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I love this game so much, the competition is so much fun and the puzzles are so different and that just keeps it interesting I mean you have three more solitaire games for me to play Ashes, Dust Time of the Universe and Amusement park, but make more because they are so much fun and I really want you to make them again, thank you Cottongames for creating this game, it was so much fun, I really enjoyed it.

Amazing Spider-Man  adguard pro

SBK 15 

SBK 16



Camera 2+ 



GRID Autosport

The best racing game on iOS. I am an archer. So getting into the form of a test race was a new experience for me. What a wonderful experience! I like it, I can play when I want to, without having to talk about salary to win progress. Because I was not free from the type of evolution used and it helped me to be comfortable in this type of race more easily. The match looks great, but some textures still bounce a bit. Free HD DLC Texture Package Failed For The Interior Of Your Car! But overall, it's a beautiful game.


This War of Mine

I played this game on the console and picked it up on the iPhone 8 just to see how the touch controls would go. And it's amazing. Fits the game like a glove. I played almost every scenario and opted for D. D. A. D. To add to your small challenge. My problem is definitely with the latest update of this mine war. I used to have crashes and minor issues from time to time (not as big a problem as I still like this game) but since the update about a week ago the changes are frequent. When I touch the characters it does not focus on them, but it is slightly higher so they are hidden by the character pad.



Become a new competitor in the all-time King of Game King 97 on iPhone and iPad! Check out this fighting gem by playing a group (and sometimes hidden) legend and see the many endings that the game has to offer! Complete the evil Oroji revival project and finally settle the score between Kikokusana and Iriyagami.


NBA 2K20

Great game, but recently I did not know how to play due to strangeness. When I tap on my screen, it lists the machine about an inch lower than where I clicked. This makes it difficult to navigate and play. I have never had this happen to me until recently. It is only in this game.


NBA 2K19 and NBA 2K18

NBA 2K19 for mobile is the latest entry into the NKK franchise, the most authentic SFA gaming experience on any mobile platform. It has all the new features like new modes and first-time online gaming. Brand new tunes accompany you on your journey to the top of the ABA.


Assassin's Creed Identity

I love the game, but we need more action, better control because when you try to move it, it slides across the screen, or when you are about to kill someone from a height, you sometimes accidentally fall and they see you instead. And you have to restart the mission. And why can't you change the color of the clothes by talking to the people you are saving with, we need more games! But it was a great game.



This is an easy-to-play war drilling game that really captures the fun and feeling of a Street Fury experience. The deceptively literal design is cool, but the difficulty of hockey is about four stages, and the inability to build this kind of progressive progress means you hit a brick wall before long. Nevertheless, the game is well worth the money. Just don’t expect to get farther than its center point.



Slayin is an amazing little game. It has an amazing ability to replay, even if it is repetitive. The game is a mix of shooting and endless runners, with players tasked with surviving eight contiguous areas with a battle leader for them. Repetition comes from starting over every time you die and going back to where you could have been for a long time. However, I was never released because it was a little different with the six unlockable characters and the modern weapons and armor. It's just a blast to get through and try to master all the characters and their weapons.


Lifeline: Crisis Line

This game is really fun and I like all the time you have to search for information, but I have a problem, I almost ended up with the game when I went back to look at something at the beginning of the story and I accidentally hit an arrow Arrows to go see things. I took X so it will not come back but it went back anyway !! And now I have to start basically and I'm really sad. I have been working on this game for 3 weeks now. would it help if there was an option to go back to where you were before? Then I will not have to go back to the next 3 jobs of progress (it takes a long time because I am a full-time university student and work 20+ hours a week).


Returner 77

This game is really great. Good story atmosphere and stunning graphics. However, for me, puzzles do not live by graphics and stories. They are almost all slippery tiles - very little thought and bored with what you know the answer immediately, it just takes a long time to get there due to mechanics. There were a few puzzles that I solved by just rolling and I was not sure how I solved them. And a few more who are irritable in their repetitive words, I have a system to tell them so I do not have to do it again. It's really great to have some mind games in the second game that I will definitely buy and play for the end of the story and its beauty. Definitely worth it, especially if you enjoy sliding tile puzzles.


Warhammer Quest 2

The game is fun, but the game is hard to do three actions. The level design can also be pretty dumb. When you get all the enemies there is a drastic reduction of weapons, except for the two that you rarely see and die in any collision, making them useless and the ambush mechanics are not used to Make the player fast so he has to rush through the dungeon, it is used randomly and no matter if five new enemies just call you. A good strategy for beginners is a great sword captain with a full bowl. He could only stand where he was and clear through the herd of gorillas and minos. When you get a hammer, I do not use it, it causes a fire to build upon the bricks, obscuring you, and the fire damage over time is small enough to make a difference as if 12 peacocks were healthy. Six damage, then the next turn, he takes 4, but even if he does not damage the damage, he still dies to damage 6 more, and now the fire is blocking you unless you agree to take all four chips Damage three turns.



The frame is simply beautiful. It can be easily beaten in less than 2 hours. The short duration of the game, however, only makes every second of the puzzle more valuable. If you are excited about a nice animated film, I can not suggest a better option than Frames 2. Puzzles provide enough challenge to make one think but not disappoint the player. It is a smooth and sexy experience that will make players feel smart and content. However, it can be a repetitive word that is almost over, which is why short playtime is not a bad thing. Don’t expect too many replays. It's a good game that enjoys thorough hitting once.


