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Very Little Nightmares

I love this game and it's mechanical but you can not do it any longer? I finished it in three hours, which was very short, and it was amazing that it was a curtain of two nightmares, a conference, but you can make it less complicated? What if you could create a second like this? But longer than that, the sequel goes to the first game and has nothing to do with it, with no six monotonous or girls in the yellow raincoats, but including the women at the cafe who died on the floor Second game and some new enemies. ? But that's not what this review is for, so it's too short for 6.99 make it a burden or free and I would be satisfied but since it is not possible because you need to make money I will give Give this 3 stars.

I also recommend this game to my friend, I really like this game! But the constant touch to get everywhere is annoying. More than once, the game decided I did not double-tap when I decided I clicked on a completely different section and decided I did not touch anything. Needless to say, walking on the streets was rough and sometimes made the characters run in circles ... and on the big slide show stage in the piano room, the characters decided that she could always walk in the air on the streets. To the bottom and stuck ... have to restart the whole level. Definitely worth a replay, however, I hardly have Jack in the box. I may refuse to play until at least the upgrade though.


FAR: Lone Sails

I love it! I can not promise that you will love it as much as I do, but I can tell you what I like. I love games that create an atmosphere that captivates and relaxes me. This game really did that. The graphics are great and the scenery is beautifully done. The music is FANTASTIC and it gives an adventure or an interesting spirit to the game depending on where you are. Things are not clear by distance, so you can still have some emotional connection with it. The gameplay is simple and not particularly challenging, which I enjoy because it allows you to focus on the world in the game rather than the mechanics of the game. However, the experience of learning how to operate your small boat on your own is still a fun and inspiring one. Motion control can be a little dishonest at times, but other than that, this is a great game for me :) Great job for everyone involved.


Survivalcraft 2

I love Survivalcraft. I have been playing this game for many years and with every update, it gets better. This game is the only game that has not been deleted from my phone since I downloaded the original version a few years ago. Of course, there are some bugs (which are few and far between and almost unnoticeable and unobstructed at all) and there are some features that are desirable but no doubt the update will make this game Better. . The graphics of this game are beautiful, simple and the gameplay is really attractive. There is no application of similar substances even coming close. Survival just knocks it out of the park. Is it worth it? Absolutely. You will not regret buying this app. It's definitely one of the best in the App Store.


Worse Than Death

This game is definitely worth it for a handful of little Loonies that it is worth. This story is really fun to follow and keeps me engaged. There was no opening of the site - just a horrible horror. Puzzles are not as difficult as stress can be, but they are still challenging enough to be worth the effort. The character design and aesthetics fit perfectly with the story. If I have to complain what this wolf is a little boring but it is a little fun and you will finally learn the strategy that works (Holly's face when she was caught was amazing!). The app is cheap, so just buy it and enjoy the night enjoying headphones in the dark. If it wasn’t your jam, you just lost a cup of coffee. Me? I wore a stupid smile from the opening scene to the end (amazing).


Dandara Trials of Fear Edition

A Stunning, Vibrant Original!

Dandara is very much inspired by the many ancient antiquities that created the formulas and ideas we have today! Side scroll type can get old, lack originality. But the way the game was created by navigating and setting the platform, it's out of focus on beating the "boss" so to speak to progress. Although there are many bosses that are beautifully formed with difficulty. Speaking of difficulties, the skilled hat on this game is demanding but fair. I never felt that I could not overcome the obstacles that were placed in front of me. Mechanically speaking, the feeling of jumping from wall to wall is really satisfying. It feels really good. I felt like I was shooting a rubber band across the room with this amazing jump. Makes me feel like a hero! The only complaint I have is the fight against the firing mechanism. I do not like that I have to think about my injections. Although it does not add a layer of difficulty that is cohesive with the game. Finally, the world-building and the common vibration is Brazil! The world is the beauty of the eye and the charm. It is clearly inspired by games like "The Legend of Zelda", "Metroid", and can be said like "Mega Man". All in all, even if it is personal magic art.


