Northgard review Best strategy game on iOS ?


  Northgard is a strategy game based on the Norfolk myth, in which the Viking rulers fight to take control of a mysterious new continent.

After years of tireless exploration, the brave Vikings have discovered a new land full of mysteries, dangers, and treasures: Norgate

The bravest Northmen sailed, explored, and conquered these new shores, brought fame to their clan, and wrote history by conquering, trading, or sacrificing to God.

That is if they can survive the dark wolves and Anders warriors who are traveling on land as friends or defeat the giants, and can survive two of the most brutal winters ever seen in the north.


Set up your settlement on the newly discovered Northgardcontinent

Assign your Viking to different jobs (farmers, warriors, boatmen, boatmen ...)

Manage your resources carefully and escape the harsh winters and deadly enemies.

Expand and explore new territories with special strategic opportunities

Achieve different conditions of victory (conquest, fame, love, trading ...)


The Viking High King was killed and his Regal Horn was stolen by a man named Hagen.

The event kicks off a monster that will bring Rig, his son, and his heirs, accompanied by his brand-name right-hand man, across the new continent of Norfolk.

The continent where he would make new friends and enemies and discover a greater threat than Hagen and the reasons behind the murder of his paternal father.


To complete 11 campaign chapters, players must master the features of the first six clans and complete Northgard'sunforgiving wilderness.

Many more clans are joining the fight for Northgard!

Snake Clan: Act from the Shadows and Lead the Way with Tricks

Dragon Clan: Take the old way and please God with sacrifice

Craig Clan: Draw gifts from the sea and unleash its brutal energy

You can unlock Snake, Dragon, and Craig clans separately by purchasing a DSL or a bundle of scales.

Carefully redesigned for mobile devices

Improved interface

Game Center Achievements

iCloud - Share your progress between iOS devices.

 Great port of an amazing game

  I played it for a long time on the computer before they made some changes that the game currently has on the computer. This version of the phone adds a better quality of life due to the nature of the transmission to the phone! Frankly, these changes are a welcome addition to the PC.

This is a great RTS with survival elements, it is a slow-speed game so if you want a fast game you may not like this game. This game is a cross between civilization and some RTS like Warcraft, it is simple but difficult at the same time. It even has a way of making it harder than it already is. It was hours and hours of fun. Each clan has its own advantages, disadvantages, and disadvantages that change the way the game is played.

Assuming I paid more than $ 40 for this game and all of its DCLs received $ 8 worth of DCL deductions, it was absolutely a steal! I'm glad to buy this game again and will buy its DLC even though I will not play it anywhere as often as I do on my computer.


 Kind of like the PC version of "Age of Empires"

The game is fun, I just hope it has a feedback button to submit bugs to the developers. Since the first day of the release, I had music issues, it became loud and then quiet, which was good, I expected errors. If you can mess up the graphics settings so that it doesn't consume your battery (very fast), that would be great.

I am still learning control and everything, but I have had a great time. I'm pretty sure when you start, the map looks small and you will question "What did I really buy?" When you let the scouts explore, the map will quickly become surprisingly large. The graphics are very good, run smoothly, inspire childhood memories, and value for money.

It's not that this is a fan game based on "Age of Empires" technically. This is different—especially there are so many ways to win, instead of just slaughtering everyone from the other clans. Really worth the money. Hope they let us have more participation in the development road or at least hint something in the update they released, if they really listen to the ideas/suggestions we put forward for them, it would be great-for example Something was overwhelmed.

Will play more in the future. Keep adding more motivation and can't come up with any ideas? You have an entire Apple user, make a button in the game, let us report bugs or ideas, etc. Very fun game.


 It really should be 4.5 stars, but they don't provide it

This game definitely deserves the most stars. Very beautifully done. My only complaint is that it is obviously some kind of port from Windows. When you click certain icons, it will show you a small mouse, you have to click the right button, I don’t know how to operate it on the iPad. It would be great if they made the game more friendly to the iPad. When I need to constantly switch back and forth, the button on the left is really inconvenient on my big iPad. For me, my only complaint is that it obviously comes from some kind of port of Windows. When you click certain icons, it will show you a small mouse, you have to click the right button, I don’t know how to operate it on the iPad. It would be great if they made the game more friendlyto the iPad. When I need to constantly switch back and forth, the button on the left is really inconvenient on my big iPad. A little redesign in the UI is huge for me, but other than that, it's so good, don't give it five stars.