Lit the Torch

Lit The Torch is a jigsaw puzzle with a challenge! Players can control the night clock when they are lit and walk through the time limit. The trick is that players can burn the portal at different times to explore new seats and burn paths across obstacles in their time to the existing seats.


Lara Croft GO

The puzzles are amazing! Some are hard and some are not! Do not get me wrong, the game will enjoy and it still deserves 5 stars. My only problem is managing it. First, I like the mode that is not on the control screen so your content is not obscured. My only problem is how the control functions. The controls rotate, dragging the movement right, forward, or backward. Sounds like a good idea, but that's where the problem arises. When you drag, you just move the distance. So when you move straight, you will find that you are radiating in the same direction. This type of control makes the movement look uneven. All in all, I recommend playing this game because puzzles are really fun and some are hard. Show to the creators, I just hope the review is different.


Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

I enjoyed the game and will keep playing, but the latest update has kept me cool. In the fourth section, in particular, there are all the visual clues in progress, but we have never encountered puzzles, instead, you just turn away from the screen hard to start collecting outlines. Who cares? It is often stretched to a very small size in four stories. Most of the time I spend with a single puzzle in front of me rather than having multiple fronts to oppose. The game gets more fun when I have six things I know: clues and three things I need to solve. (Previous sections do better.) Ultimately, going backward is theoretically endearing, but slow to implement and often unreliable. I have a normal old back button below the stock tab


Plague Inc

This game does really well. I grew up playing two light games, and when I got my boyfriend talking about this game, I was robbed. It really makes you think and devise specific strategies for each disease and difficulty that I really love. If one thing works all the time, it's not fun, is it? What is thought to be easy is easy, and what is challenging does not disappoint. Love the addition of special ailments (Nera worms, raw ghost plague, planet of vampires) and the way you can unlock them without spending extra money (as long as you have a little dedication and patience). I managed to unlock all four in just a few days and they were really funny.


Hitman Sniper

I played this game two years ago. Since then, I have tried many sniper shooting games and FP games. I downloaded this game again after 2 years yesterday. It is still the best there. The biggest plus, apart from the great graphics and sound, the purchase does not require success! You have to be patient, sometimes in a hurry, at other times you can be creative with killing, and you have to learn the habit of many goals to achieve the goal. Really great game. I would like to see an update to remove the skin and nuts for the New Year. Worth downloading.


Aralon: Forge and Flame

This is a great game, however, it's really nice to see some added stuff. Lots of players, lots of content and stuff to do after you beat the game. The first one looks bad, so it needs to be fixed. The more character shifts, the better. Different types of armor and weapons or specific equipment of the class will be equipment. Stealing bags and stealing things will be fine. Many items to buy will be as good as home and appliances. Pollution and poisoning will cool. You follow the quest so I know where to go. The difference between different weapons. A description of the side effects that may help.



This game has most aspects of my favorite music/rhythm game on the App Store due to its beautiful song and artwork. Each chapter is hand-made with beautiful and sometimes crazy songs, along with amazing illustrations as covers.


The School: White Day

As much as I love Days, I feel like this mobile app has a lot of missed opportunities. The remake of the 2015 game has a lot of balance issues and this program is no different. For example, the "floating head ghost" is very energetic. I wish if she was this way, but you have given the player the easiest way to prevent her impact.


Pocket Rogues

I enjoyed many hours of this game. Do not let low budget graphics mislead you. This is a serious RPG with depth and a lot. Each class feels different. Finding the next permanent upgrade is satisfying.



I got this game more than I thought two years ago and played it non-stop. This is great and I hope God that they create a sequel next year. That said, the gameplay is great and the music is so sweet that you can get caught, especially if you have headphones.


Cosmic Frontline AR

I really enjoyed this game. The price is reasonable because the developers put a lot of time into this game to ensure that it runs smoothly. I really lost playing it because I had a lot of fun. It did not make the battery on my phone unnoticeable! I plan to keep this game and wait to see where this game goes in the future! This is the future of AR and it is amazing.


Age of History II

The game is one of my favorite strategy war games. I spent many hours on this game. You have a huge map to play on that is very realistic. You can create your own scenario, leader country. Etc. You have a number of options that are diplomatic but not comprehensive.


RFS - Real Flight Simulator

I chose to play this game and get support because it is cheaper than unlimited flights but I have a problem with the profile. Almost every time I press the map button or I just type it a few times, it always keeps me out of the game and it does not save what I did, so I have to start again.


DSLR Camera

This program is amazing, indescribable. It's actually a DSLR camera built into the U phone. As someone who loves photography and can't afford to drop $ 500 + on a DSLR, this app is amazing. I only suggest getting this app if you want to bring a little professional / time photography passion to the next level. 


Geekbench 5

I will give you five stars but you have not upgraded and optimized for the latest iOS 14.3 test for cp and GPU test in update/update That would be worth more than wild, then the last two updates you made you did not have done anything like that in 6 months or more

A Dance of Fire and Ice

This is a great rhythm game because there are no complicated finger dragging with other games, you just tap to get the planet to progress on the way. This is the first rhythm game that I have really advanced, so this is a good game for beginners who are just starting to play rhythm games.

Unruly Heroes

"Unmanageable Heroes" is a 2D action-adventure mobile game developed by the indie team at Design Studio and published by Great World. Through great art style and funny plot.


Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

I love Shadow Fight 2, it has amazing fighting moves and more weapons then I can count. One bad part (like the best-produced games) is energy, and you have no way of getting other gems to buy it. I think this means you are in need of a source of income because it is free.


AdGuard Pro

dead cells

The Dark Pursuer

Spectra - Music Visualizer


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