NBA 2K19

This game is one of my favorite games to play. The graphics are good and fun to play. Sometimes h2h is amazing when you are playing with real players, but it is not a big deal. But I spent about $ 70 on the game and I'm sorry to do that. There are so many good cards in this game that I want and they find a way to buy them.

nova 3


Explore the infinite world and build everything from the simplest house to the largest of temples. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, armed with weapons and armor to deter dangerous thieves. Create exploration and survival alone or play with friends on different devices.



I just had the pleasure of this. I am a travel therapist and I do not work in a paid place. I scan all my files and send them to it really well. In addition, my husband has his own business and I also make books. When he gets an invoice or receipt, he just scans it and sends me an email from his phone, and AS ASAR is like I use a scanner in the home office.


Fax for iPhone

I have been using this app for a few years now. Every time I try to send a fax to someone to the fax machine, they can notreceive the fax. I will send pictures to their email. Finallyenough, I tried to cancel my three-month subscription at a time.


Downloader Pro

I downloaded it after trying many other apps saying that they can do the same thing in vain ... This app is very easy to use and the developers are really helpful and quick to respond when I have a problem! ! Do not look away if you want to download and watch your favorite clips or programs without having to use data again and again.



Black is a good place to get accurate black information that other media outlets do not focus on. It is your stop to find out what positive things are happening in the black community and get some entertaining information. It's hard to miss the top things because notifications attract you like you are chatting with a group of friends. I highly recommend this app for others to use.


Toca Hair Salon 3

This app is really great when I first found it, you can do a lot of things like you can put their hair in a flower pot, you can put their hair in brackets, you can leave it to you Can even put buns! You can do a lot of things just like beards for boys of all kinds of different colors, it's like a real barbershop but with lots of cool stuff.


Toca Life: Hospital 

I love it and I have all of Toka's life and I have an idea for Toka, I love the red panda, Ceras and lions, so I will make the TakoLife Zoo with a two-story house and a car like a truck in Toka. Stable. Change places and then there is an AKA cafe for kids to eat and then a gift shop and then there are lions, tigers, zebras, polar bears.


Toca Kitchen 2

This is a great game with endless possibilities, but I think you should add to it. For example, add more food. Also, if we mix different things in a blender or something that we do not yet have the ingredients for a recipe, we will put them in the oven and they will come out like cookies. I do not just want to change food, I want to evolve it. Also, if you run out of food, you should be able to go to the grocery store and choose what you want. This goes back to more food ideas.


Toca Pet Doctor 

I love this show and I love every Toca show. But ... there are some suggestions I have if you can be like people come to the store and buy a pet and then you get paid to buy different pets or the same pet just different colors! I'm looking at the extras and what good if you want us to pay for this program, at least put more to make it worth it! Do not say it is a bad program.


Old Man's Journey

I have this game on my wish list forever. Let's just say I'm glad I bought it for $ 99 and not for the full $ 4.99. I found myself bored throughout the game, but I paid for it, so I was determined, hoping the game would be a challenge at the same time.


Tank Hero

This game is similar to Laser War you did, but for some reason, I could not find it downloadable. It was when I loved playing my favorite game, but now I can not find it and play it! I beg you to take it back, I'm using an iPod and I remember playing this game on the iPad, and this game is one of the main bosses I used to love fighting bosses.


You are Hope

This is the best mobile game I have ever played. Especially if trying to kill for an hour. The only downside I could see was that it was too complicated and complicated to get the full experience on the phone. The PC version ($ 20), which is the same version as the mobile phone, has more to offer.



I purchased this app as instructed. Since introducing it, I have tried many different programs. There is only one that has a better model, but you will have to pay for each "show". What remains so far is not a good example and/or subscription-based. I will buy a sample package in the future.



Fully customizable for your child's age from 2 years to about 6 or 7 years before it gets too easy. Fun little rewards. The only criticism I have is that it often does the same team puzzle instead of scrolling it all up unless you close and reopen the app. Not a deal-breaker.



