Best educational games on iOS 2021



This game is definitely one of my favorites, but I feel it can be a little more accurate. Prefer if they can add custom prisons as they have on PC or console. Or add more prisons in general. However, if you can get by then those who like escape rooms or such items will surely like this game.



This app really works, though I'm sure I did not do it after purchase. Connecting this app to my MacBook and the app that comes with macOS is the opposite of straightforward! I actually abandoned the installation after several failed attempts as I knew it was not working. However, I tried again the next morning and it synchronized the two devices! I do not know exactly what I did then, which I failed to do 15 times before, but that morning it started. When the initial configuration is complete, it seems to keep the device connected while the application is running on both devices.



I have checked MackID before and I have never had a bad thing to say about it. It's hard to describe, but I think the best way to be fair is to say that this app provides features that Apple should add to iOS, including transferring clipboard content from iOS to macOS (although Apple has added a "clip" "It rarely works properly in my experience) Lock and unlock remotely and now the battery level display.


7 Billion Humans

I like to play human resources on a computer, so I wanted to download it on my phone, however, there was a problem I encountered that made it difficult to play. I play on the iPhone 6s and it may not be a problem with many people downloading this app but I can not read the data block because my screen is too small. I hope you really incorporate the zoom mechanics to make the game more enjoyable for those without a better iPhone (or even a plus screen). Please reply so I can know that this is something I do not have to worry about in the future.


FL Studio Mobile 

This program is perfect for beginners and has the same advantages. Easy-to-use interface with hundreds of tools. Millions of synthesized combinations (using miniature game switches and transistors) and under $ 40 for all functions with a lifetime free update! Save it as a line image, this app will make someone famous if used properly.



Works well for me! Ability to choose a site I would like to see advertisements for sales/promotion and the ability to decide which sites are available and to visit that site when I want; I: I have to log in to my "whitelist" website to access when I want to… Remember that if AdBlock is enabled without "enable intrusive advertising" as you do not Access the site. That’s how I found out that my phone company was blocked. Just go into AdBlock settings and add any sites you need to access and/or want ads if you are unable to access them on the first day. It's a good job to keep ads from popping up while browsing/reading in other programs that used to bother me.



After reviewing this program many years ago, it is fair to say that today it's just as wonderful as it is today. Adding subtraction lines and segments just complements it is a must-have app for anyone who is serious about making their scan/photo look as good as possible. I still wonder how I can do it on a smartphone!

TouchRetouch does just a few things. It removes clone objects and repairs them. The thing is, it makes them really good. I would be lost without this program repairing / fixing many old photos that I never thought could be fixed. If you are dealing with scanned photos, it is absolutely necessary.


Green Screen

Green Screen Studio is a cream key application that allows users to change the natural color background to the image they want. The scarf key is a technique for mixing two images or frames together, where the color from one image is removed (or made transparent) to display another image in the background. This technique is also called coloring, drawing, green, green, and blue. Green Screen Studio has tools that can be used to manually erase backgrounds if you do not have a perfect green screen background. This allows you to manually apply the background to any image you want without the green screen.


Molecules by Theodore Gray

Seeing real molecular motion while reading about the effects of the real world is more satisfying than my high school chemistry class. The entertainment is divided into chapters on general chemical classes (organic acid lilies) and properties (color, smell), which include the father's rough jokes with interactive molecules, 3D images, and videos. It's the most effective educational program I have ever used and I hope it is the future of textbooks. The intuition developed here is a good motivator for learning how atoms behave and interact in the classroom setting.


The Elements in Action

The program is beautifully designed. There are videos for many items on the table periodically, not just the common ones such as carbon and aluminum. Watch the alkali metal explode in the water, the lead ball floating in the mercury plate, and the oxidizing franc in front of you. Education and enjoyment.


The Elements by Theodore

This is probably the coolest app I have ever downloaded for educational purposes, with different interpretations of each element and very high-quality images. My only complaint is that when you buy an application for your iPhone it is not compatible with your Macbook and you have to buy another $ 20 application. It's actually on your phone so you can download it all day, but in class or while doing computer exercises, the version is more efficient, I do not think users should pay for both.


