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   Experience a non-traditional but unforgettable story of love and hope in Inked.

Guide the rogue samurai known as the "unsung hero" and Aiko Aiko to travel around the world on paper. But be aware that you may soon find that everything you love is taken away, and you will have to embark on a journey of exploration full of puzzles to restore the things you care about.

Following your adventure is a mysterious artist who paints the world around you. Your stories are related to each other in more than one way, and the journey you are about to go through will change the two of you.

Inked invites you to experience:

-The beautiful and immersive world based entirely on ballpoint pen drawing

-A warm story about loss and hope

-Puzzles that make world control at your fingertips

-Emotional music score

  Beautiful masterpiece

As early as January, I pre-ordered the game based on its preview image. Although its release was temporarily delayed, so far, it is totally worth the wait. I have only completed a small part of the game, but I am completely in awe of its simple and stunning artwork, its exquisite and immersive storytelling, and its pleasing and peaceful soundtrack. Although I have only played for less than a day and only completed one or two chapters, I don't think my praise is too early or worth it. I'm not a person who reviews apps, let alone write a full review, but I feel that I must wholeheartedly encourage others to buy this fascinating and challenging-neither difficult to understand nor overly complicated- Narrative puzzle game. My suggestion-take a moment to play this game and thoroughly enjoy the details depicted by the artists in this blue ink world. Let yourself fall into this game that requires thought but encourages quietness, meditation, and relaxation. I would recommend this game to anyone of any age, whether young or not so young (such as myself) because it can immediately produce pleasant and extremely fascinating gameplay. Of course, I am eager and excited to play the rest of the game, to explore and discover everything this fascinating world has to offer, I cannot recommend this game to anyone and everyone.

I finished the whole game in two days and I like this story. I like that if I make a mistake, I can reload from the checkpoint. Some levels are a bit confusing, but after a few attempts, I passed. Hope there are in-game hints.

(Spoiler alert) Sometimes I think the artist is too cruel, forcing the protagonist to do cruel things to the animals. But in the end, the hero made the right choice and saved them. This game showcases valuable life lessons that all of us can use at some point in our lives. One day we may become like artists, but after all, we must be like heroes, do the right things, walk out of the tragedies that happened in the past, and embrace the future with love.

The concept was enough to convince me to book, but the way the puzzle elements fit into the world is completely unique. On mobile devices, this is a relaxed and immersive experience. This is worth your money. The game will not treat you like you don't know what you are doing. On the contrary, it respects you and produces a stylized narrative that allows you to participate.

This is one of those unique games that only appear every once in a while. If you are a fan of these story puzzle adventure games, then you must play this. This is a beautifully crafted game, a real work of art. Great developer. You really surpassed yourself. I would be happy to pay double the fee for the sequel. Thank you for this gem! ! ! ! The difficulty is just right, so you don’t even need to practice. Great and great games can't be praised too much. I have done a bad thing and now have to endure and wait for the next good game. 

I just finished playing and didn't give other people a spoiler. The ending made me a little bit dumbfounded. The artwork is simple, but breathtaking, and very original. This story will grab you immediately, affect your heartstrings, and will not let go even if the game is completed. These puzzles are challenging enough to make you think, but they won't drive you crazy.

Well done team. well done.

Also, I want to address any negative comments. It's not cool to give this great game and developer a star just because you are a little frustrated! The game is not difficult to understand, the tutorial is very thorough, and the main menu is easy to find. I really appreciate the humble menu (the little dot in the upper right corner), everything else will disappear from the artwork. At the risk of being *little* despicable, your IQ must be higher than 3 to figure it out, haha. If you are really angry and deliberately hurt the rating because *you* can't figure it out, this is not your game.


My Time at Portia

The popular 3D simulation RPG on PC can now be used on mobile devices! Inherit your father's studio and compete with the top builders in town in your own way! When you explore and discover hidden ruins, restore the glory of human civilization in this post-apocalyptic land. When you grow up to become an experienced builder, connect with NPCs and citizens, establish a circle of friends and romance!

The Portia civilization includes:

-A fully operational 3D studio

By collecting resources and assembling them into meaningful parts, enjoy the fun of building and developing a studio in this 3D open world. Automate your studio and expand your farm and house, and master more skills and technologies that will benefit your town. Don't forget, you can also develop animal husbandry. Riding a horse or even an alpaca is not an unattainable dream!

