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Case Animatronics

 Animatronics is a truly scary and challenging first-person stealth horror game. The control of the police department is in the hands of anonymous hackers. All exits are locked. The power is turned off. Metal banging closer and closer. Can you survive, Detective Bishop?

Welcome to the police station, where being late for work can have tragic consequences. You are John Bishop, an overworked detective, tirelessly investigating into the night. A strange phone call from an old friend wakes you up from another intermittent rest and nightmare, turning your whole world upside down.

Your police station has been disconnected from the grid. The security system has been hacked. All exits are locked. But this is not the real problem.

 Someone, something, is following you. Red eyes gleamed in the dark corner, and the ever-changing and clanging metal sound echoed in the once-safe hall. You only know that they are animatronics, but some unknown and terrifying things are pushing them. Figure out what happened, get through the night, and find the person who caused this madness.

This is actually an amazing FNAF Fangame. Very good, especially for mobile ports. It's difficult, but I really like it. I hope you will update a graph that is only slightly better. When I first started playing, I said: "This is too sweet!" But then I watched a PC version of the video. In comparison, I think there must be room for improvement. In general, I like this game, and I really hope you can release your second game on Mobile.

My friend and I like this game. We like how to make our own ghosts with custom sounds and different game modes, but I think this game may be more than that. I have some suggestions to make this game more interesting. I hope the ghost can open the door, but Charlie shouldn't be teleported directly into the room. If you enter a room and the ghost is in your sight, the ghost can chase you into a room. I think another thing that this game may have is an online multiplayer game, where one player may be a ghost and the other is a normal person. This can be great so that people can play with their friends. The AI improvement I want to see is hearing. If you play the piano in the room to the left of the starting room, the ghost can hear it and come to the main floor to check. I think if you add these features, the game will be more interesting and enjoyable than it is now.


Specimen Zero

You wake up in a strange place, the last thing you remember is being kidnapped. But something happened in that strange place, some unusual things...some dangerous things. You must find a way to escape. Because here, you will only find death.

Explore a huge dark area: secret buildings, horror hospitals, mysterious laboratories, and creepy rooms, all of which make people get goosebumps.

Solve puzzles and search, collect and use items to escape that terrifying place and terrible monsters.

Don't make a loud noise, be careful, because monsters may see or hear you! It will kill all those who stand in the way!

Escape with your friends in the online multiplayer mode!

If you like scary adventure escape experience-zero samples-multiplayer horror game is for you!

This is not grandma. This is not suitable for children.

I like horror games, this is one of my favorite games, but I don’t like the fact that ghosts sometimes malfunction and throw things and catch you! In addition, when I used to play this on the iPad, I had unlocked the hospital map, and whenever I went to use the hospital map, it wouldn't let me, it would just let me quit the whole damn game! ! So I had to start using my phone again to get the map of the hospital! ! What I like about this game is that there is a novice mode and a nightmare mode! They also added a new creation ghost, I like it, I have been using it, I put an ugly photo of my sister's face on Klaus, and made ugly sounds, it's funny! ! Since the original ghost came out before Krause, I have been playing with eyes, let me tell you when they replace that ghost with Krause without a body, this is a pretty big update for eye fans! ! So yes, this game is expected to add a multiplayer mode, where some people are monsters, and then others are robbers! This way you can connect to other people's devices, so you can play together! ! In addition, please add more maps and monsters, I am trying to be a good boy, but hope that there will be more monsters to choose from in the future! ! The last thing this game has too many additions, it makes the game not so scary. Please exit the addition because if you want us to buy one, you can delete something that is just the bull’s addition. I also recommend this game to my brother and he said, This game is great and definitely one of the best horror games on mobile. The only thing I hate is the constant advertising. It destroys the player's experience. There is another problem. When I turn off WiFi to avoid ads, you will pop up a pop-up window telling me to turn on WiFi. Are you joking? I really like this game, but if I am often bombarded by ads or the box in the middle of the screen, telling me to turn on the WiFi so that I can watch more ads, I cannot play it. I don’t care if you leave an ad, I can turn off my WiFi for those, just delete the thing that tells me to turn on my WiFi, or at least let it happen once at the beginning of the level. I am a YouTube user and this is one of my favorite recorded games, but to be honest, it was okay a few years ago, when there was only one ghost and no ads. Thank you for reading my suggestion (if you are reading it), I hope you take into account one thing almost everyone is saying.

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