Rome total war bundle in dept review


ROME Total War

"The Incredible Marriage of Sight and Strategy" - Pocket Player 9/10

The greatest empire of history is now in your hands.

Experience the full glory of ROME: Total War on iOS! Build and rule the greatest empires of the ancient world by battling great time battles in massive turn-based campaigns.

Made for iOS

Play the best classic strategy game for your device.

ROM in your hand

Rule the largest empire of the ancient world.

Intuitive touch management

Control your troops with ease using the touch screen.

Amazing 3D battles

Turn your screen into a delightful battle with thousands of troops.

Historical imperial rule

Guide your economic, civil, and religious affairs from the campaign map.

This game requires iOS 11 or later and requires less than 4GB to install.

I like Total War games on PC so I thought I would give it a try. I love it. It's amazing. There are many factions you can play with, such as you can build forts and watchtowers to watch raids and siege on the ground and stage. This game is generally great. There are a few things I would like you to do with additional developers, including fixing downtown fixtures or when they are on the wall, it can be awkward at times, but otherwise, the big wall installation is The siege that I love to do. Sea battles and naval landings are really great in the game, so you can do things like land on the Carthage Beach and have land and sea attacks, artillery ships attack walls, so the Navy Water can pass through. I love being able to play one of my favorite computer games on my phone, and the great thing is that it does not require Wi-Fi. I can play it in the woods. It is also easy to reach the cheat code, dial the top corner of the screen and press it and you will get a cell ROM or something. Players can use it to campaign quickly and see how much power you can gain. I only used all the show me the money and process_cq simulations and all the process_rqthat the sequence gives you, I think a million denarii finished building the queue immediately and finally but did not finish the queue selection. 10/10 Recommended for players who like RTS-style games. one of my friends said, I really like this game! As someone who can not afford a computer, I have always dreamed of playing a complete war game, and this is my wish come true, this is a game I really love, and hope you will continue to add teams and details. More in the game! I'm always hoping for a non-human faction, but I guess it's too much like Warhammer (actually hoping for a phone too) but I hope maybe there will be a gang of ghosts or something similar. Total War Rome? Like DCC has a new team to play with and the whole thing to go with it is that you can pick any party and play a casual game while thinking of a new raw ghost team that is growing up or playing my raw ghost team. Just thought it was great, I would also appreciate it if the alliance would be more useful than every time I made an alliance, they would not help me and inevitably leave me behind if you read this, thank you for taking the time Read it without waiting to see what you can do with this game.

  Almost perfect 

This game is the best without graphics compared to other games but smart. One thing is why there are 50 zones and you can only play 13-15 zones, not even half of Macedonia, which I lost and still can not play like them. Very smart, but they can understand that they can not just be picky all the time, they have archers and cavalry, but it really does not have a weakness, I know this game is very old now, but I hope That you can Franken fix the Seagull TOWERS TOO and even add new units like historical units.



ROME Total War Barbarian Assault 

Facing the barbarians of the Roman Empire Facing the day of reckoning As one of the 18 factions, raise your hand to defend Rome or lead to destruction.

Classic gameplay in new settings

Participate in turn-based strategies and real-time battles to determine Rome's fate.

Cigarette activity that does not dry out

Invasion of the Roman Empire as a terrible Barbarian tribe

Campaign on film

Create a herd! And capture or sack settlements throughout the map.

Built for mobile

Enjoy intuitive touch controls and a user interface designed for mobile gaming.

Amazing 3D battles

Turn your screen into a powerful battlefield with thousands of units in action.

This game requires iOS 12 and has less than 4GB of free space to install.

Everything that the original PC version offered. So from a standpoint, the operation works perfectly. For developers, heartbreaks take at least 33% of the solution. I did not play long to find out if the settlements made more gold because there were fewer. I'm acting as a Romanian, English ... really hard, I usually buy a lot of mercenaries and look for soldiers and soldiers. Knowing for sure I will not profit at times. The strategy was to unite Britain and Ireland with this army and could not lose a single battle. As I kicked Rome and Shell out of the British mainland, I gathered my men in Ireland to finish the shell. They offered peace, but I responded with a ridiculous amount of gold for peace. They immediately accepted, pushed me out of debt, and allowed me to keep my senior veteran unit already. The Chaldeans have ruined the peace, and again we have advantages with diplomacy. Shell paid for my new economy. Then I sent diplomats all over Europe and started trading. I am united between Britain and Ireland. Destroy Season and I am fighting. Back between Lombardy and Almeria. my friend loves this game so much and he said, It's my favorite game and I spend too much time. But I like to play like Rome, and the famous Roman pedestrians are easily defeated by the brutal heavy infantry. Despite the same level of experience, Roman battles were easily destroyed by other heavy infantry groups, such as the chosen Assyrians. And it does not help that they are expensive. When you defeat a large army in a stunning epic victory, the enemy simply clicks the army multiplier and another large army comes to you again. I realized that there was not much money to continue to replace the heavy army, especially when I could hardly avoid my army quickly. On the other hand, when my general was capable of fighting at night, I never had the choice to do so. All in all, they were just a good choice and I always chose the hardest for the fight. Great game and I recommend it to everyone.

