Must have proxy apps on iPhone

Must have proxy apps on iPhone


firstly for me, This is a great app. Works perfectly before, but I gave it 3 stars because it stopped working with Facebook Messenger. Do not mark read conversations, send and receive messages. This is the only complaint, but a big one. Another program that I have found that is free - Tetracycline works just fine. I like to change the rating as soon as the bug is fixed. Otherwise, it's great and the developers are great. I also noticed the problem. After upgrading to iOS 11, it automatically disconnects the phone from Wi-Fi and uses 4g instead. This problem seems to have been fixed by a previous update, but it came back and the problem does not seem to be on every Wi-Fi router, I think the software works with certain protocols or hardware. It used to work well on my iPhone SE (2016) and iPad 2, but when I switched to the new SE issues started to increase. The first time I opened the wallpaper, the phone got hot in my pocket and caused the camera to stop working. Every time I turn on the wallpaper since then, I can feel the temperature rising on the phone back (below the camera) about the CPU area) and do not dare to leave it running for more than several minutes. but for my brother, he said This is really good and has few bugs even after one year of use. But it has been a while and the interface has not been updated to work with the new iPod. When viewed on larger devices, the software is blurry and low resolution, and generally looks awful. This is not a dealer but needs to be updated as soon as possible. but for my friend he said I have been using Shadowrocket for a month while I was using it for VPN, the battery is running down faster than not using it, and when I use some apps like Instagram and WeChat the phone gets hot. The temperature is higher than when I play 3D extreme games. Please solve this problem. Thank you. Support freedom and stand with democracy.

finally, I would like to thank the team that created this program, this program is really useful, but now there is a problem that I and others have encountered that I want to report

When you add more than 3 nodes and you use the program after a period of about a month or two, the program will show only the first 3 nodes and hide the rest.

The other nodes are still there but are hidden because if you delete one of the first three nodes you will see one of the hidden ones being displayed.

It still shows 3 nodes even if you uninstall the program and reinstall it.

We would be grateful if this issue could be resolved because it happens so many times to me and others.


I really love this app! I have no problem playing my Xbox using this app. I do not have a YouTube connection, I have no access to the internet and I am still experiencing delays. (It still happens, but it doesn't work for long and things get back to normal very quickly.) It works fine on both my iPhone XR and my old iPad. Great for sitting on the toilet and not missing a game time. The only thing I could wish for this app was the ability to play games on mobile data. So if a developer is reading this, please help !! Work on it for future updates. With the Cloud service coming out, I have no reason to prove that this feature is not possible. I understand that it will require 5g and unlimited data, but it would be nice to be able to keep my Xbox at home as a server and play full games while not at home. I can not recommend this program enough and I have been telling everyone about it since I bought it. Really worth every penny they want. Great team Thanks for creating such a great and useful app. I also recommend this app to my brother and he said I got it so I would not have to move my system from room to room. Go straight, clean and simple to set up. It basically watches live from your console with on-screen controls. It works surprisingly well! I have a connection to the Internet, Fiberglass, Bitbit, Optical, and IPS, and then it works smoothly. I can even connect an Xbox or ps4 Bluetooth wireless controller and it does very well in controlling the game. My only hope is that it will come to Apple TV. I can broadcast on my Apple TV and okay, but it's a bit slow, especially the sound, and makes it difficult to play fps games or fast-moving objects. It's still not bad I can handle, but it could have been better. All in all, for $ 12 I'm not going to complain much. If a developer can bring this to Apple TV and make it work as well as it's on IOS for TV, that's great! It can then turn off the wired internet and watch basic TV as a remote system like post type but better. and the other users said So the program works fine.

I will give some advantages and disadvantages here at the beginning with the details below.


• Works well on raw Wi-Fi

•  Slow / down on the internet service caused by loading and resuming games.

Runs better than Xbox software on Win10 laptops (for me)

• Play the best on games that do not require a quick reaction

• Unplug my Xbox and manually connect to the app every time I use

They recommend connecting your Xbox using an Ethernet cable, but it works fine wirelessly.

Due to problems such as signal connection and high speed (10 MB up / down), the current will interrupt, interrupt or lose connection.

 Most of those apps are when the game is running, I restart the game after a pause, and when certain scenes play.

I'm sure if I have wired or have better Wi-Fi, these issues are very noticeable.

There were some delays so I was playing turn-based games.

I actually shot only one player and it was okay. Slightly difficult to orient and move, but well done.

For some reason, although this method works better on my iPad Air 2, than my lovely laptop. Probably from a new iPod and a broken laptop, but I'm not sure.

I would say although the app almost never sees my Xbox, so I have to manually put in the IP address to find it. Even then I had to uninstall my Xbox every time I wanted to use the app.

Anyway, I can recommend getting this program.

So I finally decided to give it a try because I was so frustrated that some of my unnamed cloud-based streaming services would not be running iOS. I was a little hesitant to spend $ 12 on it because I was scared. Whether it is really slow or not.

I can not believe how well it works !! I have an auto server connected to my LAN and I am using medium quality on my 5ghz network (the device is iPhone XR) and it is running smoothly. If I improve the quality it starts to get a little rough but it still looks great on average I think it is still at least 720p which is good enough for me. On storage, there was nothing, and finally, I had the Xbox Mobile I always wanted, but Microsoft never made it. Now I can play Halloween or Oza sitting on the couch with my wife without turning off the TV in the evening. Fits all coins! Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally.



Loon is a powerful network debugger.

Support ss, SSR, mess, trojan protocol

Remove all HTTP / HTTPS / TCP / UDP traffic on your device and redirect to your proxy server.

HTTP / HTTPS requests and headers and responses.

Implement proxy rules.

Close trade by domain law.

Measure traffic usage.

Support -IPv6.

Request for SDSD.

Search for DNS results.

Use javascript to extend proxy functionality

During the running process, switch to the background, there is a certain probability that the options cannot be adjusted after reopening (the buttons cannot be toggled in the graphical interaction, such as scripts, network sharing, etc., and the configuration file cannot be applied after modification, and the software will continue to be reopened. When a problem occurs.) It feels like the software is in a readable state, which cannot be changed by human interaction. The solution is to uninstall the software and reinstall it, but it will appear again soon after reinstalling. The iPad used, ios14.

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