Universe Simulator

This app is really great, however, there are a lot of bugs that come with the new generation update. I could not get a response from the developers even on their website. All cockpits are apolloplz this repair the interior of the spacecraft should be more realistic and the interior real. needs a front dock for docking. It requires an outside parking target for parking with CSM. CSM needs a parking space for parking with MM. The thruster control is not working properly since the update and the docking is stressful. The SCS code is missing and has errors. This SIM is worth the effort I have been playing it for many years but the update is slow. I would not give 5 stars if I could not play a new mission without doing so, that is the shadow that makes it look like that guy. Do not get me wrong here, I love this sim and that is why I am honest, please help us here.


My Pocket Galaxy

This game is really great and really worth it! However, there are some suggestions I have. For a person, can we finally see the earth or the moon? I know it will be very difficult from a programming point of view but it will make the game really popular. Second, are there any options in the orbit? This is an option, along with placing a star object that shows a circle around the object, that circle will be an orbit. You can adjust the distance of your planet or moon around. I just thought it would make it easier to put a planet or moon into orbit. Finally, add different black hole sizes. For example, there will be small black holes, medium black holes, large black holes, large black holes, and large black holes. I think a different black hole size for one is really good. And two, it will make the game more realistic. And I think different black hole sizes should be more or less depending on the size there. All of this will make the game even more amazing then. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a good mobile game.



this app is a beautiful return to the first Estama game. I finished Ultima I and IV back in the day (although I never saw the II that the game owed them so clearly) and Lowell was really itchy.

Once or twice it's confusing or tedious (less than the original), so note the existence of a long video on a theatrical platform with instructions and suggestions from players and developers (and somewhere). On page 26, someone posted an overworldmap.



I really love this game, which is a simple new version of Ksp, another great game made easy for mobile phones that have completed all missions to all planets (not comets in the sky! Losing its spark, adding some parts, and mixing the game gradually, looking forward to new updates and new parts of Ethel is one of my favorite parts, but can definitely use more parts or planets? Dwarf Planet (Auxiliary Planet)) Great match as a whole is looking forward to more.



Build aircraft by capturing joint parts, designing wing parts, and connecting engines. At some point, you can tie yourself to the cockpit and see how it flies with the actual physics. If you do not feel like building a plane, more than 250,000 can be downloaded for free.



This game is great, but the list of robots and statistics should reflect the players from 2021, as well as the shirt and the court. I feel the movement should be a bit more complicated and maybe smoother with the new worms. Multiplayer should be a place where you can play people all over the country with not only the but also the shooting bar. Lastly, I feel that the campaign should be interactive and provide a random schedule and different types of games such as finals and finals, this way always playing different teams and new champions every season plus you should be able to Buy players and switch to different teams Coach I understand that these fixes and changes are important and take time, but just run it and see what you can do because this game has so much potential in Be the best mobile game, but only if these changes are executed correctly.


Iron Marines

I have been a gamer since the Atari generation, this is a great game from Hidden Iron Studios. For five dollars you will get incredible graphics on real-time strategy and tower defense turned with. People with difficulty may not be used to grinding levels or adjusting strategies in wave-driven games. This is really necessary for a game like this. If you enjoy this type of game for you if you want something that is not occasionally competitive and does not require you to tweak your strategy to win, look elsewhere. Yes, it is easier if you can buy advanced heroes, but it is more possible to grind the board to get all the resources you need at no cost. 


Reigns: Her Majesty

This is one of the best games I have ever played! It's a little hard to balance the four pillars of your kingdom (the Church of the SubGenius), but that's what makes the game so interesting. You have to be able to work smart to implement different narratives. To️ all the people out there who think this game is bad because it is too complicated.


Scribblenauts Unlimited 

This game is really fun. I also like how it encourages people to use a little creativity and logic. This game is great and all, but it really needs more levels. I also hope you do not have to pay for extra character sets. It feels like the consideration of the game is “unlimited” because this makes you believe you can access all the characters. The game also needs more words. Another complaint I have is that Maxwell has only one sister that you can not use. This is annoying because as a woman I want to play as a girl (and not have to buy it). If you could include all of these (I know there are many) the game would be 5 stars.

Max The Curse Of Brotherhood

Simple iPhysics


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