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Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector

This is definitely my favorite show! I have fun with it and my art field has improved tremendously. Now I get a painting with subtle components on my first test. It is especially useful when drawing animals and humans - making them the right proportions, with a clear eye of who it belongs to, and getting the right shade. The split mode for shading is great and the strobe feature is also very useful. Any problem I have ever received, clear and friendly help and the fastest. Tutorials will be made to solve problems I have encountered, so users need a lot of attention and are even welcomed.


Bloodstained RotN

I played this game on PS4 and it was also a scary move. I want to play the mismatched switch version than the mobile port. It looks okay and if you have a high-end device (I use the Pro 11 tool) it is almost non-existent and the frame rate. However, touch control is horrible. Response time is delayed and button placement takes some time. I missed countless jumps and caused a lot of unnecessary damage due to poor handling.


The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

I really can not find anything wrong with this game. But I'm sure some things can be improved. Love beats and loves KoF and this is a beautiful decoration. The animation is pretty modern, the music and sound effects also really add to the overall gaming experience in this game. The only problem I have encountered so far is live PvP matches. But I'm playing on the iPhone 6s so I did not say I do not run the best hardware, besides I am playing the highest resolution/graphics option available to me so I was not surprised No, I am bored! I'm still new to the game so I have a lot of quests to complete the free gems.



I got it for free on Epic, compared to most similar games on the AppStore, the price of 16.99cad is non-competitive. In my opinion, 10.99 is more reasonable.

The controller support is “half done”, I mean I can do everything with the physical controller (myself x 1 box) but I can not use the left scroll bar to select a backpack or a list of items in store No. And when using an external controller, it's really nice to see the feature-packed background interface is there, too, which makes the other objects of the game smaller.


Tales of the Neon Sea

Beautiful game with great character development, incredible history, backstory, and information about each artifact that comes together to create a rich world with depth and emotion. And the graphics are beautiful too! I like that each puzzle is unique and not easy to run back to find objects to a) give NNA for irrational reasons. B) Combine with other objects with/for unreasonable purposes. And/or c) used on something in the environment for no apparent reason! There is nothing boring "guessing and clicking" like giving a kitten a mix of pencils to get the car started. The only problem I have is that there are a lot of places where the text is not translated into English, making it impossible to complete the task.



The game seems to have a lot to offer, but controller support is considered to be a game originally developed for entertainment devices. Cutting the wires is very squeezing and does not do well. When operating with the controller, you stop and start when moving, it can not even run straight for the camera. The menu does not follow if you use the controller. The key is there to touch and can not be initiated through the controller and the tutorial is explained only through touch control. Please address these issues. I paid $ 20 for this and I will not play it until these issues are fixed.


Typotastic - 3D text on photos

I have a few programs similar to these, but this is the best I have ever used. Editing some export solutions is needed, but the software is generally pleasant to use, access to a large library of history and video is a big plus. I need to use a separate GIF generator to convert the exported project so that having an option created would be pretty up-to-date.


Kitty Powers' Matchmaker

This game is definitely one of my favorite games, it is not boring and there is a lot to do and unlock. I really love it. However, there were some inconsistencies that I found. For example, two people may have the same hairstyle, so you think, "Oh, talk about hair, because they like each other's hair, because it's exactly the same!" No! Not at all. I have tried it many times and they do not like even though they have the same hairstyle? It does not mean much. There are many more when it comes to benefits, but I will not get it. Also, when you reach level 20, you need to find a match for Key, it took me a few tries but finally, I found her match! However ... after that, you have to go to a new city and start rather than just counting with your current agent. Personally, I think there should be an option to go to another city or stay in the city you are living in. But overall I 100% recommend this game. Really worth it.



