Top Picks For This Month

Top Picks For This Month


True Skate

I have always loved this game, I come back and download it every once in a while when its boredom subsides and I need to repair my ski star again. The only problem I had was that I was bored. You pay for a game that gives you a free trial. Why do I have to pay for a game that does not give me a full game? Here's a trick you feel you have already invested your money, so why not spend a little money on a new map. There are only so many points on the map to start skiing before it gets boring. Not to mention the scoring system is vague and sometimes when you spend your points on a custom board it completely resets not only taking your score but also giving you a fresh and empty board

. . There is no custom design and no clothes that you spend many hours working. The funny thing is the game used to be free with the same content it has now. If I could suggest something that would make it the perfect real scene, please include the “DLC” map as a playable map. That is the purpose of buying the game, you do not have to deal with add-ons. Your money is made when people buy games. Also, fix the point system if it is not already fixed. It really takes a lot of grinding (literally) to get your ship on demand, and when it comes to you and nothing like a broken vending machine, it can be tedious. and I also recommend this game to my friend and he said, I really like this game, but there are some things I have problems with. If it counts the random tricks I do with the board then why not count it when I hit the board, the board is still grinding and I roll it should it count correctly? Are there any stalls that do not exist? Why can I not stop at the top of the quarter and move from a weak stall or something that just does not suit me? It's hard to score points to buy boards or parks or in-game items for that matter. I think you want it to be a challenge, but for people who do not want to hit every row, it is very difficult to get 20-40 thousand points to buy aboard. Plus, is there only one park option except you buy someone else? I have already paid for this game, it should be at least a little bit. Anything else then I like these few games. The mechanics are good and really do no matter what I have seen work well for game developers, but if you can implement these few things and take them into consideration to add to the game, it really makes it more enjoyable and full of experience. Thank you.

so finally I just want to recommend this game to all of you and hope you enjoy it.

today I have an app for people who love to play football. and the app called the football manager 2020. this game is very popular for ios and I decided to choose this app to explain and give you some information to understand the app. and I will share with you some of my experience with this app so now before I share my experience we need to know some information about the app first. so now let talk about the size of the app first. you can download the football manager on ios and android and it takes 2.1 GB. the size is bigger than the game I can say it too big but the quality of the app is very high and special. and the seller name Sega America. if you using iPhone or Ipad you can download it only on your phone on ios 9.0 or later. and the language of this app is English because this language is the most popular. the ages of football manager 2020 are over 4 years one more thing that is really important and we must know and the thing is the price of this app. this app cost $8.99 I think this price is kind of expensive price in Appstoreand Playstore. but something in this app must be really special for everybody.

so now I just want to share with you some of my experience with Football manager 2020. I am a person who really loves to play football and my team usually wins. and I think we can win because of my teacher he can prepare the place so perfect so that why we usually win. one I used to ask him about football and the question is how can you manage the team so awesome and he said he usually one app and it called Football manager and he explains me everything about the app. after that I decided to buy it too. because I really need to understand everything. but the money that I spent is not my own money I did borrow my friend money. after I got the app I did share it with my friend also and my team. after my friend uses it he said don’t pay money to me back you already pay me because you did share the good app and it really grow my ability. and then I just said thank to him. I was really happy and I also say thank you to my teacher. this is my experience about football manager 2020. if you want to be a leader in your team I recommend you but it and try to use it. and it really simple to use. I think it really important for people who love to play football because you can easily control your team and grow your team.

finally, I just want to give some score to this app 10/10 because it really special for me. hope you enjoy the app and if you bought it don’t forget to share it with your team.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Surprisingly, the game performs better on mobile platforms compared to the Nintendo Switch. All in all, the whole experience is as smooth and smooth as the original game released in 2003. Satisfying physics and combat, beautiful interactions and great competition make this experience worthwhile. If you go into this game thinking it is a real remake, you will be disappointed because it is just an old game with HD drawing work. All in all, it was still a fun experience and I honestly still think it was still the best poker game.


Star Wars: KOTOR II

This game is fun and I'm glad to see it on my mobile phone I just had a problem with the text interface too small and the hut should be redesigned to look normal on a new phone. I also recommend that they move the save button away from the options button. This is a small thing, but it bothers me a bit how the menu buttons are bluer when most of the rest of the game is green. That is about it. I remember seeing a review on the S1 about someone being upset that your sword spin button from the original game had been removed on a mobile phone, and it upset them because they used to send spam. That all the time as I'm sure we all have and they have added buttons in the mobile version of this game so if it does not make you want to buy it I do not know what will happen. Oh, and fix the bug where the voice was cut off after the call.


Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a game that is perfectly designed and executed. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is that the developers are limited by the game itself. Rhythm - Shipbuilder - is amazing and highly creative, but I can not imagine that any of these types of games score perfectly. These genres, though fun and entertaining, lack the freedom to create games that deserve excellent points. A story that not only gives pleasure but also expresses the feeling of being the last of us, telling a beautiful story like half-life or bringing people together in a way like a six-eagle rainbow. The developers have created Slay the Spire in the best way anyone can, they are determined by their genre.


Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel 

Youtubers Life is duke's latest life simulation/video game. Become the greatest video game gamer in the world by video editing, expand your fan base/subscribers and turn yourself into a millionaire. Build your character - do what you want, you have thousands of funny combinations - and start creating your first broadcast in a cozy room at your parents' place where you grew up. Record game sessions, buy new and classic gadgets, keep an eye on daily tasks and social media to increase your popularity when you interact with fans, friends, family, and time management.


Bendy and the Ink Machine

This game is great - there are some bugs, but my rating is okay, this star your game has crashed once - the worst mistake I have ever made when I hit the cart by my game bureau will crash but that Not a problem anymore as I figured out a way not to hit :) Although it's good if you do it a little bit in a chapter and a little less with Alice's work, it's still a good game.



At first, I thought this app was not real for me and my boyfriend was into supernatural things, including tools for the supernatural, so when I downloaded it he wanted to try it. No kidding, I never said anything about Zhou, my sister's guardian name, and it was his voice then he said, "Oh you" and that was how my guardian Telly spoke to the kid.



I really like this app. It can do everything from whitening your teeth to highlighting your face a bit. I use it the most to fix small things like skin texture and even white skin. It makes all the difference! Not only does it have a lot of features, but the program is easy to learn and you can easily choose what to do. It helps them have a test image to implement. If you are editing at all, you will love it so much.


Football Manager 2021 Mobile 

I love this game and play it every year and never have a problem, it is always fun and addictive. But for some reason, the football manager crashes all the time for me and the program crashes all the time and I never had a problem and never had anyone have a problem. I have an iPhone 11 and my brother does not have this problem, so I do not know what to do.



I really like Procreate, which has an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil that works well with this app, the price is worth buying it. Tbh I stop using my laptop for drawing since drawing and painting feel natural and smooth, although sometimes when I try to use shortcuts it will not work other than making it look attractive. There are some things that work, choosing a color from a reference or from a color wheel is not what it's like when painting with it, it is a bit off, although it is not noticeable at first (it does not A big deal at all, it's just what I noticed when using Procreate over the years) and now the mixer can be very good, sometimes the mixer can make you rich. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Makes the color muddy or does not give a good texture, I know sometimes it can be what you use for a mixer.


GoodNotes 5

This is the best note-taking app ever. I am an AP and honorary high school student and I live for this program. Since attending online school this year due to an epidemic, it has changed the way I take notes and change jobs. I love how Gooden is stored in the cloud so you can view your notes no matter where you are or on what device. I love typing my science notes on my computer, and I love that I can switch to my iPod to draw graphs and symbols when needed. I love using my apple pencil to draw all my other notes, perfect for handwritten notes. I love all kinds of papers and covers you can choose from. You can also organize all your files into folders. What I like about FAR is that you can download any PDF file or worksheet into GoodNotesand write directly on the file. Especially because of the online school, many of my teachers have posted their worksheets on Google Classroom.



Love this game. And I used to play it on the phone because I like controlling both fingers. And when a new update arrives with a PC or console-like control, I was concerned. The new management for mobile makes no sense considering it as a mobile device and not a computer or console. They make it so you will need five fingers at a time to operate it, just as you would when an older controller was used. What is more difficult to control is the use of automatic weapons and even just movement and jumping in general. Now you need to use separate buttons to do each task. This is not good considering that it is a game that you can easily play with just two thumbs. All in all, I do not think it is necessary to switch to the old controls for good, because I know there is no chance that it will happen, but maybe there is an option to play with the new or old controls. Check. This way, those who have used one or the other do not have to adapt too much.



I like games very much and love skincare. But there are flaws and shortcomings to it, one of which is the ability to change the color of your clothes. Take a basic T-shirt, for example, it is black and it can not be anything else, I want to give my basic white T-shirt under their open shirt, but can not and have to wear a weird jacket instead. This applies to most clothing items. Another thing I would like is if the armor does not hide visible assets such as wings or horns. I made the skin based on my dragon characteristics and she looks weird with the armor because it hides her wings and horns.


Exploding Kittens

I like this game in general and I am really happy to get this program. The game is really fun and I highly recommend paying for the other ships (the last one is my favorite!). If you can get your friends to play that will be cool and now during the break, many people are playing online games so many games to play.


Plug for Minecraft

Plugins for Minecraft also add a complete internet player to Minecraft - not just playing with Xbox Live friends. Now you can play with friends located anywhere in the world and chat with them as you play! The best thing you can do now with Windows 10 PC, OS, virtual platform, and other mobile devices.

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