Best Indie games on the AppStore for iPhone and iPad 2021

Bendy and The Ink Machine is an scary game which was made on the Unity engine developed by Joey Drew Studios and TheMeatly

Games and published by the same and including Rooster Teeth Games. They created many games which are related to the same topic.  The game first came out in 2017 for pc in steam. It later came out for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac and also came out for mobile devices as well. It costs around $20 and is $6.99 in mobile app stores.  It was intended to be a first person horror survival game where the main objective was to try to find a way out of the workshop area where the main character first starts up. There are creepy ink monsters who try to kill you as you try to find your way out. You are actually the person who created bendy and his friends, which was an “old timey” show like Mickey Mouse. You return to your old workshop several years later and you find an old ink machine, which you fix. This brings bendy to life and you end up getting stuck here. You try to find your way out. So now, there’s demonic ink monsters who try to kill you. You do various tasks to try to get yourself out of this. In the game, there are 6 chapters which you are to go through. The game has since proven to be a hit, and the makers have announced two other sequels.

Say for example someone is using the tv and you can’t use your Xbox cuz of it or say for example you’re outside or at a mate’s house and you wanted to use your Xbox,  onecast allows you to mirror your Xbox screen on your device via Wi-Fi connection (you can literally play your Xbox on the go which is lit)

All you need for it to work is:

-Any Xbox newer than the original 2013 Xbox One

-average Wi-Fi

-any Bluetooth controller (works with other brand controllers too for example Nintendo switch one and the DualShock 4 aswell (ps5 controller available soon) it also supports any other mfi (Microsoft) certified controller. But if you don’t have access to a controller, you can always use the on-screen virtual controller that comes with the app.

The storage is surprisingly low, coming at 8.5 MB!!! (Source:AppStore)

And the price is £12 (I live in the uk)

Overall, I think it’s an amazing app if you want to have fun on the go, it’s quick to install and it’s user friendly interface makes it easy to use, and it’s also been highly tuned to deliver the best performance and extremely low lag. It is truly a great app.... and if you don’t wanna take my word for it, you can take the hundreds and hundreds of five-star reviews’ opinions

With its outstanding 4.6 stars overall rating (which is really good) you can expect the best results from one cast

Plug Adblocker

Plug Adblocker is an app that is used to remove Ads from almost any app it’s price is a reasonable 2$ and remove all of your ads. It has a special AI which de texts ads gets rid of it overall a amazing app. It can be used to get rid of any ad from any app. It has no configuration required. If there ever is a bug they check the app for your reports every day. It helps increase our battery life because no resources are wasted watching the Ad. It massively speeds up browsing by sending us DNS reports from the first DNS server itself which includes google,comodo,level 3 and multiple other large search engines. It also decreases the data usage because not only does stop ad it stops the ad from even loading on the screen and there is no need to install plugins from any other place for it to work. For the rating I would give a solid 8/10 it’s pretty useful app especially when there are annoying ads.

Plug Pocketmine for Minecraft

This app is an app the works very well for any version of Minecraft that is already released by Jan,2021. It can be used to make worlds with added items. Meaning u can join in either a random seed or a seed of your choice and can change the setting of the world it self like player speed and weather cycle time for ex:- “u can set the time rain to 3 sec” so then whenever the rain starts it will end after 3 sec and you can set what ever enchantments you want to any object for ex:-“dead bush enchanted with fire protection and sharpness both 32796”. It can also give you fully maxed netherite armor from the moment you start the world. You can also host non-laggy severs for free they run 24hrs. You can also add add one to your worlds.

