Affinity photos and affinity designers let’s talk about these. So these apps are actually port of excellent affinity productivity apps series’s that were only available on Mac OS and now it’s available on your iPad too. Both apps cost $30 if you buy it so it’s like $60 if you wanted to own both apps on your phone. Both apps support Apple Pencil . One app is used for 3D modelling while other app is a full fledge photo editior app. Both apps are developed and ported by affintiy inc and are one of the top tier editor apps that’s available right now giving you almost everything. So now let’s talk about some of the top features that available on these apps and you can find it on any other editor app that’s on mobile.

 Affinity Designers

So first let’s talk about affinity designers. Affinity designer cost $30 and is only available for iPad Os and Mac OS. This app is like blender for iOS where you can create and design 3D models colour it make awseom art works make text or just reshape small solid 3D cubes into something really awseome. One of the best feature of affinity designers on iPad is that it supports Apple pencils support that allows you to edit multiple corners of your model with pixel wide precision. With affinity designers you can make both 3D solid or 2D vector art now you don’t need to be on your computer or PC to do it. Just get an iPad with Apple Pencil and make vector art on go. You can make small simple animations with your vector art work too this app support animation with upto 120 FPS support on iPad Pro models. The new engine in which affinity designers now work on is optimised for iPad os so performance is buttery smooth when you try to do graphics designing on go. This app is only supported on iPad models having more than 2GB of ram this app is not supported on very older iPad models but it’s still good. Some old iPad like iPad Air 2 can still be used for this app smoothly . Only iPad Pro models having 120 Hz refresh rate screen can do 120 FPS animation and import at 120 FPS quality for all other iPad models only 60 FPS import is possible. Overall this Is a very good vector app on iOS.

Affinity photo

Affintiy photo is anther photo editor app that is available on iOS. I have to say this one as a full fledge photo editor as you may see most of the photo editor apps that’ share same name as it’s PC counter parts are actually tier down version of main apps but not this time this is going to happen anymore it’s literally the full Affintiy photo experience that you get on computer your are going to get this on your PC without any compromises. These apps are best for productivity and with a $30 price tag if you buy this app then you don’t need to buy any other app anytime soon for photo today let talk about an app in which you can paint something like a professional the app called Pixelmator. you can download this app from Appstore an Playstore. this app is one of the most popular apps in IOS and Android. and I know most people love to edit photos or paintings so now I am here to explain why Pixelmator is one of the most popular apps in the Appstore and play store. it just because of the quality of the app. you can add any photo to paint or create any images you want. one more thing is you can the is very simple to use. so now let me tell you some information about the app. this app call Pixelmator and the size of this app take 176.4MB it a little bigger than some apps because it so many things than another app. for ios this app available only on ios 11.0 or later. you can download it on iPhone Ipad and iPod touch. and the ages of this app is over 4 years. and one more thing is the price of the app it cost $4.99 it a little bit expensive but it has the best quality. and this app is one of my favorite app for me. because I just spend a little bit of time to edit and paint on my picture.

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