy, Grunkfuss, celebrities, etc.

I like the Foxy feature you gave Otter. He is indeed the right person for the job. In addition, the text in his newspaper is funny. "The man drank lava and survived (kind of), "Flumptykidnapped someone because he likes this", "You should really check the camera."

I'm a little sad that the celebrities didn't show up on the camera, they just interfered with them with red static electricity. But hey, there is great room for God and theory!

I think if you add more nights, it is a bit against the purpose of "One night at Flumpty's". my friend also play this game too he said, This is a surprisingly good port in Flumpty for one night. I have played One Night at Flumpty's, the original version and their upgrade on my computer, I can say that the gameplay (mostly) remains the same! My two biggest problems are the poor input of the buttons on the door and the location of the camera buttons. I accidentally pressed the homepage slider, which makes Golden Flumpty more than just a threat. I do think that these issues will be resolved in the future. 9/10, definitely worth the money.


FNaF 6  Pizzeria Simulator

 Note: This game requires a device with at least 2 GB of RAM to run properly.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria franchise restaurant prospective owner, we need you!

It started as a simple pizza tossing fun into many, many things. Advance the malfunctioning arcade game and find you in your Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria!

Browse our catalog and purchase your first attractions and animatronics, customize your decorations, and most importantly make sure all equipment is working properly before opening the door of the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!

After a busy day, complete the paperwork and close your business (usually late at night when you build your own business!) However, be careful of what might be lurking in the vents. If anything attracts your attention, please insert your flashlight directly into the vent to knock it back. FazbearEntertainment provides free batteries to all its franchisees!

The next day, suppose you survived the night and reinvest your yesterday’s income in new equipment. Develop your little pizzeria day by day and make it an empire of dining and entertainment! Fazbear Entertainment provides its franchisees with all the tools and knowledge needed to create and manage a welcoming, safe and profitable location.

Oh, if you want, please try to save some animatronics lingering outside your restaurant. They are now trying to enter for a few months, and it is best not to miss the opportunity to buy spare parts and earn extra income. If you find any instability or aggressiveness in any of them, please use the self-defense taserprovided by Fazbear Entertainment to all its franchisees free of charge.

This puts an end to the assistance we are legally obliged to provide. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for disappearance, death, or mutilation that may occur as a result of operating the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria franchise.

 Stunning port, still interesting, difficult and scary

The FNaF6 mobile port is a port that I and many others did not expect to be such a good port. The game runs perfectly on mobile devices, and the game style matching is very suitable for mobile phones. Salvaging the animatronics is a unique twist on your typical FNaF game. You find an animatronic in the back, you can choose to salvage or throw it away. Of course, rescue is risky. If you don't rescue the animatronics, it will loosen in your pizzeria, making the night shift more difficult. The more animatronics you salvage or fail to salvage, the worse your life will become because they will also try to kill you. During the night shift, your job is to do some basic work to improve your pizzeria, such as ordering new supplies and printing posters. Of course, animatronics will try to attack you from two vents, which means that audio is very important in this part of the game. Being able to hear animatronics in each of your ears makes the experience better and more terrifying. Of course, everything doesn’t have to be too scary, because one of the main parts of the game is to build your own pizzeria, and you can make money to improve the pizzeria’s repetition. Surprisingly, this part of the game will never be boring, especially if you can buy Fun mini-games for the game currency and play with better ratings and more money.

 has a problem

First of all, I want to say that this is a very beautifully designed game. I like the night and salvage level and manage my own pizzeria. But most games have no sound. This makes it ten times more difficult. I can hear the voice of the guide, I can hear the voice of the sponsor, but I cannot hear the jumping panic, I cannot hear the ventilation, I cannot hear the animatronics in the ventilation, I cannot even hear the sound of the computer I am doing my task. However, the sponsor is as loud as possible. I don't understand why this happens. In other comments, most people are complaining about the same thing. Honestly, I don't blame them. Set aside all questions, although I think it's a bit worthwhile. When or if the sound problem is resolved, the game is definitely worth $2.99.

 The series will end and the story will always exist

Scott Kathon and the creators of this series have made a name for themselves in this timeline, and this game stands out from the crowd. Sure, it is intended for fairy tales and everything, but the gameplay is a great strategy and your own Fazbear pizza-making idea just disappoints me. The sound is really sweet and the sound is really sweet and I like it I have been playing these games since 2014 and they will never get old. Scott Cawthon became a store clerk, becoming a popular video game designer in just half a decade. I want to thank Scott for creating such a great series and I hope he can do more. The F. Naf series will be over, but the story will last forever.

