Some new games to play


Muse Dash

I have been playing this game since it came out and I like it very much. I actually booked this game, so it must have been a while. Since I unlocked everything, I am now playing intermittently for a few days, and there is nothing to do except purchase gift packs, because I really don’t have any online funds, so I can’t do that. But regarding games and gameplay, it is very interesting. This is definitely not your typical rhythm game, it is more like Taiko or Osu than BanG Dream! Or Alicia. These songs are unique and very attractive, (as far as I can see) not so popular, but they also have more popular songs, for example; FREEDOM DiVE, Brain Power, PUPA, -+, Lyrith, Halcyon, etc. The characters are well designed and absolutely cute. You must unlock the characters, but if you play a lot, it is easy to get all the characters. Animation, gameplay, characters, songs, aesthetics, and everything are 10/10. From 2018 to 2020, I totally fell in love with this excellent game. Thanks to the excellent creators of this game.

The style of the game is very simple but it is fun to play, especially once you enter more difficulty levels, it will become more challenging. I like the character design, it is really cute and amazing. I especially like the game. The artistic style, it’s beautiful and good, and the music has some of the best soundtracks I’ve heard and some notable ones. If you know them, I won’t say who it is, but you will know if you’ve heard them before, but Some songs are played and listened to is a wonderful combination of musical rhythm. In general, the style of the game may seem simple, but just know that when you beat the simple sorta it will become more challenging, unless you are good at rhythm touch games, and in terms of music, it has a lot of great in the game. As for any other problems that I don’t have so far, I haven’t found that it can work and play perfectly, and it can also bring you back to the music. Overall it is very pleasant.

The gameplay of this game is a mixture of action and rhythm. These are my two favorite types in the game. The gameplay is smooth, fun, and addictive, which made me hooked for a while. However, my only "problem" with this game is the fan service dedicated to it. The nudity is zero, but the costumes and poses of some characters are very revealing. I think it will be a perfect game if fan service is reduced a bit. But don't get me wrong, the costumes and styles of the characters are very cute and fashionable, so I didn't completely downplay the character design. They are actually very smart and cute, and I gave the creators a lot of support. Otherwise, the game is excellent, the music is wise, the gameplay is wise, and the mechanic is wise. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes rhythm games.


Construction Simulator

This game was great and reminded me of all the glory of the first two games. Of course, I know you guys are working on all bug fixes and other things. But I have a request. Can you smooth the drive and hydraulic control? Here, they seem to be a little shaky. In fact, I found that I like the controls in Construction Simulator 2014 the most. These controls are perfect for me, whether driving or hydraulic. Everything is going very well. Can you work hard in this direction in this game? I am truly thankful.

    In addition, can you eliminate the delay caused by switching from parking to reverse gear? There is an annoying two-second delay, which I think is a bit annoying at best.

    Other than that, the only thing I noticed is the occasional frame rate drop and the minor bugs and glitches that every new game has, but the things I can’t handle knowing that they will be fixed soon. I believe you are working hard to patch and fix everything. Good luck, amazing so far.

My main thing is to sit in the driver’s seat and try to look around. It helps a lot to repair on its own, but it’s definitely a difficult thing when driving a large machine that cannot see the ground. This is another thing I want. The thing is knowing where my machine is going in the driver's seat! The most important thing is to reverse the car to support the trailer or machine. It takes a long time to see it back there, and it is automatic, so when I saw the driving direction of my Tongkadump truck, I had hit the road. A pole or a brick on the side! It stopped in an instant! The financial system can work! Need more trailers and trucks! That's all it needs, except that I hurt myself while playing this game, which is horrible, cool, and has great sauce.

totally, I like to play this game, but I think it would be great if the car has a trailer, otherwise, the car is useless except for a mess. Several times I wanted to drive to pick up small items, but I forgot to pick up other materials, but I didn't want to take them to the construction site, nor did I want to bring a large semi-trailer or flatbed dump truck. I think what I want to say is that if you can add a small trailer to the car, I really like it. Besides, I really like this game.


Truck Simulation

In TruckSimulation 16, you will have realistic control of one of nine real trucks. Start with crumbling old cars and earn your first coins in various supply contracts for large road networks in Western and Central Europe. Use the money you earn to buy better trucks, such as five faithfully copied MAN tractors!

