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Pythonista is a complete scripting environment for Python that runs directly on your iPad or iPhone. It includes support for both Python 3.6 and 2.7, so you can use all the language enhancements in Python 3 while still having 2.7 for backward compatibility.

In true Python mode, batteries are included - from popular third-party modules such as to request numbers, spray flips, and more to modules made for iOS. You can write scripts that access sensors and location data, libraries, photos, contacts, quotes, clips, and more.

You can also use Pythonista to create multi-touch experiences, custom user interfaces, animations, and 2D games.

I started using this app when I was 12 on the iPad I had when I was a kid. The software is great and has custom modules that allow you to control your device and create custom and custom applications. It has UI, file access, and all normal Python modules. Better yet, it works offline. This program allows me to program what I want, whenever and where I want, and allows me to become a professional programmer with a degree in computer science. As long as the mobile IDSS works, it works best. In addition, there is a community that creates incredible applications that enhance IDE, such as GitHub support and even a full-featured bass station complete with pip so you can install your own modules. It is definitely the best app on iOS for programming and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to try programming. I also recommend this app to my friend I feel compelled by the gems of this one app. I always organize events on the side for fun and automation. I used Pythonista to automate tasks on my phone, sample apps for my Windows and Linux computers, and created great games to play. I used Python at work to dramatically speed up our workflow over the hours, saving my life and even raising my salary. Pythonista was not only an indispensable tool for creating those applications, but it also allowed me the opportunity to hone my skills in the future. There are some limitations that I do not want to have, but this is because Apple is not a developer. Developers have gone above and beyond to implement additional libraries and integrate Pythonista with iOS. If you are looking for a good Python IPI application or want to learn Python while running, I highly recommend using this software.


Nomad Sculpt

This program is amazing! It has almost all the features I like to use in Zip Bruce with great responsiveness (I'm on the iPad 1, iPad Pro even) It has a nice UI / UX that goes out of your way, but there when you Find it (No thumbnails!)

Supported features such as the ability to rewind / dynamo and mask (including a mask to reverse) are great if you are familiar with Zip Bruce. Having a changeable layer is kind of like thinking I did not expect that feature to be in an iOS app.

I have tried some other sculpting programs, but they always have some weird places that make them feel a little inferior to the profession. Instead, I can easily see myself using it to draw a basic grid as a starting point, then finish it off in ZBrush.

   The fact that it provides you with OBJ and STL exports as part of the purchase makes it worth it.

   There are a few desirable features:

   - Remove the boolean of the layer (for example, to make the mouth area). Maybe I missed this because I was new to the app as it seemed like an integrated layer.

   - Grouping of masks / choosing to use them later (multiple groups in ZBrush parlance)

Export-FBX (not necessary because there is OBJ but very good!)

Generally speaking, Bruce to the developers! I'm looking forward to seeing what other updates are available. Thanks for the great program.

I also recommend this app to my friend, I had a hard time finding one of my favorite sculpting apps, but after using it for a few hours I was happy to say that changed.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, especially if you are familiar with desktop sculpture applications. It never took me more than a minute to figure out how to do what I wanted to do, and usually, the tool or option I was looking for was right in front of me or a machine.

More importantly, the carving just feels good. It is fast and responsive. All the basic brushes you would expect to have, and at least for me, cover 99% of my needs. I do not dare to go into the brushing options, but they look deep.

I certainly do not fully understand the limitations of the program, but I know that I will spend some time with it over the next few weeks and find the best way to use it. I can easily see myself using this app for basic work to export and finish in Cyprus.


Teen Titans GO Figure

Get ready for Titan Teen! Image - An epic follow-up to the break-up of the game Benten Tintin. Someone is trying to get Teeny Titans out of business! Fight your way to the bottom of this mystery.

challenge your friends

Beta multiplayer here! You have faced the world's greatest hero. Now challenge your friends to teen fights! Promote to remove the elephant figs.