Overall an underrated app but can only be used in world made from the app. For the rating I would rate it 6/10

Plug for Minecraft

This app can be used for Minecraft and version up to the update 16.201 it can be used in servers and multiplayer worlds can be used as a toolbox and can give abilities like X-ray,flying,etc. You can host servers in this app aswell these servers run 24hrs and have close to no lag at all. Also you can ban certain items on your server to make sure there is no griefing. The app also gives you commands that can only be used in your servers like invis,kick and ban easily. Kinda like a hacked client for mcpe but word of warning don’t use this app unless allowed by the server host and admins or else you may risk getting banned. The app is 9/10 in my opinion

Thank you

Next very important game we should play is portal knights. So what is portal knights well to begun with portal night is a sandbox first person / third person open world RPG game. To be specific fantasy RPG game it was developed by same studio that made another masterpiece called terraria. It has game mechanics crafting and some other things similar to terraria. This is 505 games which is studio behind this game and other games like terraria first open world first person / third person game. When this game was released people didn’t expected much as this was their first game but it took the entire AppStore by storm. People were crazy to play this game as it gave them so much freedom. Freedom that you can’t feel in any other open world RPG game you can literally break and craft anything you want anywhere you want. This game had multiple play styles . You can be sneaky peaky or just go out and massacre your enemy.

Game is best played on Xbox or PS4 but the mobile port of this game that is available on iPad and iPod is still very good. Game size is almost 5 gigabytes on iOS. Game is currently not available on android. The iOS version of this game share exact same features you will get in its console or PC counterpart but some graphical downgrade you might find which is actually expected. Game is priced at $5 on USA AppStore and has overall received a very good ratings.

Portal Knights has also received lots of awards on its launch for being one of the best fantasy RPG of all time. It also supports online multiplayer so you can play with your friends in one world and go into epics quest. Online mode should be purchased separately in order to connect and play with your friends. It’s a subscription type purchase so you pay every month $10 to keep your game world online connected to the servers and then anyone can join your server start playing with you. Surely the best thing about any game right now in the gaming industry is games capability to be played online and portal knights is perfect game for that you can connect upto 8 people in one game world and go into epic quests.

Apart from $10 online multiplayer subscription there is nothing more in terms of hidden charges you pay $5 to buy the base game then pay $10 only if you wanted to create your own virtual server and then play with your friends or invite some random people to play with you on your virtual world. Game is really fun to play and for real it had more than 15 hours of campaign after you finish your campaign you can spend almost 20 more hours in completing all side quest to get 100% game completion after completing the game you can hop into multiplayer to play the game with your friends so if you see this then you will realise this game actually worth its $5. It will give you more than 50 hours of play time only for $5 well it’s a must buy game on my list currently.

One night at Flumpty

this game costs $1.99 and is available to download on ios 9 or later only. it a kind of horror game and the size of this app ( 57.1MB ) I think it not large and the graphic quality is good and it really special for me. this game uses the English language. about this game, I can feel This is a great game that plays well and captures the experience of the computer generation. A lot of people have already talked about this, but after finishing the night, the credit screen will respond again and again. You just drag the game out and then reload it. This game will be unlocked in Hard-Boiled Mode after you log in again. The fear of jumping was amazing and really made me blow. The night was fair for the players, but it was still very competitive. It gives you enough energy to get through it but just feels a little more comfortable. The best part of the game is learning the mechanics without instructions. Although this is inspired by FNaF 1, the game has a lot of freshness that will surprise you. One critique of the game is that the buttons you have to touch are too small. This is not a big deal because the game can beat it, but I think I will raise it. This game is a great adaptation of this game. This game scares me more than FNAF. I like this game in my opinion, it is one of the best flat games of all time, along with the candles and the joy of creation that I hope will get the same treatment as Flummy, I hope they release a second game. On iOS soon because if they do I will buy it as soon as I can. I really like the main function of the red man Flemish Chigroves. Etc. I like how you provided the Autoden function. He is the right character for the job. Moreover, the article in his newspaper is just ridiculous. "Flumpty kidnapped someone who made him feel like you should check the camera," said the man who drank the squid and survived. . But hey! Leave a good room for the owner and theory! I hope if you add more nights but that is not the failed purpose of "one night at the plantation". Pretty good!

This is one of the most amazing ports of a night in Flemish. I played One Night at Flumpty's and it improved on my computer and I can say that the game is still the same! My biggest problem was inserting the weak button on the door and putting the camera button on. I accidentally pressed the home slider, making Gold Platinum something more than a threat. I think these issues will be fixed in the future. 9/10 is really worth it.

It's really great to play it on a mobile device. I love it. so hope you enjoy this game.

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