This is a well-done game. I love it. It was so thought through. Listen If you like horror then this game is for you! And in my opinion, it is worth buying. So if you are thinking about getting this game, make sure to buy it. Tbh I almost double my pants in this game. It had a very cold jump area that made me jump out of my seat. It was thought of as a game and I feel like this is the only game I like to play on my phone. Every message and picture took really made me feel like there was a lot of effort in this game that made me smile. If you are a scary person then this game is definitely not for you if you feel more courageous then I encourage you to give it a try. It was a great match. This game also does not refer to the weakness of the heart and people who are easily disturbed. But the interesting thing is that I hope there are more ways to play the game and what I want to say is that there are only 5 or 6 ways that you can play this game and when you play it All in all, kinda feels like your $ 5 is down. I want at least 10 stories, but at best I like this game.



I finished the game about 5 minutes ago and while the whole story is okay, the first game is better. This is not a good thing, and it says, "Social media is a monster." It was kind of a copy and paste of the first game, but now the advent of social media is more of a focus than a dating app. There is less fear (I just think the background is scary), the acting is not great and most of the changes. I get that the development team is doing everything in their power to fix it and they have time. But this game can use more reinforcement. In some critical situations, such as the final speech with the director, I started out from the middle of the game, which got me back to the beginning. Some issues are confusing and not well explained at all and in the middle of troubleshooting the game will shut down or kick me out and I have to start all over again. Boring but generally enjoyable experience.


60 Parsecs

I saw a review that said it's running fast, but the game surprised me. Each time I played, I was offered a lot of repetitive options, and I found many different words depending on the captain you chose, their current situation, the situation, and the relationship with the teammates, the crew. Etc. Do not mention your goals in each session, how long it takes you to influence the outcome. Every time I think I know of any possible outcome, I am a little surprised. But they were a little surprised. So if you are easily bored or impatient to notice and dissatisfied with the details that affect the outcome, it may not be the game for you. I will keep playing because I am determined to go to every goal, achieve good/bad, finish at least once, change captains by accident, so I continue to be amazed. Ps, It makes light occasionally, but usually because you choose people or objects for either crafts or missions and daily challenges. Usually leaving the main page for a while will fix and/or allow you to choose more carefully. Or check the language you can not power 100 times/battery if you do not have it



I only do games that I do not pay to beat. I find the best way I can do it myself. This Uno game that I love. And I'm not talking about encouraging or throwing eggs at people who give me a pair or four. I know it is in my hands to play, to try and win. Reasonable. However, I immediately noticed that the game was making a mess. For example, I already have a duck hand to start with hanging there, play my hand well, and put only two, and it will give me a double copy of my mini. It will come up with various performances to move forward. Then I started getting players saying Khema !!! And I'm thinking of something I could save the nurse and I would have a player give me the second pair I played. I feel that even though I really love being alone, it helps protect me from loneliness or occupancy after working long hours at work and other things ... I have no choice but to cancel. This is my guess, it's two perspectives. Your game has hackers on it who set up the game or your staff wants people to buy tricks. Or both. I do not know. But one of the players I have on the team ... they even say "why?" After we had our opposition draw two and skip it and hand it over to the United States .... then they would not. Makes no sense. But the Galville West area or staff.


The Meridian Inside

The internal meridians of Woodruff are based on the points of international acupuncture of the World Health Organization, which are internationally recognized as the standard of scientific acupuncture and the international standard of the World Health Organization in the Pacific. Lech, a textbook on acupuncture of Asian universities. The oldest medicine and book for traditional Chinese medicine is 'Huang Di Ning-Ling Shu'. It also refers to books such as 'Zhenjiujiayijing', "Zhenjiudacheng", "Heo Joon - Dongeuibogam", "Details on Meridian's & Acupoints (Part 1, 2)" and "Guide for college students and mirrors of "Traditional medicine." We have improved the accuracy through the supervision of professors and doctors from Korea Medical University.


FAA Private Pilot Prep

I have tried other software to help me study for various FAA tests but they will have outdated questions or it is just a final test and does not help in setting up the test. I believe that the work put into this program, but the other programs they create are well thought out and done in a way that makes it easy for users to change what they need to learn and what They have. Memory problems for this test. They also have great customer support for any questions you may have or any issues you may have with the app. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to study for the FA Exam and can study anytime, anywhere.

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