Updated review on some games we like


Surgeon Simulator

I really like this game and it is very well made but you can take that stuff out on a cell phone which expands sometimes to change teeth I do not like it at all it really destroys my purpose I hated it and the green syringe it won. "I do not allow myself to hold it sometimes and exercise when I try to pick up exercises that fly off the screen and can not take it, and I want it if you can get things off the floor. And all the achievements are correct. Lost when you leave the app, I just say I want those improvements, but other than great games.


Football Manager 2021 Mobile

A really fun game has been associated with it really in the last few days, but there are some bugs that do nothing but disappoint. Many times I have cheated on a player, the player interested in joining seems to want to leave the club where he was at the time I bought him and it did not even let me sign a contract because he was suddenly happy club His and not interested in joining my club. Another time I was trying to buy a player, the club asked for a ridiculous price, I closed the negotiations, then came back and offered less than 1% of what the club asked for last time and they Accepted immediately. These items are really fun to play the game.


Call of Duty: Mobile

I played this game for about a year and a half. It's a good game in some ways. Easy to shoot FPSS mobile and it has a lot of free stuff for players to play as well. Lots of game modes and BR as well. However, there is a problem that if fixed will make the game better. Desync has been a problem since I started playing. You take the cover off the enemy fire and still die watching the cam kill, and it looks like you never took the cover or even telecommunications back in the field. It happens multiple times in each match, regardless of internet connection. The next big issue is META. I think there will be better weapons than other weapons, but every season there are guns that are broken, it is better than other guns. There are six different types of weapons and 60 different types of primary guns to use. With the way META is, everyone uses the same gun.


Quantumult X

This app has a malfunction and will automatically manage your network data flow to go through it with a proxy server in iOS 13.3. If you disconnect it, your device will not be able to connect to the Internet at all. If you close the application, you will not be connected to the Internet. I tried the iPhone and iPad. Other errors include if rewriting or e-mail the program will force you to always turn it on, saying that rewrite is on but it is disabled, it is very annoying and the program forces internet data to flow and pass through it. And for Chinese servers, it is very slow.


Stardew Valley

I love this game, I play it with my friends, I change the hours after they go to bed and even when they wake up. When I was tending it was mobile, I was robbed, I immediately ordered and when it came out I was downloading. I started playing and noticed a difference in control when I started playing, there were three things I would change. Without having to change tools, it stays in the right place, it's a great mechanic until you try to water your crop and you use your pan and destroy it. The smaller screen where there is a smaller screen on the right? As you like to see more specifically with large courtyards like the forest, a large area you can see is preferred if there is an option to scale this in any way that would be perfect.



Love this game. And I used to play it on the phone because I like controlling both fingers. And when a new update arrives with a PC or console-like control, I was concerned. The new management for mobile makes no sense considering it as a mobile device and not a computer or console. They make it so you will need five fingers at a time to operate it, just as you would when an older controller was used. What is more difficult to control is the use of automatic weapons and even just movement and jumping in general. Now you need to use separate buttons to do each task. This is not good considering that it is a game that you can easily play with just two thumbs. All in all, I do not think it is necessary to switch to the old controls for good, because I know there is no chance that it will happen, but maybe there is an option to play with the new or old controls. Check. This way, those who have used one or the other do not have to adapt too much.


This War of Mine 

I played this game on the console and picked it up on the iPhone 8 just to see how the touch controls would go. And it's amazing. Fits the game like a glove. I played almost every scenario and opted for D. D. A. D. To add to your small challenge. My problem is definitely with the latest update of this mine war. I've had some crashes and minor issues from time to time (not as big a problem as I still like the game), but since the update about a week ago the changes have been frequent. When I touch the characters it does not focus on them, but it is slightly higher so they are hidden by the character pad. Sound effects are also muted. There is no timer, day/night lock is ending or sounds when characters are attacking / digging/building/eating. You did not try to see if your voice was snoozing either. It happens even when I start a new TWoM scenario, randomly or otherwise.


