Top 20 Game Picks for month of May


Slow Shutter Cam

I have been using this app for many years and now it is my favorite app (and I am not). I have never written a review, but this one deserves recognition - heck, I keep it on my toolbar. The app has a lot of professional controllers (I do not want to understand it, but they are fun to play with). It takes selfies (and forgiveness) selfies - set self-timers and intervals to stand in front of, and just be natural ... dancing is still what it is. The creative possibilities of this program are endless.



I do not like to spend money on games, but this one is definitely a winner and really worth a couple of dollars. You can tell that he really put a lot of time, energy, and emotion into making this great little story. It's not just a game. This is the life journey of a small soul that is lost and hopeless, giving him struggle through fear and groaning and unhappy experiences to find hope again. I think there is a message in it for all of us to take from it. We all struggle with feelings of loss, guilt, and remorse, we all ask ourselves, at some point or another. This game gives you everything and more in its cute little way. I like dark humor and odd characters. There is something here that everyone can contact. I'm happy to support this developer and hope he makes more games as soon as possible.


Surgeon Simulator

I really like this game and it is very well made but you can take that stuff out on a cell phone which expands sometimes to change teeth I do not like it at all it really destroys my purpose I hated it and the green syringe it won. "I do not allow myself to hold it sometimes and exercise when I try to pick up exercises that fly off the screen and can not take it, and I want it if you can get things off the floor. And all the achievements will Gone are the days when you left the app, I just said I wanted those improvements, but other than great games.



SlingFighter is a simple fighting game where two people can play together on the same device.The controls are simple: just pull your character to turn it in the right direction!Enjoy fast-paced action with just one finger!Because the characters are so different, each with their own techniques and abilities, they each feel like different games.When released, it has 19 characters. More will be added in future updates.



I am currently playing the third game and I love it so much! Jokes are never old, I always find something new for every game, even though I have this game from the beginning and it gets better, but please do not give up this game. It has a lot of potentials, but knowing that I did it, I really suggest making it so that the animals can attack through the walls, even though it is easy to whack something like glidopods through the walls. Add more local player functionality and please do not like the couch sofa, make sure it is really fun to play like a water box, but it is more fun to play like a fuse and has the ability to make it stronger, more powerful, more holes added Plug in the utility so you can put something like a harvest bomb in there and not have to turn it into a normal hole.


GRID Autosport

The best racing game on iOS. I am an archer. So getting into the form of a test race was a new experience for me. What a wonderful experience! I like, I can play when I want to, without having to talk about salary to win progress. Because I was not free from the type of evolution used and it helped me to be comfortable in this type of race more easily. The match looks great, but some textures still bounce a bit. Free HD DLC Texture Package Failed For The Interior Of Your Car! But overall, it's a nice-looking game. The controls feel solid. When I mess up, I realize that I am thankful for the intolerable management.


Graveyard Keeper

Graves are the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim. Build and manage your own cemetery and expand to other ventures while finding shortcuts to reduce costs. Use all the resources you can find. After all, this is a game about the spirit of capitalism and doing whatever it takes to build a thriving business. And it is also a love story.

- Face ethical issues. Do you really want to spend money on the right burger for a witchcraft festival when you have a lot of resources nearby? Collect valuable materials and handicrafts of new items. Expand your grave into a thriving business. Help yourself - Gather valuable resources scattered throughout the area and find out what this land has to offer.



I really like Procreate, which has an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil that works well with this app, the price is worth buying it. Tbh I stop using my laptop for drawing since drawing and painting feel natural and smooth, although sometimes when I try to use shortcuts it will not work other than making it look attractive.

There are some things that work, choosing a color from a reference or from a color wheel is not what it's like when painting with it, it is a bit off, although it is not noticeable at first (it does not A big deal at all, it's just what I noticed when using Procreate over the years) and now the mixer can be very good, sometimes the mixer can make you rich. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Makes a muddy color or does not give a good texture I know sometimes it can be what you use for a mixer.


Geekbench 4

Geekbench offers an extensive set of models designed to measure CPU and GPU Compute. Geekbench is designed to make templates easy to operate and understand.


