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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Hav


This happens at a privileged government-sponsored school known as Hope's Peak, where the most talented high school students in various fields receive an elite education.

An extraordinary protagonist, McTonagi, is accepted into the academy, which holds the "hope" of the nation's future.

He was selected by drawing lots from all the regular students to join this school as the "Last Lucky Student".

On the day of the ceremony, MacDoto lost consciousness in front of the entrance hall and entered what looked like the inside of the academy, completely closed to the outside world. Suddenly he lost consciousness and came to what looked like the inside of the academy.

Feelings of excitement are far removed from the so-called "mountain hope". Dirty corridors, windows, barricades, and a prison-like atmosphere ... something went wrong.

In the entrance hall, a ferocious bear claiming to be the commander tells the students that they will live in the commune hall until the day they die and that they must kill someone if they want to leave.

Including Mato, there are 15 outstanding students from all over the world trapped in this school of despair.

One thing after another crushes their hopes. Incidents that erode their credibility The sad and mysterious head of the mastermind.

Game Features

Action Fast cutting action

Determine the facts of each incident, based on the evidence and evidence gathered during your investigation. Use what you have learned in a speed test class to shoot opponent statements.

2.5D animation graphics

Today's unique atmosphere is created by combining 2D images of characters and objects in a 3D environment.

These new 2.5D motion graphics are created using unique motion techniques and camera work.

Optim optimizes for smartphone management

3D map animation controls and user interface have been changed!

The map jump function has been improved with various adjustments, making the gameplay smoother.

_New standard for mobile ports

This port is really great, I had a blast playing it and still playing with more content. Definitely worth the money and a great way for anyone interested in Danan pa to get into the series. The only nitpick I have is that there are two common bugs: unable to turn on your camera while running and sometimes unable to call. The latter is not a problem, because you just press another button and it will come back, but the camera problem, you have to exit the program and come back, it hurts a lot. However, now that I have mentioned some of the mistakes I have made, I can confidently say that this is what the mobile port should strive to do. The controls are made for mobile and no content is taken from HDSP and PSS devices, something that is rare in mobile ports. Just getting this game, I promise you will be impacted by your spending.

_Collection of errors

I got it for my birthday and it was amazing! My only complaint is that it takes a few hours to download. But it does not matter because it is not the fault of the game. If I could give 100 stars, I would. BTB is a bit difficult. But this is a great game and I do not understand why anyone would give the following 4 stars! :) Edit: So I'm a bit far from the game and I have a lot of problems. First of all, in Chapter 6 there is a light that helps to propel everything up. And I’m not just talking about conversations. I'm talking about everything you do. And there is no way to fix this in the game. You have to live with it. Also, the elements of the bunch just stick out. As in Chapter 6, chicken coops and other items are missing from the game. Again, there is no way to fix this. You have to live with it. And I do not know what to investigate. There is no way to solve it without finding it. And I started to notice that the game was consuming my battery very quickly. And it's annoying to charge my phone every 5 minutes causing the game to run out of battery. I hope these things are fixed soon and I can change this review to 5 stars. But so far the competition is solid three.

_What is happening with the game!

I want to play Danganronpa for a while but it is more expensive than ps4 and at the time of sale I have no budget. So I saw it on a tablet and I bought it. I was excited to play it, it showed a slightly similar logo and then a short loading screen that was good until the title. When the title screen is displayed, it still splits for two seconds and crashes. I open the game again, the same thing. So I restarted my device, it seemed better because the animation was at a higher level but in the title screen the same thing happened. Many times sometimes the title screen will last for a few more seconds, I think it is fixed so I touched the screen to start it but it did not respond to it and the game crashed. Maybe my device is not compatible with the game? It should show that because other games that are not right will not download at all.


It's a really good game. But the reason I did the review was to answer one of the bad questions. Most people have complained that the game continues to crash and fix it. The thing is, if you are using a slightly outdated device like an iPhone 6 or another outdated item, it makes sense for it to crash. Danganronpa is a game with long life, and creating a long game requires a lot of data and processing power, it is not the fault of the developer that your device can withstand the data and power from the game has no way to Resolved unless you get it. Newer tools. And I know the real cause of it on my iPad it also crashes and I also have iPad air. It is a bit outdated and it can not control the power, process, and data from the application. And for people who are saying that the sound does not work, turn on your ringtone.