 Bad AI or bad Pathfinding?

I like the Attila War, which is usually a computer version of the savage invasion. But IE for the enemy invasion was terrible, I waged a siege war and ordered my troops to the town because the enemy had broken my rear guard and I needed to defend the town rather than cross. Unobstructed and usable roads, the army ran through the gates, ran after the enemy arrows and the Onagafire that destroyed the unit, and then continued to run around the whole city and through the gates at the rear when they could. Go. Cross the road like 6 feet. However, when the unit reached the town, there were 16 soldiers left and immediately dispatched upon arrival in the town ..... Please fix the road found or the IIA is at fault Ever. PS I won the siege because I had reserves where some people used the road and others ran around the whole city.


ROME Total War  Alexander

"If you are a fan of ROME: Total War you will love it" - Pocket Gamer

Lead the most courageous military campaign in history as Alexander the Great and begin to conquer all the powerful Persian Empire. Alexander is the perfect game for seasoned commanders. For a gentle introduction to ancient warfare, start with Rome: Total War.

Final strategic issues

If you have mastered ROME and the savagery invasion of Alexander, wait for the final test of your skills.

Cute features

Lead the Greco-Macedonian Empire through Central Asia to destroy the Persian Empire.

Alexander's weapon

Command over 50 unique games, including the Macedonian cavalry.

Made for iOS

Enjoy intuitive touch controls and a user interface designed for mobile gaming.

Amazing 3D battles

Turn your screen into a powerful battlefield with thousands of units in action.

This game requires iOS 12 or later and requires less than 4GB to install.

 One considerable flaw

For those who do not know, this developer has created what may be the deepest representation of the Hellenistic era in the video game industry. Controlling combat and campaign interference is difficult to overcome and cannot be compared to the day it was first released. This game, as well as its base application, has always been the best strategy game ever in my opinion, but this expansion has the brutal and inexplicable drawbacks that this campaign does not include India or Hindu Kus, which is The land of myths and legends at the edge of Alexander known world, just past that he and his army were finally forced to return. I can hardly believe that the first time I beat this campaign. I feel the expansion is not complete. It ended so quickly that it seemed like a slap in the face, though I was skeptical of the map boundaries. For this reason, I say expansion, lack of length as well as the depth of information and history. It's still a great game and a great way to get kids interested in Greek history, but without the addition of multiplayer or other team campaigns, it lacks reproducibility compared to its base game. . I still recommend this game for those who like Vanilla RTW, but it hardly emphasizes the achievements of Alexander the Great and does not give insights to their partners or backgrounds.

 It’s a nice port of a pc game but...

It may have been a design intention to not be able to enter India, but why were the Persians there? Does it affect what they may have tried to do or why settled there? The in-game accessories are funny in color and lack the realism and discipline of a historical army. You can only play as a team of Alexander, which can bring out the differences and fun that different team play options bring. Still, not a bad game, but then a lack of capacity can lower the cost of replay a bit. The introductory and ending sessions are fun and educational, which can use a little emotion about the story or role during the middle of the game. Given the kind of shooting one side of the game, it is the story, and RP as many items would have helped it tremendously. While the mercury option is a highlight, some parts are too general or appear in irrational places.

 A masterpiece

It's weird to see one of my favorite games on PC in the App Store. I had the invasions of Alexander and Barabbas, and they were exactly what I remember, large-scale tactical battles were the best. However, I must say that if you are the type of imperial campaigner, go to Rome or the Barbarians. Game lovers are really the perfect iPad app that lasts as long as an airplane. You get 5 stars. I have to add one thing too, it would be nice if I could fill the set with Rome (brutal aggression and Alexander) at a discounted rate because $ 17 costs a lot on 3 games when you do not know the game, the mechanics will Translate well to an iPhone or iPad, and like me, I imagine people want to try water, so to speak, before investing in three-game packages.

Amazing 5 stars love the game and want to see more of Total War set on the App Store.

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