Temper is a platform for FreeFlex work. We make ourselves comfortable. With a super easy platform and the best all-around switching. By choosing where and when you work, you align your work with your private life instead of the other way around. With 8,000 new food and retail outlets in your area each week, you can start becoming independent through our platform. Create a profile on Temper and score your first independent assignment today.


Endless ABC

Love this show because my 2yo likes it. We taught him the alphabet successfully for more than two weeks when he was about 20 months old using an alphabet book, but then he became resilient.



Alphaputt is a beautiful place to meet crazy golfers. Make your way through the alphabet, complete your own word course and compete with your friends. Watch UFOs. And vacuum cleaners.


Kingdom Rush Vengeance

I played Kingdom Rush and it was a sequel since the first one came out many years ago. Unlike all other apps on the phone, I did not uninstall it and I still play when I get bored. When I heard Ironhide playing the fourth game I had to play like the Baddies, I counted the days before it came out.


Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders 2 

Good game. Great graphics and aircraft selection. However, there are some things I want to highlight. First, there are campaign issues. I am very disappointed with this campaign.


Flux Vortex

This program is worth the money and I only played it for a few minutes. I was completely engrossed. Good program, I have already introduced it. I'm glad I got it on a free day.


Plug for Terraria

The plugin for Terraria is a revolutionary new application that allows you to add (and save) any object in your player inventory. The first app that allows you to add items to your personal inventory at Teresia for iOS. This is not a guide or a computer-only app, the Terraria plugin really lets you access your favorite Terraria items on iOS and save them forever.


Jump Desktop

I bought this app 5 years ago and it only supports Windows. By far the fastest application to connect farther / faster than Microsoft machines. Now I am for something to connect my mom remotely and I have just finished returning to the app.


Junk Jack

This is a really great game. It works great for touch screens. If you have a smaller screen, I would say it's the best choice among the debate between the host and Terraria / Junk Jack as a whole.


Jade Empire: Special Edition

This game looks really good content, but it does not match my phone. Whenever I try to load a quick save after leaving and renting the app, the game crashes and I have to go back to the previous save.


Rusty Lake Hotel

I bought it after I finished all the free games and let me say that at the end of the game I really had a jaw drop. This game definitely made me happy and wanted more.


Rusty Lake Paradise

Rusty Lake Paradise is located on a small remote island cursed by the 10 plagues of Egypt. Solve all the mysteries in the dark adventures of Makabere.


Rusty Lake: Roots

I played a lot of rusty lake games and this one is my favorite. I plan to buy all the remaining games after this. I see people playing these games and I do not understand.


Assassin's Creed Identity

This game is great but there are some minor bugs that you need to fix. First, when I was behind the guards closely, they noticed me when they did not look at me directly. When I killed a guard, they looked like they were standing and alive when they said they were dead.



I have had this program for a long time and never took the time to learn to use it. I like convenience, quick, quick, and fun. Years later, cleaning my phone, I opened this app, I forgot. To my surprise, it turned out to be the only app I used to edit and design with.


The Escapists

I would recommend this game to those who like prison escape games, I think the best on the market. However, a couple really spoils the experience.



I really enjoyed this game, in fact, it was the first-person shooting game I found that I really liked. The best part is the many parts of the game where you can fight other people.


iTransfer Pro

iTransfer Pro is a promotion of iTransfer, the number one application for transferring files on iPhone / iPad. In addition to all the features available on iTransfer, the Pro Version has many other essential features for business and professional users, including access to Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and GoogleDrive.


Power PDF Pro

PowerPDF is a powerful application of FilePM, a powerful tool for creating, editing, and viewing PDF files on iPad / iPhone. In addition to all the features available on Power PDF, Pro Pro has many other functions that are essential for business and professional users, including access to Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive.


Afterlight 2

This program is really great. Most editors are disgusting filters that look horrible, but after the light is really good. The interface is really easy to use and very easy to use. This is a great program for both beginners and editors.