Plug Toolbox for Minecraft

This program is amazing !!! No other program can do this kind of thing, and it works the same way it does on a computer. This program is very simple and easy to use if you have a common memory or experience with computer versions and how it works. People do not know what they are talking about, although this program will allow them to steal and cheat on the server, now the only way to inject customers is on the computer and it is possible. To provide people with access to blogs and items. The world of people from computers, so if people are serious, even if they can only do it from a cell phone, they are crazy to think such a thing. This program is great if you are looking to modify your mc world because this is the only program that now has to do even that.


Rush Rally 3

I played all 3 fast-paced rally games and they all exploded (although I hope the first rush rally is still in the App Store), but the 3rd rush rally is one step in the right direction. Above all the rest and a big step up. Gathering games on mobile. I was always under pressure from the fact that my opponent was in front of or behind me, forcing me to push the car. The handling of the car feels great and I like how the car loses control when you push it too hard. I also like the way you add classic cars to the game, but I would like to see Argentina and the United States come back from a quick 2 rally (add more batteries to Argentina if you do). For Fast Gathering 4, I would like to see a career mode where you can build your own team and fight for the best. All in all, the series of Rally Rally is particularly interesting, considering that it was conducted by a small group of devotees and because it mimics real-world gatherings. I am very excited about the future of fast-paced gatherings.


Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

I like this game. The first day I received it, I played until my phone 10%. I really enjoyed my call and it was really fun. A few things I would like to add in MM4 if there is one is a longer race with a longer lifespan. I feel like wearing a tire for the race is really good, but with longer races, I feel that the strategy can be further strengthened when I say racing longer than I mean maybe Racing 45-50% of what it really is and I am using f1 and gt series to say this. Number two and most important to me is NASCAR. Now I know this is mostly a racing game in Europe, but I want to see NASA in this because if you like calling and good strategy then NASCAR would be a great addition. Tires do not last long, you make 3-4 pits. Pit as slowly as possible or pit before everyone and then when the pit stops the cycle then you will probably be ahead as you have seen many strategies to choose from. In addition to the great work, you have to keep it.


Spectre Camera

I buy a lot of software so I try to come back and write a review when one program is good or bad. Because reviews are the only clue I have when I try to decide if I should take a picture of something new. The information you can get from the review is where you find it. It's not always what they say, however, this is what I have on this show. I have a lot of photo apps so I do not need them. The thing I use it for I love. Light roads. It makes great street light photos and they are live photos. Bonus. I see here people talk about insufficient details in this area or other claims, but to be honest when you create a light photo with it like a painting.



I have this for an Apple TV and it's great. The art style is incredible and the music is A ++. When you put the red controller on, it starts to sound funny enough to make me speak for myself. The gameplay is very fluid and the combination of different abilities you can create really adds variety to the style of play you can choose from. There are only two issues I have that prevent me from giving a 5-star rating. First, the remote orientation system for Apple is too sensitive and makes good management almost impossible. Honestly, I never check to see if you can refuse, so I can complain for no reason. The other thing that is a bigger problem is that it continues to fall during the new game. I was really looking forward to finishing it at least twice, but it crashed about 10 times in the first few hours of the game since I restarted. Fix it and I'll switch to 5 stars.


Pixel Dungeon

This game is a Roguelike game that enhances your gaming experience. This game has a very difficult purpose because the items you get are completely lucky so you may have trash or something good. Most commentators say they could not pass the third floor, they are unlikely to have tried a fourth time. It took me to my 66th game and it was amazing. When you start playing, most games seem to be based on luck, but the more you play, the more you know and discover hidden strategies.


Ping Pong Chaos

Ping Pong is a basic multiplayer game with two buttons. Compete against your friends next door or play computer games in extreme ping pong. Endure customization and create your own custom playlist. Create games with up to 8 friends or play computer games.


Tube Jumpers

I was depressed at one point in my life. I'm so in love, I started listening to Justin Bieber. One day I heard the sound of a small drum beating like a drum from the west. I walked for miles to get the sound because it was so attractive. When I got to the last source, I saw a computer. Suddenly I felt like typing "pipe tube" and I started playing tube computer. A sudden surge of warmth flowed through my body. I continued to play this game for 48 consecutive hours. When I played this game for the second time 7,265, I started to get absorbed in the game. I was immediately in the game and the pipe jumper accepted me as one of them and now I live in full paradise. I will live forever. This game is legendary.

Bloons TD

Geometry Dash

Plague inc



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