 Not worth $8.99

If there is a better tutorial, this game will be very interesting. It plays like the Age of Empires, but there are problems with the gameplay. It seems that every time I have +food, +wood, etc., my civilians will be unhappy. So they will stop working. So if I have food,-wood, civilians will be very happy. Balancing the happiness and resources of civilians is extremely difficult. (For example, I have a "hunter hut" and "grain silo" with 2 civilians, and a "field" and silo with 2 civilians, but my food income is still negative because everyone It’s painful.) Also, if you receive a message that your civilians are unhappy or sick, it doesn’t explain how to make them feel better. Sometimes it will say things like "civilians want better housing", but nothing will happen after building a few houses, or "build more treatment huts" and nothing will happen when you do happen. Maybe it should be difficult, but sometimes I don't know how to keep my happiness and resources at all. I was frustrated. I paid for this game because it looked interesting, but it was frustrating to play in the end. Maybe don't let loyal players pay for something before they have a chance to try. It is not an army that blindly mass-produces more RTS than your enemy. This really makes you think a few steps ahead. Things happen randomly, which may undermine the best plan. This is sometimes frustrating and I am still learning the game. It is difficult to understand the victory points to win the game, but it is not impossible. I look forward to learning as I play more and more. I bought all the tribes, hoping that they all play different games. So far, all the tribes I have tried have done this, which increases the ability to replay the game. I started to encounter sound issues on my copy of the game, thinking it was my device iPad mini, so I started deleting the app, thinking it might help, because you might say that I am not very tech-savvy. In any case, this did not help, and the sound continued to get worse. But the game is still playing very well, I like it very much, so I don’t know if it’s the game or my device, so I won’t let it affect my 5-star review great game.


 Great game, bad iOS port

For those who don’t know, Northgard can be used on PC via Steam, and I strongly recommend playing it there because the game has some problems with poor optimization for mobile devices. The gameplay is fun and provides a certain degree of replayability in different clans.

The problem is that there are some things I cannot recommend the iOS version. First of all, the game is very lagging after playing for about 15 minutes. The frame rate will drop and will never recover, especially if you receive a call or text message during the game. In addition, there is a weird bug that the game will cause the phone to dim after a minute as if it were going to sleep, even if it would never sleep. This makes it more difficult to see the already small elves. Finally, games often cause the phone to heat up, and it will definitely consume a lot of battery power during the game.

In general, I don’t recommend iOS, it’s really worth buying it on Steam because the mobile version is even more frustrating when other interesting games perform poorly.

 Good but bad tutorial

This game is a perfect example of how mobile platforms should be developed and monetized. Since the core game has a lot of content and a lot of participation in the complete experience, the extra package is worth it for anyone playing PC games. Northgard has an excellent user interface for mobile phones and iPods, engaging gameplay, and countless hours of valuable variants to keep players engaged. Buy it once, instead of being forced to "$0.99" continue to purchase it provides a higher level of fun and impressively beautiful visual effects. Finally, a mobile RTS game, will not make players confused, nor will you wait hours for new buildings or character development.

Great game, once you figure out how to play by yourself, the tutorial covers everything, for example, you can’t walk through the land you haven’t cleared. Level 2 You have them to save some people, but I don’t know I’m trying to save them Before clearing the previous enemies or in level 3, for example, I have to find it, it will not tell you to determine the range of the land owned by the enemy, you have to upgrade the scout building and some other small things, but the tutorial can use some work.

 for me, I think This is my first review of 15 years of playing IOS games. I love this game! Depth, complexity, replay value, spectacular battles! However, this is an important and long-lasting issue; I was running on an iPhone 8, and after starting at any point during this time, the game crashed randomly between 5 and 20 minutes.

As far as I know, this is a calorie-related problem, because even with minimal graphics, it is a very resource-intensive game. However, after playing for 5 to 20 minutes (the physical phone is only slightly bent than usual), the game always freezes. I have had some success in saving game time every 2 minutes; this seems to delay the crash. Also, sometimes it will close when you save, which will delete the entire file you saved from the device instead of saving it properly.

 finally, I want to say I like the difference between this game and the tribe. However, when I tried to scroll the map or select other content, I often found myself clicking on the content I didn't intend to click on.

Secondly, there is no multiplayer game in the mobile version, which is a bummer.

I hope they can solve these problems and bring justice to this great game, and then I will give it more stars.

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