Five Nights at Freddy's

This is one of the best 5-night games in Freddie. And the fact that it is released on the phone means that more and more people can access this great game! I love this game and it still scares me! But there are some things that need to be squeezed out. First of all, there are some aspects of the game. 5 Nights at Freddy 3 Levels is a stumbling block and it's the whole thing, but one of the most frustrating things about sports is the fact that ..... the collisions are 100 percent! I do not mean that this game can notbe played, but I would be punished if these broken touch controllers did not prevent me from overcoming Freddy's parts and service levels. There are parts in that level, especially that touch control is pushing to play with. I lost every round I tried on that level because it dropped the music box even when I threw it away! Every time I try to level when I hit a child, throw something in the trash or throw music on the table, it will drop things instead, which leads to Freddy killing me. I can not go overboard because of this. But overall, the game just needs some extra content and MAJOR updates to control the touch. All in all, it was a great game and I highly recommend it for five nights at Freddy's fans.


Iyan 3D - 3D Animation tool 

I got this program when it was early and it was great and I like I should get this program again and see if it stays the same and more. But it turns out you have to have a computer. Mines are being repaired due to specific issues. So I would love it if you would update.


ibis Paint

This is a great drawing tool, the best features are definitely worth it too! There are many pens and filters to make great paintings, and in the online gallery, you can post paintings and get feedback from other artists! They give you a history that you can use and edit, and you can import photos for reference. Probably the best part of ibis paint is that after painting something you can press the play button and it shows you a fast-forwarding video clip of the process of how you created it! So everyone knows you drew it. If you post in an online gallery, there are also video clips so no one can steal the art. I highly recommend using this app, it is really fun to use and the special feature is about $ 3 per month and you can cancel the subscription at any time.


Bad North Jotunn Edition

This game is one of my favorite games because of its simple and strong art style survival game. I love the level design and evolution of the enemy type. I downloaded this game knowing full well that it had its flaws because I wanted to give it the chance it deserves. It's a great game! It needs repair now. To point out some of the bugs I found, one was the inability to load into one of my saved campaigns, and the other was the normal shade of the island when it loaded, somewhat easier. Another error that frightened me was the sudden crash that occurred when I turned on the upgrade screen as well as the map screen. I need a repair and I need it now. Again, I love games! Please complete my request with the update.


Level head  Platformer Maker

Everything is great except for one thing. The controls need a bit of optimization. You can expand the button size, but you can notchange the position using other buttons. Like what if I want to have a movement on the side of the screen or the power button on the top grab and jump.



This is really cool. If you are looking to surprise and amaze your friends with minimal effort, look no further - Loom is unique and amazing. Definitely, the kind of app that will push you in a weird direction. I really enjoy the interface and I want to use it in a very bad project but ... I need better FPS management. Especially now I need 7 and 14 FPS options (I am a BBMP matching musician). I want to have all the integers up to a point, and maybe even 32 frames per layer, so I can make the 32nd record. Guys, seriously, this app feels like an order for my synthesis. Just a little flexibility. I want to give five bad stars. Maybe just an “advanced” mode where you can turn on and off in the settings can be used to implement a few more options while avoiding additional collisions for those who just want toys. However, I think this program is doing something interesting and it can also be useful to you depending on the context. Leave your fingers to me.


RazorCam Pro Video Camera

The RazorCam Pro is a powerful 16: 9 touchscreen video camera with all the features needed to produce professional video content quickly. Capture high-speed video in both landscape and portrait mode on the iPhone 5s and 6/6 and combine scenes without the need for an editor.

I purchased this app for the onion skin function that is advertised in the description, intentionally using it to make more fluid transitions between video recordings. This feature does not exist or does not work. There is no focus lock function discussed in the description. There is no gallery for you to save the draft video to continue working later, and the screen capture/recording itself is less than one-third of the entire phone screen, making it difficult to see what you are recording. It is clear that the software has not been updated in years since the issues raised in previous reviews regarding the inability to record for free remain a problem. This program is a waste of your time and money. If you want a camcorder that is really worth it, This is the most amazing app I have ever downloaded. I can't say enough good things about it. It's the best camera app ever. I recommend you look elsewhere.

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