It's a really good game, the graphics are great, the capabilities are great, I'm collecting numbers and it's really fun, I highly recommend this game, well done on it, it really makes me enjoy playing this game, thank you cn keep Good job getting this game worth it and bet there are no ads yet it says this game has ads but I have not seen so no ads you get This game. Thank you for making my day. I did invite my friend to play this game too and he said, This game is a great game, it is not a sleepy game, nor is it a lazy game, if you go to the egg changer and you have a chance to get 5 golden eggs without depositing money. This game. For grinding, I started several times and restarted my process several times and I never got tired of it. In my opinion, it is a modern game and it is one of my favorite parts.


Stop Motion Studio Pro

Stop motion is a great way to bring toys and other objects to life - and learn the basics of filmmaking.

Stop motion makes it easy to create your stop motion movies.

Studio Stop Motion brings Lizozo Minging Gale into all of us.


Capture with interchangeable interval function

Full camera control with automatic or manual white balance, focus and exposure, ISO, and shutdown speed

Use the second device as a remote camera

Use your Apple Watch as a remote flashlight

Use with DSLR cameras that can use your Wi-Fi system 


Powerful built-in layered image editor:

Add text and speech bubbles or create captions

Add facial expressions to LOI figures

Touch and enhance sketches and paints

Remove unwanted objects with an eraser

Merge frames to simulate fast motion

Share with friends and family:

Save to your photo library or share to YouTube in 4K or 1080p

Save as an animated iMessage or GIF tab

Save all images for resume

Easily transfer projects between devices using AirDrop, Dropbox or


Start creating on your mobile device and move on to where you left your Mac.

Promote movies on Stop Motion TV for everyone to see

I have been using  Stop Motion for over 4 years. It is always helpful to me when trying to make my movements stop. Recently, however, I encountered a major problem. A few months ago I could not zoom in or out for some reason, even though I was able to log in earlier because I had the tools to zoom in and out. Now I'm sure I downloaded the update before then I do not know which one. So the first thing I decided to do was exit the app and install it again. I still can not zoom in or out. Then I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again. It still does not work. I tried almost everything. I went to my camera app to see if the zoom was still working. And it did. But zooming in and out of your app doesn't work. You may be wondering why I think zooming in and out is so important, and that is because it allows me to have the exact angle needed for my stop motion film. If you can help me out somehow I would love to. I love rap and I hope I can continue to use it.


Things 3

Get things done Successfully, the award-winning program helps you plan your day, manage your project, and move forward toward your goals.

At best, it is easy to use. Within an hour, you will have everything thought out and organized - from simple tasks to your biggest life goals, and you can start focusing on what's important today.

Everything offers the best combination of design and functionality of any application we have tested with almost all the features of other power-user applications and the most enjoyable interface ever. 

This is a beautiful app and I like how it approaches tasks and projects, which is why I give 3 stars instead of less. But there is not enough functional integration with the calendar to make it useful for me. I can see my calendar entries but can not open or do anything with them which leaves me jumping to other apps to work with invitations and other calendar entries. This is a serious disadvantage with this program for me sadly.

   I'm been on the news support for years since the app integrated the calendar and tasks so well. But tried to find something else that was more elegant and simple. I thought this was going to be it until I found out how limited it was in relation to the calendar. Oh! The search continues and another $ 10 will be leaked.

   Correction: I'm back to 3 things again because it seems like I'm involved in how things work very well. I decided to try living with a separate calendar app along with everything and see how it goes. Hopefully, in the future, the author will consider adding at least some ability to edit or even open calendar entries in the story. Meanwhile, I try to organize this. 

I also recommend this app to my friend, I have tried many programs to try on what I need to do, redoing my upcoming events and achievements every day. I have used free software, free software, and subscription-based software. I end up deleting it immediately or eventually I stop using it because of how ineffective it is or I end up with a lot of programs to meet my needs. I try to use a regular journal that I recommend and I still use. But it does not help me to complete my task or my incredibly long list of things I have to do for a certain category. One example is I have a child with special needs who needs study and specialized help with daily tasks. Getting the help he needed was covered by various government services, but it took several steps for my section to meet his needs. It would require me to have a big table organizer to have something like this (which is usually a project but someone who is not an unpaid project) planned for a physical planner. But this program eliminates that need. I'm still new to this program and I know for sure I do not use it to its full potential, but now it is the best to-do program I have ever encountered. Pay or FREE! I took my finger across that I would be able to uninstall some of my other apps and replace them with 3.

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