-Socialize and build a family

More than 50 interactive NPCs live in Portia. As soon as you land, you will meet some of them, and as you progress, you can establish further friendships and even romantic relationships with them. There are many social activities, including hot air balloon rides! After everything is ready, you can get married and have children and experience the joy of being a parent.

-Challenge battles and adventures in ancient civilizations

Hone your fighting skills and defeat monsters in the ruins of the post-apocalyptic world. At the same time, you will discover the truth about the former civilization buried in the ground.

 Almost perfect

Last winter, I found the essence of this game on Nintendo Eshop. I like every second of this game. However, the switch version lacks some elements of the pc version. I have a Mac, but I really don’t have enough cash to invest in a gaming computer. However, the mobile version has everything and looks great on my iPad Pro.

The only complaint is that if you want to use the controller, there will be some problems. You cannot use the controller to navigate project menus or advance NPC conversations. Of course, having said that, some things are much easier to use with a touch screen, such as placing parts on the assembly table with one click. If I can play it completely with the controller, it will get five stars.

exciting competition! Great price

I am so happy that I can play this game on my phone and I am addicted to it. I just want to ask the developers one thing...please add the sound of rain! Every time I play this game I look forward to the relaxing sound of rain... I am disappointed when it rains, but all I hear is background music. Please add this feature and it will become the best game on the App Store! ! It doesn’t matter whether this game has sound or not, it’s great, so thank you, I hope one day I can see the rain sound update.

 Cold construction/farm/killing game

If you have played a game like Stardew Valley and like it, this may be your specialty. It is much more forgiving than StardewValley, and it will progress as you perform tasks.

The touch controls are well placed and responsive. I hope there is controller support, but hopefully, they will add it in a future update. The only problem is that some items are very small, and my big finger usually clicks on the wrong item most of the time.

The game is smooth on my 12 Pro (preferably lol). I haven't encountered hiccups yet, and the frame rate is quite stable.

So far, the only weird thing I have found in the game is the dubbing. You can definitely hear that they might cut these costs, but this is only small and not something that will disrupt the game.

It is definitely a solid builder/agriculture/monster hunting game.

 Wishful thinking

I am very happy to see this title enter the App Store. Full enjoyment on Xbox hopes that this is equivalent in handheld devices. Unfortunately, this is where my optimism ends. The game will not load beyond the creation screen, it will just crash. Tried many times without success. Reset the tablet, but still to no avail. Save your money and frustration, skip this until they fix the error. Hope I can really play in the near future.

Update, I can finally create a screen through the character and load it into the main world, but now it crashes when I enter another area, such as the store and my character’s house. This game still couldn't be played for more than 3 minutes at a time, after which I was directed to the dashboard. Portia is my favorite game of all time. I can't wait to play it on my phone. But I have too many crashes. I haven't finished my first day and crashed at least 10 times. This is random, every time I try to enter the assembly station. I will patiently wait for the repair, and then I will definitely give a better review. I like QOL updates and pre-order gifts. Also very excited about sandstone. This is one of the games, and you will really get value for money through the gameplay and content you have. To my surprise, in addition to its simulation aspect, it also has some RPG elements, such as monster combat and skill point distribution. It is easy to learn and play, and although the loading screen takes a few seconds to load, it is not bad. It can also be played offline, so this alone is a good purchase for me. Looking forward to future updates! Congratulations on the game release. I found an error. When I completed the Dee Dee vehicle and brought it to the commerce guild for commission, my game was frozen as soon as I entered the room. I have restarted my phone and I have done it more than five times now, but it still freezes when I enter the guild. what should I do? I rate these five stars because it is a good game, but if my game keeps freezing, I cannot continue playing.

I have played this game on PC and I like it very much. Now I am happy that it can be played on mobile devices, so I can play it anywhere. Literally means hours of things to do. The graphics are great, and the dubbing is a new game since the last time I played and enhanced the game. Works well on Samsung Note20 People complain about the price, you get what you pay for, and it may be one of the most complicated mobile games currently available. No ads, no video rewards, or waiting for energy.

   In the end, everything is fine except for the graphics. I played the lowest graphics, so I can play the game smoothly. But there is a place that turns green for some reason, I actually recorded it, sometimes I think sometimes it just freezes for 1 second. Well, that's it. The game is generally good. I hope to solve the problem in a future update.

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