GTA: Chinatown Wars

I like Golden Town, the Chinese War, and it's nice to see that it was preserved. I played this game a few times - on my PSP and on my iPod touch. Now I am playing on my new iPad but there are some bugs. The PSP version had better graphics than iOS at the time. While this is not uncommon (since iOS can run higher), PSP solutions still have better lighting effects. The night had a great atmosphere in the PPS version, especially during the police chase. In this version, the night just feels flat. The lack of lighting effects available in the PSP version does not suit me, considering whether a more powerful ISO device compares to it, but oh well. Would be good if those were added.


Grand Theft Auto 3

I'm not good at video games, but I can still get through this game very well. This really does not disappoint you, but it is still fun to watch. The mission is not difficult, but neither is it easy. My last mission was hard to get through, but right. In my opinion, they are perfectly hard, at least for those who do not play a lot of video games. Every once in a while it gets a little tedious, but clearing other apps and restarting the device will usually fix it. At the end of the game, all the cars, boats, weapons, and fun in the dodo flight keep the game fun. I recently finished the race, but I still find myself coming back to drive around or start a police chase. Great game, highly recommended.


Max Payne Mobile

This version of Max Payne works and plays well, but I really have a big concern. If you play this game with a controller, you are not provided with the original Max Payne controller layout. If original controls were included in the game this would be perfect. There is no way to get angry, but I am sure people will be satisfied. Oddly enough, the game also had trouble picking up the light of the DDS button and a button on my Steam Times. For most games, I have no problem, but for some reason, this game has trouble getting those simple inputs. This caused some deaths because the game did not recognize that I hit this button.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

I personally think this is the best GTA game in the franchise. This game has 80 free chains and great kindness. This game has what many games lacked in the early 2000s. I really hope that today's game will have a huge impact on the upcoming games, as this game did with today's games. My only complaint about this game is the control mode. I know a lot of people can say that the graphics are outdated, but I do not think the game should be based on its graphics, it is based on the effect it has on the player. I really hope Rockstar Games will continue to try to improve the gaming industry. All in all, I give this game 9/10. It's a great game and if you have never played it before and you are an open-minded person I highly recommend trying this game.


GoodNotes 5

This is the best note-taking app ever. I am an AP and Honors High School student and I live for this program. Since attending online school this year due to an epidemic, it has changed the way I take notes and change jobs, I love the way Good note is stored in the cloud so you can view your notes wherever you are. On any device. I love typing my science notes on my computer, and I love that I can switch to my iPod to draw graphics and symbols when needed. I love using my apple pencil to draw all my other notes, perfect for handwritten notes. I love all kinds of papers and covers you can choose from. You can also organize all your files into folders.


Cut the Rope: Magic GOLD

I really enjoyed all the Cut Your Rope games. This is a fun game set. My only problem is you have not added any games! Another thing is that when I get a new iPod, I have to start with the game I finished, even though I loaded the game and saved it. This is a lot of fun and I hope you continue to add levels to it. I really like that you do not have to spend money to play. I deleted more games because once you start playing it will cost money if you want to upgrade.


Plague Inc

This game does really well. I grew up playing two light games, and when I got my boyfriend talking about this game, I was robbed. It really makes you think and devise specific strategies for each disease and difficulty that I really love. If one thing works all the time, it's not fun, is it? What is thought to be easy is easy, and what is challenging does not disappoint. Love the addition of special ailments (Nera worms, raw ghost plague, planet of vampires) and the way you can unlock them without spending extra money (as long as you have a little dedication and patience). I managed to unlock all four in just a few days and they were really funny.


Geometry Dash

Geometry has been my favorite game for years since my friend introduced it to me, and over the years I have found some things you might want to know. First of all, when you play "Time Machine" and press and hold while the level starts to jump fast, you will see that you will jump to the top of the high wall. I do not know if this is intended or just to clarify. Second, the game says that the "unbearable" and "Jacker" levels are very different in difficulty.


Bloons TD 6

This is a great game and I love it. It has a few new additions and also takes some of the stuff in the latest bubble. So quick mistake, sometimes I crash randomly while playing, then when I try to re-enter the game it loads to step 6 then crashes again. It finally starts working again, but still annoying. You can also add real fire monkeys, not just heroes or upgrades. You can also add a tower where it summons a few monkeys, each with a few health points, and follows the path that starts from the end of the map until the bubble comes out.


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