Danganronpa 2


Blue skies, white clouds, bright sea, and sand.

Peak Academy students arrive at a tropical resort area called Jabberwock Island but are trapped by the principal's scheme in exchange for escaping the island. Students are forced to gamble and find the killer. Pass the class test. Play through fast-paced and fast-paced class tests by gathering testimonials and proofs during investigations and using them as bullets to shoot your opponent's opposing statements.

_More amazing port games

I'm really happy that I was finally able to play Daganronpa on my mobile device before I could not play games on anything else. I got it today, day 1, but I want to wait for the review until I get deep in the game in case I run into a game-breaker or the bugs there are fixed (like the music does not work). (Playing during the comeback) Anything is not, and now I am on my way into the game (half of Chapter 3 as of the time I am writing this) I can say that this is my strong port. Watch the video game of the first chapter to compare and this is almost a 1: 1 port (obviously with low-quality images since it is on the phone) I was a little worried when I got about the crash and crash Slow because it was a problem for some people on other devices on the first game, but I think I do not need to worry much since my iPod Air 2 works fine without any issues (however it There is slowness and falling frame when I am walking between islands or loading large places). Keep it up in case anything goes down I give it a 9/10 and Chiaki is the best girl.

_A few problems, but otherwise it's great

I was so excited when I heard the Danganronpa series being released on mobile devices and I was playing both THH and SDR2 on my phone now. Both ports are very good. There are no games that crash or have any major issues. However, there are some minor issues that I have encountered. One is that sometimes after the number "100" appears in the conversation (occasionally others, but only in THH), the rest of the text in the conversation does not appear. I assume this is related to the use of percentage symbols, but I am not sure. The same thing happens when you pull an article log so you can not read what it says at all.

Another problem is with text logs. Occasionally the text will overlap (sometimes numbered? It's hard to read) and you may need to restart the game to check the text log again.

My last problem is that in SDR2 the map of Strawberry House will not appear on the screen when it should. Grand House maps are available, but Straw House is not. I have not found a way to solve this problem. It's not a big deal, but at first, it was confusing.

_favorite Danganronpa game by far

I am a big Danganronpa fan and I want to play it all the time but even I know I can not take my laptop or computer with me everywhere so when I got it it was running on the system IOS, Android, ect I was left I bought Danganronpa: 1 and Danganronpa: 2 I did not have a problem with the trigger, but when I first played Danganronpa: 2 there was a screen when the characters were introducing When Chapter 2 starts to find a game. Crashed completely and I did not save the game, so I had to start at the beginning of Chapter 2, but it was really easy to get back to me, I quickly forwarded the conversation that this game is a huge success for me. On iOS. 10 out of 10 can notwait for Danganronpa v3 kill harmony will come out on IOS.

_Beyond Expected

This game is really great. I love how the tournament took the time to bring it to its mobile phone for its 10th anniversary! The quality is beyond what I expect from a mobile device. I honestly thought it would be bad, but no! Frankly, I would pay $ 80 for this if it depends on how they make it for mobile if you want to buy this game and you like to solve mystery, murder and learn in-depth about characters and castes. Very good quality test! No problem at all I found! Sick 100% recommended! Keep it up, I look forward to playing it in the future on my mobile device.

_Overall really good, just a few minor issues

I really like the port where I can play games. There are a few small things I want to say.

In Chapter 6, when the screen does great things, the edges of the screen will not change, I think because the phone screen is bigger than the computer screen. And for the last relentless debate when you shoot future bullets, it does not allow me to re-aim, so I have to go through cycles like six times to finish it. Sometimes when appears appear as a word, random deviations appear for some reason. This error occurred only in the second chapter, for some reason in the debate of the music did not play, and when I finished the joke, the story that happened on the wrong screen, these places are just a small mistake That they do not ruin the game and I think this is a good port.

_Please fix the panic attack action

So far, the game has been great, I recharged my battery fast, but other than that, it's fine. I am now undergoing my first trial and experiencing my first panic attack. At first, I hurt myself by pressing a button on the beat, but suddenly it was so fast and fast that I missed dozens and missed. The next 3 hours of misses, I still have not finished. What am I doing wrong? Please make it easier .. even a little bit is okay. All I wanted was to finish it.

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