Essayist allows you to write APA and APA articles with ease. From citations to references and page layout, take care of everything. It greatly facilitates the study writing process.


Alto's Odyssey

So far, this game is the highest-paid non-dry game I have ever played and it is really worth it for this game no matter what I have run so far and I Feeling frustrated while playing this game.


SSH Term Pro 

If you are looking for a great SS / Internet client, look no further. I have been using this app for many years. It served my purpose perfectly.



 I picked this game because it was for sale and I always wanted to try it. The concept of the game is well thought out and executed, taking you through a world of chests that change every part of the game.


Evoland 2

The game was a huge improvement from the start. Ivan Lan's gameplay is even more exciting. With the number of times the game has evolved from the beginning, it feels like each episode is very short, especially the last fight in Fantasy.


Game Dev Tycoon

This game is amazing! It really shows you how the game is developed. Plus, the creative options in this game are amazing. Whenever you play the game well, you get rewards that really make you feel like you have accomplished something.



I bought this app because I remember listening to it for a long time about how great it was. It's been several years since then, five or six years, but I bought this app and saw an add-on for “Facetune 2”.


Bloons TD 5

This game is one of the most addictive and thoughtful games I have ever played on my phone. I am 70 years old and the only thing that made me stop was that I reached 260 and it took a long time.


8mm Vintage Camera

The 8mm eyeglass camera captures the beauty and magic of old-school classic films through your screen. Dust and stains, bright colors, light leaks, even rocking the frame, everything can be added instantly with a single finger.


ReelDirector II

Bought it because I love the 8mm program so much, but I've had a few problems in the short term. Most of the clips I try to import are just black and if I try to cut them it will crash. If the bug is fixed soon, I will probably use it a bit.



Pixomatic will help you enhance your images and create compelling compositions with photo editing features. Explore endless options through tools such as Background & Remover, Disable, Text Trimming, Photo Filters.


Bridge Constructor Portal

I love Val and Half-Life and Portal is really happy when it comes out. I love puzzles and now I can have portal games on my phone and/or iPad! I like to use it on my phone so I can play.


The Talos Principle

This game is nice to play but also boring. I'm using the default controller settings (touch and swipe), but the deeper I get into the game the more frustrating the experience, especially when I need to move fast.


I was not a fan of early mobile games. This really reminded me that there is not much sky, but I also noticed that there was a method feeling for it. I read that this was really purposeful and that was probably one of my favorite things.


Red Onion II

Red Onion II is a tracker for the popular Red Onion browser. With this version, you have a completely redesigned app that takes advantage of all the improvements on iOS over the years. Great anonymous navigation you have ever experienced with a better interface and better anonymity.



This program brings many more tables. It allows users to style and create any image in one folder or another. Provides the capabilities of abstract modernity, animation, animation effects from lively and vibrant and vibrant.


Infinite Flight Simulator

Unlimited Flight offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on a mobile device, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot. Explore high-definition landscapes in regions from around the world with our detailed aircraft design, customizing each flight by choosing the time, day, weather, and aircraft weight configuration.


Stick Nodes Pro

This program, I was about 13 years old ... It's okay, it had nothing in it, but then it arrived and then all of a sudden the program started getting better and better and better. That I just got the pro version.


911 Operator

It's a great game that you never thought you would enjoy, I mean I love this subject, but I never thought I wanted it, one day I bought it and I ended up falling in love. It's not only that it is perfect, fun, and challenging, sometimes it is fun.

into Live pro

I think this app thinks I can make any kind of wallpaper and I can. The only problem is it does not support my iPhone type and I hope it can and if I can give it 5 stars.


Procreate Pocket

I love this app honestly, I like how users can get a lot of supplies/art options here, it really helps me to improve my art.I'm new to the whole thing, there is still a lot to learn on this program.

Flux Revolver

Flux Fragment

Growtopia Tools

BT Transfer Pro

iZip Pro

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