Five Nights at Freddys SL

 This game is great. I own all the stars in fnaf games, including Sister Location. I have beaten all the custom night challenges in the game, but I think this is an impossible challenge, and that is the Golden Freddy mode. I have seen someone beat this challenge on the PC version, but I have not seen anyone beat it on the mobile version. I have seen Markiplier overcome this challenge and I have been watching his videos to see how he overcomes it. Bidybab is a major problem with the mobile version, because in the PC version, you have to hear bodybag popping in the air vents, and I thought to myself, "Well, it's not a big deal", but then I realized that you can't hear the banging of bodybag in the vent. This is basically a signal to let you know that bodybab is about to enter your office and scare you. Obviously, you will not hear these aural cues in the mobile version, which makes this challenge even more difficult. I can't even think of the specific reason why Scott is different from the PC version on the mobile version. Except that Golden Freddy mode is impossible, I still think this game is great anyway. I have all 3 stars in sister locations. Ignoring this challenge really makes me angry. I know I will never beat it on mobile.

for me, This is definitely one of my favorites. I do find the game a bit difficult, but once you learn the ropes, it becomes easier. I do think that things like grip might need some work, but I think all other controls will work fine. I did find that watching the tutorials is very helpful for passing the levels, and they are very helpful. In general, this is the reason why this game is 5 stars: great original characters, incredible graphics even on mobile devices, each animatronic has many interactions and different levels, panels, and Jumping panic are terrible. I still jump on Ballora. Its amazing atmosphere really makes it more terrifying. In fact, this game has a lot of legends (I really can't review so many in this game). Overall, this game is my favorite, and obviously many people think so too. I think 4.4 is a correct score, but I still think it should give the character 5 points. This is definitely my favorite (gosh, I said a lot, but still) and a lot of knowledge can help me read books. This may also be one of the scariest games in the FNaF franchise. The panel looks amazing again, and I would also like to see this game appear in VR (but it may be an extension) thanks to this great game Scott I can’t wait for a security breach.


Five Nights at Freddys 3

 Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed its doors, the events that took place there are nothing more than rumors and childhood memories, but the owner of "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction" is determined to reinvigorate the legend, create an experience as real as possible for customers, and spare no effort to find Anything that may survive decades of neglect and destruction.

Amazing game

I am a big fan of FNaF, and I like stories, games, books, and almost everything Scott publishes related to this series. But I quickly got tired of these games. The games released before this are trial and error until the perfect strategy is found. This is great, many games are like this, but once you find the strategy, you will unconsciously do the same thing over and over again, until the end of each night . Whenever I die, I almost never think it’s my fault, and the game is just stupid. Especially in FNaF 2. But this, although it does have a perfect strategy to follow, it is not as blind as the previous two games. In fact, you have to really think about "people in the office, put on a mask, people in the hallway, close the door" and so on. Although some deaths seem to be impossible for me to stop them, I don't really feel that it is the game's fault. My only real complaint is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s really hard, and the phone person doesn’t really tell you anything. I don't think this is a big problem, you like challenges. Overall, this is a great game, definitely worth $2.99.


Five Nights at Freddys 4

 In the final chapter of Five Nights in Freddy’s original story, you must once again defend against Freddy Fuzzy Bear, Chica, Bonnie, Little Fox, and the worse things lurking in the shadows. As a child with an unknown role, you must protect yourself by guarding the door until 6 in the morning and prevent unwanted creatures from entering your closet or entering the bed behind you.

You only have a flashlight to protect yourself. It will scare away things that may crawl at the end of the corridor, but be careful and listen. If something crawls too close, then the gleam of light in its eyes will be your ending.

Great finale for the Scott series

I remember when the first game came out, I was scared. Then came the next one. I remember I was hyped about it and it became my 4 favorite games. When the third game came out, I was like "How many games will this guy make?" A few weeks later, a trailer for the nightmare Freddie appeared, and I was hyping the fourth game. As soon as it came out, I bought it for my computer. The first night I played was probably the best game ever. The jump scare is very scary, the animation and environmental noise are great, and the story also involves a lot of loose endings. There are still some things we need to know, such as who is the man in purple? Anyway, I went to the App Store every day until I came out and saw that it was 11 o'clock in the evening, so although it was scary, I defeated it the first night I played it. The quality is not very good, the game is a bit lagging, but I still give it five stars because of its great story. The final FNaF did a good job, I can't wait until Halloween, because that special thing is happening. I guess it's a movie or another horror series! That would be great Scott! Thank you so much for your wonderful series.

