GoodNotes 5

Good notes 5 cost $7.99 on USA AppStore and is available on both iPad and iPhone . This apps is rated number two in rank list in USA for educational apps. GoodNotes 5 let you make notes as fluidly and as smoothly like you doing notes on a real paper. Well to start with yes this app gives you lots of customisation options with your notepad like changing covers naming different books and creating new books these small details yes don’t really do much but it feels so much better in doing and shaping your own digital ebook. Price is also reasonable for what we are getting with this app. It’s feels good and yes it feels exactly like using a real notebook for writing. Let’s talk about some of the features that I like interesting in this app . You can change sizing and colour of your pen change pen type insert images graphs or can change page layout when needed. Save anything erase anything and also you can create solid shapes with ease with tools that comes with make straight lines circles squares and so on . To top it this app is a must use educational app if you are a student.


So now let’s talk about notability. Notability is rated as #1 educational app for kids in educational apps section on AppStore unlike Goodnotes you can make your notes in notability too but in a short of flow chart format. This type of notes are easy to organise and also looks much better than Goodnotes notes l you can draw anything anywhere expand page to any part you want. Notability really gives you a lot of expansion and customisation. It’s good for both teachers and students . Price of notability is $9.99 on USA AppStore so yes it’s like $2 expensive than Goodnotes 5 but it’d worth buying it over good notes 5. To my opinion I will suggest that teachers should use notability app to teach students and students should use Goodnotes app to make notes. Both apps are good at their own place and yes these are some of the best educational apps you can buy on AppStore.

Both apps we talked about today are top rated educational apps and are definitely worth checking out on AppStore for both teachers and students who spend lots or their time on iPad of iPhone and wanted to do note taking on go.

procreate pocket and procreate apps are the best app for drawing. Procreate pocket and procreate app are the same app for drawing but Procreate Pocket is for iPhone and Procreate is for Ipad only. both apps actually cool and use the same. Procreate app is one of the most popular apps in the Appstoreand most people love to edit and drawing on their Ipad. some people like to draw but they don’t have much time to do it so people will find something that can help them in drawing. some people like drawing on paper so it is kind of hard to do like when they drawing wrong at something they will use an eraser to delete the mistake so it kind of bad problem and now I recommend all of you to use Procreate apps because so easily to drawing or delete the mistake and we just spend a little bit time to drawing something on Procreate apps.

<< Procreate Pocket and Procreate are the best apps for drawing >> a lot of people did ask me why I am said Procreate Pocket and Procreate are the best apps for drawing and why I chose to Procreate Pocket and Procreate?

and now we need to know the price first of both of the app. Procreate Pocket for iPhone cost Four-point ninety-nine Dollar and Procreate For Ipad cost nine-point ninety-nine Dollar the price is different because of one for Ipad and one for iPhone. and now let answer the question of why I am said Procreate Pocket and procreate are the best apps for drawing because I used to use some app that drawing but it for free I used it just a few days everything in that app is not clear cause the is for free so it not like professional apps one more thing is I just drawing one picture I spent three to four hours on it because it so difficult to draw and so confused on the color after I spent so many times on that app I decide to find more app that is easier than that app after that I found Procreate app and I decide to spend my own money to buy it. and I felt like am I crazy that I spent money on Procreate app but not  I made the right decision because the first day that I use Procreate app I feel like I am a professional one cause in other apps I spent three to four hour to draw a picture but now I can draw three to four pictures in just one hour. it really makes me happy and I am not spent much time like before. and the next question is why I chose Procreate app the answer is just one thing and the thing is Procreate app is the most popular app in Appstore How could I not buy it?

finally, I just recommend using Procreate apps because it the best and spends a little bit of time drawing.

Finally let’s talk about FL studio app fl studio is an editing software created by image line it is what professional use for music editing it cost $10 on USA AppStore for its mobile version and comes with tons of ad ones that you can buy to enhance your productivity. FL studio app also lets you create awesome music renditions and remix’s of popular musics of your choice.

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