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now let see the user review this game I bought this game so I could play with my son and wife by pairing their heads. Most of the writing, writing, and playing style are taken into consideration. Unfortunately, making friends and playing friends function is completely broken, so we can only play one player. This is a huge disappointment after investing a lot of time. The game has a lot of awkward bugs that make it frustrating. In addition to the possible freezes in battle, there are more practical and simple problems. For example, the Cyborg radical I use as my player is not considered a Tartus member or a member of the Justice League, but other Cypriot - and other Radar Titts are considered Titans. It's a kind of annoying mistake because it changes the playing experience. My wife is Raven and she always gets a lot of bonuses in combat but my players are really flawed. Other issues related to quests like My Power in Metulis do not show stars and most do not respond. The game will be a five-star if it does well in testing its flaws. I especially like writing and voice acting. It's what makes this program amazing, so the technical issues are remarkably frustrating. now let move to another user he said Before I get into it, I think the dev team added a button that allows you to proceed to another history after you beat the game instead of restarting it. (There should be the last fight where you use 15 figs (3 from each movie) in a giant game against (plot) THE CREATOR OF TEENY TITANS !!!!! Now I will let you read Also, please note that I'm still finishing the game and those things are not big. That's why I still give 5 stars.

There are a lot of bugs so I will list what I got. The first fight will not end unless you restart it. Freeze I accidentally got one while I was beating the bats. Can't type it again for long. Certain routes do not allow me to get there, even if I am allowed to. The Martian Manhunters game erupted in the Battle of the Martian Princess, with some magnifying glasses doing nothing day and night and it did not allow me to go into the movie to find the "master" until I collected the dog 20, not 10, even though I press the give button to go on missions every time. (I made sure it was not another mission I gave 10 others). And the item that you have to give 1.5K coins to Princess Samaran to get (objects made from healing lamps) does not happen. No heart comes out and it does not give you a bonus. But okay, it's a decently new game and still great.

finally, I think This game feels too short compared to the first game where I type and collect all the figures. I won my first match in a week, I won this one and had all the numbers I could find in less than two days. There was so much wrong with me, it felt like they pushed it away without a full trial. The gameplay doesn't change much from what I don't like because I really enjoy the game. By far the most annoying problem I have had is that there is a figure that I have lost and I can not find it anywhere (I have finished all the games and missions and inspected every store in every Location). I sent two messages in support of the app, and I still do not receive the same response as a user, considering that this is not a small home-based app that is frustrating. One of the biggest problems for me was that it felt like they were focusing on numbers (I know it was almost 20 times more than the first number) because most of them were reused from the first number and they did not. Change everything of their power. I think in summary it feels more like an extension than any other game.



Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go

I really enjoyed the game and after I overcame the fabric-like fabric, I continued to enjoy collecting all the figs. I want to see more of this game like more missions, more games, and more wolves like batman, Officer Gordon, Fire Star Queen, Raven, Elder Titus, Raw Ghost Titans, Serious Titans, Pain / Sick Catch bots, bordering, loneliness, Jeff, Titus team members, Titanic robots, Rolling robins, Night of the Rising Titans, Rocket Rockets, Demons, Rabbits, Beans, Jelly King, Glasses, Other Robots (Tim, Elephant, Venice, etc.) Red Cloth, Queen of England, Rose Robot / Death Body Builder, Baby Room, Trenton, Hot Pepper, Red Roll, Justice League Members, Nebras, Roots of Legs Members, Big Legs, Parademons, Body Cyborgs, More Characters, Sofa Spirit, Gym Spirit, Team Crazy Man, Super Robot, Red Tornado, Strange Control, Wildfire, Cyborg Soldier, Raven Raven, Human Shield Boy (Good Defense), At Titus Armor Titans Santa II Block Sister Plasma Robot Beautiful Brain Project Brian, Robot Robot, Night Brain Start, Beast Bees, bears, baby donkeys, gold prints of Titanic and sticky gold hive and more I want to see these things soon.

now let move to my friend review about this game, I think this game is great, but the figs that I expect the Roots of Justice League, Justice League, Justice League, Laughter Stomach, Stage 4, Anger, Titus Tité, mouse stories like Rapunzel Pinocchio, Benjamin Franklin, Ghost, Titanic, all the bad hippies. . Dragon Printing, Wrestling, Tannins, Cowboys, Eagles, Titan, Robots, Titans, Butterflies, Deaths, Swords, Plasma Miles, Crazy Mice, Brains, Everest Brains, Monsters, Pets, Bopha Robins to experiment with his four different birds. The five crows that roar, the brains, the robots, the guards, the defense, the defenses, the Titans, the seriousness of the adolescents, the Titans, the men, and the strong men, and the leprechaun Titans, those are the pumpkins I think need more You also need to add more missions or things, so there are more things to do, like Taman or Gram or something I know, it's not easy to make them and think about them, but those are the things. I was expecting and not there, but the game was so short I hit it fast and I do not think it's worth 3.99 if it was short I just hope the update on The next time I get my suggestion, I really want to see my pumpkin in the game. and some users review this game, I have 20 level fighters like my favorite. Bawana, but I like to go and collect new figs, I can see they are waiting for the main characters in the series, but it's BEEN LONG ENOUGH, its latest update brings new characters as Lots but should expand on the young justice and they should add Martian men. The hunter-gatherer, is a man, and there is an episode in the belt of justice, first, there is an alternate universe and an alternative version of justice (thief), they are dreamed of by a child who is given special powers by radiation War and there, no one else on earth, the true American Justice Guild, was killed in the war. It's one of my favorite episodes, it made me start writing my own, if it's great to add a fair league from that episode, they even have action figures that I collected because it's I like the most. Great to see American Justice Jurisdiction, so please update this game! Now you know you really want to do it now.

finally, for me, I think This is one of my favorite mobile games and I play it all the time. I am currently working on making every man and improving them to level 20. However, I think you should add more men, more stories, more places, more quests. Etc. If you look at other reviews, there are many ideas for new things you can add. I think it would be really cool if you add more multiplayer mode that you can play with teammates. To add to it, I always wanted to play my friends (and destroy them) in this game. The kind of thing that has a lot of players can be what I try to say. However, thanks to the creation of this game, Cartoon Network is my favorite TV channel. 


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