There is a little room for improvement

Don’t get me wrong. I like these games. I’m afraid I don’t know if the animatronics are almost at your door. Does it really make the game interesting and the legend is very interesting and well hidden by Scott but there are multiple in this port Glitches that are fatal to gameplay? I mean you have to hear every little thing, otherwise, the game is over. One of the glitches is that when you run to the door, it will produce a looping sound of footsteps. You think the animatronics is running, but it's just a looping glitch witch that can open your eyes. But it’s not just about 5+ night sounds, you have to protect yourself from nightmares, or the Fred-bear witch asks you to almost look for him at the door and react quickly. The witch is hard because when you run to the door, Looking at the lobby where the game is lagging, I have a very fast and smooth phone, so I can't be the only one to experience this, it also makes the game difficult for you. But this is true of all the problems I have encountered, so I hope Scott can fix these problems in the next update.


Five Nights at Freddys

 Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's new summer job, where children and parents can enjoy entertainment and food! The main attraction is of course Freddy Fazbear. With his two friends. They are animatronic robots, programmed to please the crowd! However, the behavior of the robot at night becomes somewhat unpredictable and hiring you as a security guard is much cheaper than finding a repairman.

In your small office, you must carefully observe the security cameras. The amount of electricity you are allowed to use per night is very limited (corporate budget cuts, you know). This means that when you run out of electricity at night-no more security doors and lights! If there is something wrong that is, if Freddybear or his friends are not in the right place, you must find them on the monitor and protect yourself when needed!

Can you stay at Freddie's house for five nights?

"Although the controls and premises of the game are simple, "Five Nights of Freddy" is still very scary. This is a good example of how to use clever design and subtle techniques to create a frightening Experience. The simple static images and proper character design steal the display in this game and show that Scott Cawthon knows well the secret fear that people will feel when they see creepy dolls and toys. It sows fear. The method is very elegant, and it is a must-have for those who like horror games.

 Scott's door and camera buttons were originally larger for a reason

As my title says, the door and camera buttons in the original mobile port are much larger, which is a very clear reason. Since Fnaf 1 came out, I have been playing its mobile port. I beat the 4/20 mode when I was about 10 years old. The way I'm even close to being able to do this is because I can actually click the door buttons and have them respond correctly every time. I beat the 6th night before that because I can easily switch the camera between Foxy and Freddy to prevent them from moving.

In your new mobile port, although you made the game look better and made it run like the original computer version, you failed in one aspect, which made the game almost unplayable for me. Door and camera buttons. When making door buttons on a computer, their crash boxes were very bad, and in 4/20 mode, when I tried to close the door, I almost always had to restart because they didn’t respond fast enough. In addition to having trouble turning off the lights, the lights are also the same, which cost me the price of running.

Similarly, I had a lot of trouble with the camera on the 6th night, because it was difficult for me to click the smaller button to switch between the Show stage and Pirates cove.

As a big fan of Fnaf, I ask you to increase the hitbox of the buttons or make them bigger, because this is game destruction for me. 


Five Nights at Freddys 2

In Five Nights of Freddy's 2, new characters were added to the old and aging animatronics. They are suitable for children, updated with the latest facial recognition technology, linked to the local crime database, and promised to hold a safe and fun performance for children and adults!

What could go wrong?

As a new security guard working at night, your job is to monitor the cameras and make sure there are no problems after getting off work. The former guard complained that the character tried to enter the office (he has been transferred to the day shift). Therefore, in order to make your work easier, we provide you with your own empty Freddy Fazbear head, if they accidentally enter your office, this should be able to trick the animatronic character into leaving you alone.

After finally finishing the five nights of independent game creator Scott Cawthon in Freddy's 1, I decided to enter the next game as my special reward! Whenever I start a game, I will put the speaker to my ear, because I can't listen to the creepy opening music! awesome! Although the multitasking part is the part that I work hard :0 but I am getting better! After all, this is only the 4th night, I have done a lot of practice on FNaF 1 and all other FNaF 2 nights, so I think I can pass and keep the music box on the chain, flash the light at the foxy, and then wear it when I need it. Facial mask. I just need to practice a little more.

Fnaf help wanted 

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