Storetelling games on iOS that you should try

Storetelling games on iOS that you should try


My Child Lebensborn

Probably the best storytelling I've ever had on the entire App Store! It features both the warm and emotional tales of a little German boy or girl, depending on your choice of adoption after WW2 in Norway. Norway was severely affected by the war because of the way the Germans occupied them and then turned some Norwegian women into what most Norwegians considered traitors and innocents. The story shares what happened to a decent number of women during the German march across Europe. Therefore, your child is considered a traitor to Norway, so he/she is considered a person who is despised and abused by children and adults, both physically and mentally. In some ways, I even shed tears. It's a lovely tale and jaw that really deserves to be shared with the victims of the war. And the game may feel a bit short, but the number of options offered to play again is quite high, including most of the money that players spend on the game is really towards a good cause to help war victims. In this difficult time. It shares a message that family is important and no matter where your bloodline comes from, you are still special. It is also a great history lesson that shares some stories that some of us did not know about the war and its aftermath. The art style used is amazing too! Thank you for this great game! I hope there will be a sequel or an extension of this. I also recommend this game to a friend This game at the same time is the warmest and most boring experience I have ever played, and it embarrasses other mobile games. This is just real art. It's outside of the multi-million dollar games behind it, created by hundreds of people with a simple but incredibly effective premise. This is something that everyone should have, not only because it is a great experience, but it also enhances your knowledge of the human condition and expands your ability to understand people. It brings up an idea that is often overshadowed by the war left for you and assures you that you will never forget it. Great work really deserves to be kept in a museum for future generations to look back on. I usually do not write reviews, but I feel the need to sing my praises for this game. It was incredible and I hardly put it on my first play. The game is very educational and has a lot of statistics and information, but I feel that all this information is distributed in an organic way. It still feels like a game, not a history lesson. I was close to the child I named Karen, and even though I knew she was a fictional character, my heart still ached when I thought about what she went through. This work of art is simple and charming, but at the same time, I am impressed that many emotions are expressed through your child’s face and movements. You are forced to make some difficult decisions as their parents and I am not ready for how serious things have happened in the story, I look forward to playing again and I can not wait to see Whether the developer produces anything else.



This interactive story game is fun to play and replay even when you are successful, you can still realize that there are many more things that leave the room back and check other paths and try to fix your current options. You or even try to find a different path. My only complaint is that some options are not clear on the conversation that will be given to them, for example when it comes to the option to relax in your room, it is better to know that this means you Will sleep through the last meeting and have to give up the round rather than sleep until the meeting because I am trying to do the remaining 30 minutes or until the last meeting. Really hard to restart and choose all the same options to know what I used to do! Otherwise a great game and affordable.

This is - like all games - a well-written game with one simple premise: escape the kills on the ship. For those unfamiliar with this English game, this is like picking your own deep-seated adventure. Conversations feel natural. The graphics are beautiful and interesting to listen to. The sound is minimal and decent. Most importantly, there is a lot of playback and options. The challenge is as high as you are dealing with multiple conversation options combined with a break to achieve your goals. When you take an action, time passes. Each character is on a different part of the ship at different times of the day, so you need to have a strategy about what you want to say/do / when you want to go to each part. With replay, you learn something new and unlock new goals. This adds to the challenge. For me, this is another bad material from the ink that I will have to sink into.

I played 80 days and the rest of the game was long overdue. This is a humorous attempt to emulate a good game. It's just a repetitive game that has no real redemption. You will have to start and start DOZENS many times and you may still not finish the game without going to jail. The price is a lot of money! Do not waste your time and battery issues are unreasonable. I'm playing on the iPad Pro and I think we ended up the inconvenience a few years ago. Accept ink with the application! Do not waste my time.

This game is amazing! Music, voices, conversations, old-fashioned emotional voices. They really capture the atmosphere in this little game. I think the game design is really unique and something I have never seen any other game does.

finally, I really love this game, but I have tried about 10 times and can not kill everyone? Is there a way to walk on how to do this? A cake! But all this is a great game.

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