Various task types, from standard orders to dangerous goods transportation, provide a wealth of diversity.

Choose the right trailer for one of eight different types of goods-use wooden semi-trailers to transport bulky goods or refrigerated trunk semi-trailers to transport groceries.

The highway network covers vast areas of Central and Western Europe, and more than 20 cities have realistic landmarks, providing unlimited driving pleasure on familiar highways.

If you take the journey carefully and on time, you will receive a bonus that can be invested in your company in the management menu, you can hire new employees who will be able to take the journey and bring money for new cars and trailers.

Have you accumulated a fortune? Then, enjoy the car faithfully reproduced by the European champion Hahn team, driving a real car on the European highway.

It took a long time to write a review of this game. Not too bad. It has some quirks and things that bother me. For example, this is an American truck simulator. Why would someone talk about the crocodile ahead on the radio and speak in meters? We do not use meters here. Next, why would anyone talk about something completely incomprehensible on the radio? Some things about business. Also, why do I damage my truck when I get off? There are trees in some places in the middle of the road. Why is my truck the only truck passing through the weighing station? Also, why when I was next to another truck and that truck turned right, I was knocked down and left the road. Other trucks did not express it clearly. Over time, some things have improved, while others have become worse. Why is payment the only way to get high-end add-ons? If you play enough and accumulate enough coins, most games will give you something. So, even though I have to watch the advertisement every time I refuel, sleep, weigh or change the oil or repair the truck, and I think that when I wash the truck, although I haven’t done so yet, I can still because I don’t pay cash. , So did not get the highest accessories. Why does it rain in the store when my truck is inside? Still under the bridge? Why does the speed radar give me a 55 ticket when I go to 55? The game is still a bit unfinished for me and I cannot give it money.

The game is very good, there are only two problems, one is where you can turn off the game sound, or add a place where you can play music on the radio, and a place about coins, you can make it where you can do some load for the coins , Or if you don’t want to do that, you can make it where the flag is at least 1,000 instead of 10 coins. If you add two of them, I really want it, but I’m really Want it, you can play music on the radio and make it different places a kind of music, rap, blues, country, etc., but you know truck simulator games they got where you can play music I think truck games are trucks from Zunks Games Simulator 2018 Europe They got it. You can play music on radio stations in real life. So I really hope you guys add this, and one more thing, can you guys add more cars, such as more in them Manufacture it in the same place, let it drive where they are fast, some are slow, and do the same for 18-wheelers, can you? Add more states, such as Louisiana, Mississippi, etc But yes, if you add what I said, I will be happy.



This game is great, all five-star reviews are very accurate, but sometimes the game can be very picky, as the trailer rolls out of the circle witch in the midnight safari mission, you have to drive through to complete the mission, but the bad thing is enough for the game Very interesting, you have all kinds of cars, such as ordinary jeep to diesel eight-wheeler. This is a great game. Mud physics is of course very good. This means that any fast car you are driving at high speed enters the mud and stops unless another A truck is nearby or you are close to a tree, although, unlike other off-road games, one thing you need to do in this game is that you need to be patient, because the mud will slow you down due to the weight of anything you might carry You will even slow down due to physical reasons, the express car can’t run fast in the mud, but in general this game is great 10/10 will play it.

I play MudRunner on Xbox and I like it. I am currently waiting for a deal for snow runners, but when I saw MudRunner on my mobile device, I had to try it. At first impression, the graphics are exactly the same as I predicted, but I do hope that there is an option that can be changed according to your device. The controls are good, and I don’t think they really need to be improved. At least physically compared to the Xbox version, the feeling of walking through the mud is the same (which is a good thing). On the other hand, rocks are very picky and tend to pass through them instead of climbing over them. Water is the worst, sometimes I seem to get a speed boost, and sometimes it doesn't even affect my traction (varies according to the current speed). Then the map does need an option to view the water depth. The "crossing the river" mission is pure trial and error because there is no depth indicator on the map. This is necessary for many levels with ponds and rivers, and surprisingly it is excluded. In general, I think it has a lot of potentials, and I think if they can add some features and fix the physical properties of rocks and water, I would recommend a simple 5-star game to those who like simulators.

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