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Youtubers Life - Fashion

Youtubers Life is the best-selling Sims/Tycoon video game on iOS. By editing videos, expanding the number of fans, and making yourself a wealthy person, become the world's greatest content creator in history. With the new fashion channel, you can now interact with your audience in a fun and new way. Experience how cool it is to be a top model, every aspect of Taylor's personal life, or design your own clothes. How long will it take you to be on the cover of the most important fashion magazine?

Buy and design your own clothing 

You have to combine different styles and colors, always keeping in mind how they fit the time of year! Clothes will be defined according to style, color, season, and brand, so you can show your unique taste to the entire planet.

Participate in fashion events and become celebrities

If you want to be on the cover of a fashion magazine, please dress appropriately! But don’t forget that you’re here for work: interview celebrities and record video blogs to show your fans that you’re participating in that super trendy event.

Become the next top model

Pick the best outfits in this fun mini-game and share the runway with the world's top models! Convince the world’s top brands that you are fit to showcase their latest designs on the runway while becoming richer and increasing your subscribers.

Youtubers Life is the ultimate Sims/Tycoon video game. Become the world's greatest gaming video blogger in history by editing videos, expanding the number of fans/subscribers, and turning yourself into a billionaire. Create your character-customize as you want, with thousands of hilarious combinations-and start your first broadcast in the comfort of your parents' room where you grew up. Record game sessions, buy new and classic game consoles, follow daily tasks, and socialize while dealing with fans, friends, family, and time management to increase your visibility!

Make the best game video 

Editing your own videos has never been so immersive! Follow the entire process from A to Z and publish your broadcast on the Internet! Buy your favorite games online, deliver them to your door, and start recording your gameplay. Improve your videos as you become the greatest video blogger of all time!

Experience the real Youtuber life! 

Becoming a video blogger is more than just recording videos and getting as many views as possible-you also need to calm down and have some fun in your daily life! Go to the cinema to watch the latest movies, participate in demos of new games, relax in a club, or party on a luxury yacht! Meet new people and discover your significant other, while you are still thinking about the next broadcast when you get home.


Become a famous celebrity

The more viewers you reach, the more popular you are! As you become a more popular celebrity on social media, more VIPs will be interested in meeting you in person. Important high-tech and gaming brands will contact you, and you will eventually meet other famous YouTubers. Your fans will do their best to get your signature!

Become a famous gamer of the game channel! 

Record gameplay, reviews, crash games, walkthroughs... Collect all consoles of all generations and play your favorite games.

It is everyone's dream to become a famous creator! In YoutubersLife, you will learn what it's like to be a star! Learn about the daily life of the famous Youtuber in this simulation game! What is the theme of your channel?

In this simulator, you will have to manage your time to handle your daily duties and upload weekly content to the channel. In the beginning, it is difficult to get fans, but the more videos you upload, the more they will be! Don't be influenced by the comments of haters, become a popular YouTuber and live a luxurious life!

Before building a video channel, you must create your own avatar. First, make a decision among various hats, hairstyles, and shirts, make your avatar a victim of fashion and dress them up with the most modern clothes. But be careful, manage your money well, and don't make unnecessary purchases, because every coin saved will bring you closer to your goal: to become a millionaire!

Developing channels is not easy, so please manage your funds properly and don’t be unable to shop because of insufficient resources. If you follow any video blog, maybe you can learn some tips from him to increase your fans. Make yourself the most popular video blogger, but... are you ready to accept all kinds of comments?

Youtubers Life is an emulator that will teach you how to become a social media star and live a life like Jacksepticeye! Becoming a star is easy, but the responsibility of being an influencer is difficult. Manage your time and money, don’t stop developing your channel, or you may lose some subscribers. You should go shopping from time to time to update your wardrobe.

for me, I have bought this a long time ago, and after playing for a while, I have made a lot of progress. This is a very interesting game, but there are many errors. It will continue to crash and lag. Once it crashed, I restarted the game and couldn't "continue", I could only choose to start a "new game". So I stopped playing and deleted it.

   Now, recently it has received more updates, fixed bugs, and better optimized new devices. I decided to start a new game again. I played for more than three hours and the game was smoother without crashing. I took a break, but when I came back, my game disappeared and the only option was to start the "new game" again! I finished this game! Pay 9 dollars for a game that can't even save progress! I have free games, games I bought for 1 to 2 dollars, even beta games, they are more stable and run better than this! Since the AppStore launched, developers have had enough time to solve major problems, especially at the price everyone pays. This game should have a test version of TestFlight before it is released on the AppStore. 9 USD is all the excitement of a complete blackmail game.


  Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Three new playable countries and a series of new features make "Football Manager 2020 Mobile" the most exciting international product to date.

Leave your mark on the exciting games of FM20 Mobile, this is the fastest way to achieve the greatness of football.

Feel the buzz when you effortlessly create the perfect squad and tactical setup and be sure to pick up silverware anytime, anywhere. With more than 60 leagues from 24 top football countries, will you choose to venture abroad with one of the football powers or challenge domestic success?

The best players in the world and generations of prodigies are in your pocket. Buy wisely and develop their skills on the training ground.

When your pre-match preparations are complete, take a place in the top-down digital air-raid shelter and watch your tactical vision become a reality.

No mobile game can bring you closer to managing the world’s top clubs, and new features will elevate FM20 Mobile to an unprecedented level.

New products of this season

Three fresh countries

In our most international product to date, take your skills to more destinations, such as Mexico, Argentina, and the fully licensed Canadian Premier League debut.

Tactical overhaul

Creating winning ideas on the tactical board has never been easier. The new tactical template allows you to play in a stylish way, while new player roles and improved set-piece options will enhance your performance.

Improved dynamics

Our reimagined dynamic system will help you gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between team levels and players, thereby creating perfect team harmony. Now, with the new club captain, there is a more direct connection between you and the locker room. Choose your leader wisely and give your team an advantage on match day.

Let your voice be heard

Use new methods to motivate your players to gain an advantage in key games, and then navigate to the top of the game in the media circus. But remember, everything you say affects the harmony of the dressing room... You will also benefit from an improved UI that further highlights player feedback.

Set up a feeder club

By establishing your own feeder club, you can ensure your best prospects for the regular first-team actions they need to maximize youth development. Check their progress throughout the season and see how close they are to making a difference after returning.

Pre-season preparation

The long-awaited new member of the mobile series, you can now control your team's pre-season preparations by arranging the friendly matches you want. Bring the best to your turf and see if your squad is capable.

Simply the best

Value for money! For the past 15 years or so, I have been playing football manager (everyone has been owned since 2007-plus the champion manager of the previous 3 or 4 years) so I know exactly what will happen, but it’s not yet my turn I bought one this year because my laptop is broken and I haven't had time to replace it! Decided that I need my repair so I purchased this and I have been fascinated. I spend about an hour playing it on my way to and from get off work. It is very easy to use. Unlike some other football game apps, the tactics are actually related to your performance on the pitch, which is exactly what I need. I can play my football style, and the result is realistic (even if some transfer bids are not accidental, such as receiving a bid of £8 million, a player asking for £26 million wants to leave or has been included in the transfer list) . It is so fast and easy to use that I easily spent about 5 seasons in 10 days (more than 24 hours of game time, I unlocked that achievement). To be honest, the application is excellent.

Very good but can be buggy 

Very interesting game, absolutely obsessed with it in the past few days, but some mistakes will only be frustrating. I have looked for a player too many times. This player is very interested in joining and seems to want to leave his club. Then I bought him and didn’t even let me offer a contract because he was suddenly happy with his club and was not interested. Join my club.

     Another time I tried to buy a player with a ridiculous club asking price. I ended the negotiation and went back. The bid was less than 1% of the club’s last asking price, and they immediately accepted it. These things really make the game fun.

     Nevertheless, it is still an excellent iPhone game, and I find myself telling people that the player I found or the winner of a crazy game where my player scored at the last minute cannot recommend it.

Excellent but...

Great game, love it, very playable, and happily waste a few hours at a time. I have been playing all versions of this game since the 1990s, starting with the previous version (Champion Manager).

    I really like the tactical additions in this version, adding more details, not too much/complicated.

    However, this version has the same problems as all previous "mobile" versions, and incredibly frustrating and incredible problems are still occurring. No matter how good your team is, how strong your team is, how good your state is, after you "save and close" and "load" your saved game, your state and performance level will almost always drop sharply. I can recall dozens of examples. Even in an invincible season I experienced, I have won more than 30 games in a row and lost to the bottom of the league/division in the next three games. It's like what really formed the "key" is not saved, you have to rebuild it from scratch. very bothersome.

 so finally I want to recommend this app to everyone.

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